Watch me grow !  

A cattery favorite, now offered for sale !

This gorgeous Shaded Golden Mail kitten is such a laid back,, trusting, sweet personality 



Large Teardrop Eyes 

 "  Tiny Zim  - Brother"  

3 weeks old

​​"  Tiny Tim "

Silver Chinchilla 

Male Persian Kitten

Available For Sale

A very small, miniature Silver Chinchilla

Male Persian kitten

74 grams at birth,  This little guy will be extremely small 

If you are seeking a very, very small Persian kitten,

"Tiny Tim" is the one, as his sire Prince Amar is our smallest sire weighing less then 5 pounds.  Dam is only 3 pounds, 6 ounces.  THAT IS VERY SMALL ! Best of all both parents are ultra sweet, possess true "emerald green" eyes.

Our Persians are tested for FIV / FeLV 

Each kitten receives up-to-date vaccinations, kitten worming, socialized, and accustomed to grooming, bathing, nail clipping

RESERVE "Tiny Tim"  today!

" Bobble Two  "

Male Persian Kitten

Reserved for Rene and Victoria - Texas

Certainly all class, elegance makes him a special boy !

This Silver Chinchilla male walks softly as if he is

walking on feathers, uniquely himself and definitely shows it !             He will get you laughing when he plays   

and turns almost anything into a toy

to entertain himself and you !

He is so sweet, his personality that can be clearly seen in his face.

With kind disposition he plays well with other kittens 

His beautiful, luxurious, chinchilla coat

has soft silver accents

across his back, tail

and lightly sprinkled on his face

His eyes sparkle as if he is saying; "I love you "

That he is . . .   " a love bunny !   "

He loves his soft fluffy blanket !  

He will snuggle wherever his blanket is  

Choose this adorable male Persian kitten today !

He was the smallest of his siblings !

Easy to care for; grooms & baths well 

So Sweet ! 

​  "  Such a Princess "

Silver Chinchilla Female Persian Kitten​​

Sale Pending

This kitten is considered a tiny miniature, vs the teacup size Persian kitten   Miniatures are 5 pounds or less full grown  

Most are born at 53 to 74 grams

This kitten is a very light white Silver Chinchilla lightly and evenly misted silver on her back.  At this age the kitten may completely become white with some or no silver tipping.  Her coat is ultra soft and silky.  She has expressive large eyes, predicted to be an intense true emerald green.  You can see a soft silver accented on her face which gives her the beautiful, highly sought after silver Chinchilla look

Her beautiful Doll Face is accented with

heavy black outline around eyes, nose and mouth.  You will love her soft, sweet personality.  You can see her thinking things out !

Has an attentive, alert, intelligent personality, yet, is all girly, girl !

This little girl is a very special sweetheart !

Choose my sister a Top Pick Kitten - " The Little One "

Truly a gem and extraordinarily gorgeous !   

Sire Prince Amar - the smallest Sire with emerald green eyes, Dam very small, sweet and extraordinary in type and correctness

Dam a Giovanna daughter -

highly sought after dam line producing ultra sweet personalities   

Bred for beauty, personality, and

an extraordinary coat !

Photo  7 - 1 - 17

Loves to be with you  !

Few weeks old


Baby Face purrs when you hold her, groom her, bath her and even at the Vet.   Everyone is amazed by her sweet disposition and laid back personality !   Loves people and loves to play.  !f you want pretty, sweet . . . and a kitten that purrs at everything,  choose this lovely Silver Chinchilla Princess !  Baby Face !

" The Little One "

Female Silver Chinchilla

Persian Kitten

This is one gorgeous doll face Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten.  Sired by " Prince Amar " and out of our fancy dam " Lavender Lace ".

Kittens like this are rare, as her perfect doll face features are extraordinary at this age.   Her teardrop eyes will get larger as she grows and she already has amazing eyes that are as beautiful as can be.   She will be very small, as mom is only 4.5 pounds.  Considered a Miniature vs. a Teacup kitten.   Looking for a very tiny, miniature Persian kitten?    Look no further.  Here she is ! 

" The Little One "   has a laid back personalty when grooming !  

Her gentle nature comes out  as she looks at you with much love and trust !    A very, very tiny kitten that will stay small !

If you would like a male, choose her brother

" Tiny Zim" below.  This kitten is a TOP PICK.  ASK TO TAKE HOME THIS LOVELY LITTLE GIRL !


A beautiful doll face female

Shaded Golden Persian

 Take home  an ultra sweet 

​Shaded Golden 

" Martini "

Photo  7 - 14 - 17

 "  Prince Amar "  Dad  

"  Susie "

For Sale 

Silver Chinchilla 

Male Persian Kitten

Available For Sale

A very small, miniature Silver Chinchilla

Male Persian kitten

76 grams at birth,  This little guy will be extremely small 

Born June 2017  

This gorgeous, very white, silver chinchilla male persian kitten was one the cattery was going to reserve.   We have decided to offer him for sale.   He is priced reasonably.  

Both parents are ultra sweet, possess true "emerald green" eyes and are extremely small as adults.   

Our Persians are tested for FIV / FeLV 

Each kitten receives up-to-date vaccinations, kitten worming, socialized, and accustomed to grooming, bathing, nail clipping

RESERVE     this Chinchilla today!

Silver Chinchilla Male


Loves to snuggle !

Gorgeous silky coat !


Very tiny !  

 "  Tiny Zim "  

Congratulations Victoria and Rene !  

​This is one special Persian kitten !

Gorgeous Doll Face !

For Sale 

Sweet  Face !

For Sale 


like Mom !

Silver Chinchilla Persian Female



Eyes  predicted to be an intense Emerald Green

<  Mom " Lavender Lace "

2017 Summer Persian Kittens Available 

For Sale

​​" Tiny Zim "  

Male Persian Kitten

This lovely doll face Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten has perfectly balanced facial features, black outliner around eyes, nose and mouth  Ultra white undercoat, softly misted in silver.   Very tiny and predicted to be very small  

He looks very much like is Mom.   Mom is 4.5 pounds and dad is 5 pounds

Possesses tiny ears, large - expressive eyes,  and a correct forehead crown.   He is as sweet as can be !   Sensible, playful, is such a good boy grooming and bathing.

With his wonderfully sweet personality and correct built and perfect doll face, this boy is an excellent choice if you are seeking a very tiny Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten.  

" Tiny Zim " will look at you straight in the eye . . . tuning into you, is the first one to greet you.  Out of one of our finest female Persians  " Lavender Lace "

If you would like a lovely silky, easy to care for Chinchilla that is very small, short and cobby, short tail and best of all stunning facial features  .  .  . 

Reserve  " Tiny Zim " today !  

"  Martini  "

Shaded Golden 

Male Persian Kitten

Rich colors shades

Sold to Mallory

Shaded Golden Male Persian kitten with rich colors of gold,

and shaded golden colors 

Beautiful face with large expressive eyes and an amazing personality 

His long and free flowing coat is easy to care for

Martini's facial features are correctly balanced and gives a pleasant doll face appearance   

Has a round face and excellent crown forehead

Born March 8th, 2017 - we can offer updated photos soon

Was a cattery keeper we have decided to offer for sale

Ask about this gorgeous Shaded Golden boy !

He is ready to become a part of your family

Our Persians are tested for FIV / FeLV 

Each kitten receives up-to-date vaccinations, kitten worming, socialized, and accustomed to grooming, bathing, nail clipping

He is easy to care for; grooms & baths well 

Is ultra sweet  ! 

Miniature Persian

top pick kitten  !



Photo  7 - 15 - 17

 "  Very small  " 

​​Shaded Chinchilla Golden

Female Doll Face Persian kitten 

For Sale

Susie, is so sweet, loves to be with you !  Her gentle and undemanding personality is a perfect combination for a companion   An easy keeper, her silky coat is practically maintenance free  

Best of all a non tearing kitten keeps her face clean.  Her eyes are very large and will continue to get larger.  She will blossom into a lovely Shaded Golden Persian kitten of a variety of Golden and Shaded colors including a soft light Chinchilla look.   Very cobby & short tail. She is currently very, very small - a little over 2.5 pounds   Estimated to be less then 4.2 pounds

" Stunning Emerald Green Eyes ! "

Beautiful Doll Face Persians for sale

Purr . . . Purr . . .

 "  Prince Amar "  Dad  

 "  Tiny Zim "  

Available for departure 

early August 2017

This is a very, very tiny kitten

Mom is only 3 pounds !

Do you really know how small

a 3 pound adult Persian cat is?

That is very, very small !

Kittens like this are

only 53 to 74 grams at birth

 "  Prince Amar "  Dad  


Absolutely, too sweet , amazingly sweet.   A Love Bunny ! 


" Tiny Tim "

This gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten is super sweet, purrs when you groom him, when you hold him.  Purrs across the room !    

An absolute sweet heart !  

" Baby Face "

G -2 Female Persian Kitten

An extraordinary doll face Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten available.  

She is ultra sweet and loves people.   Has a gorgeous silky Chinchilla coat accented in soft silver accents - easy to care for.   Always looking beautiful !  Her dam has emerald green eyes and her sire has turquoise eyes.   Cobby bodied, short tail, large feet, large expressive eyes predicted to be a rare emerald green.  Sire:  Saafir 

Dam line produces ultra sweet and top chosen Persian kittens.

Cattery keeper we have decided to make available !  

A true Princess !

Luxurious Chinchilla Coat