2017 Shaded Golden Chinchillas

2017 Silver Persians

" Tomi  "

2017 Chinchilla Persians

"  Sweet Inspiration "

This gorgeous female Blue Chinchilla Silver Persian kitten, is reserved for the cattery, however, a full sibling litter is on the way !

This means YOU might be the first to choose a full brother or sister.

So highly treasured the cattery is considering keeping a male for a top producing sire.

So reserve yours today !   Be ahead of everyone else !

An outstanding doll face very white Chinchilla accented with a touch of blue and silver tipping, extra large eyes and perfectly shaped, along with a tiny teacup nose set on a stunning doll face.   Topping that off, round crowns offering an opportunity to own a "PET SHOW PERSIAN KITTEN "  ! 

Choose a Silver, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinhilla or shades of Gold to black today ! 

 My Dad, Saafir is known for his outstanding, luxurious coats he adds to all his offspring . . .  like me !   Snow white Chinchillas with large expressive eyes !

My Mom, a highly valued dam is just as stunning and very small, under 4.5 pounds".  

For me, TinyPersians has reserved me, but my sister Keira is for sale.  Just as gorgeous, but only one little girl can stay !   Sweet, purring, tiny, teacup, Silver Chinchilla 2017 Persian kitten cats available for sale RIGHT NOW !

< Reserve a full sibling kitten today !

DOB  2 - 18 - 17    ​Litter of 4



Tell  us  

What  Persian  kitten  color  you  like  best !  

Black,   Silver,   Golden   or   very   White  ?

Purchase an ultra sweet and extremely small Silver Chinchilla today !   Tomi is predicted to be between 3.5 to 4.5 pounds full grown.  Now that is very, very tiny !  Grandma is 3 pounds 3 ounces, Mom is 4 pounds 2 ounces, Dad is 4.5 pounds.   Tomi possesses very large expressive eyes, a beautiful shaped face, silky free flowing coat.     He is the smallest Persian we have produced and considered a real prize !

DOB  September 26th, 2016

and still under 3 pounds !

2017 Black Persians

 "  Tomi  "  

2017 Golden Persians

"  Here's my Mom and Dad !  Aren't they a knock out?

Dad, Prince Amar has rare, intense emerald green eyes and my mom is only 4.2 pounds.   Mom, Lavender Lace is considered a TinyPersian top producing dam . . .

I am such a lucky boy !  "

When kittens eyes so dark at this age . . .

they will be a gorgeous emerald green

"  Here I am . . . the left kitten "  below . . .   

Past kitten, but new litter born

<   2016 Shaded Golden Persian kittens 

We now have several kittens and will have several shaded golden Persian kittens in 2017   Reserve yours first as they are very popular.  Just reserve simply with a

KITTEN APPLICATION and a small deposit

February and March 2017 litters

will bring lovely Persian kittens of many shades and patterns

Let us know what you are seeking in a dream kitten

  We want you just as happy as our beloved kittens !  

Choose a Shaded Golden today ! 

New February and March 2017 Persian kitten litters just arrived !

 Shaded Silver Male * 2 Silver Chinchilla Males * Silver Chinchilla Female

Current Sales Listings other Persians available below . . .

Now Available

2017  Current Persian kittens for sale

Choose tiny - teacup - miniature Persians

"  Come on !  You can see I am just as gorgeous as my mom !   Want a special one of a kind tiny Persian ?  

That is me !  Choose me !  "

2017 Shaded Golden Persians

For Sale

2017 Black Persians

"  Yep  !   That's me again !  Cute, adorable, super tiny . . .    

estimated adult weight between 3. 5 to 4.5 pounds !

Show me where you can find an absolutely perfect kitten . . . like me !  " 


If you like any of the above 2016 kittens  . . .  

we are having full sibling litters in early March 2017 . . .

and they will look just like these kittens

" Tomi  "

Full Siblings now Avaliable