Kittens coats will

become fuller and more luxurious

as they grow

​View mom and dad  . . . 

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A snow white, fluffy, clean coated male Persian kitten 


"  Jenny "

Silver Chinchilla Persian

Female Persian kitten

This adorable little girl possesses a clean snow white

Chinchilla coat, soft, silky and so lovely to the touch !

She is extremely small, full sister to "Crystal"

Both are the same size, very small, as mom is only 3.3 pounds and dad is our smallest breeding male - "Prince Amar "

" Jenny's"  is playful, loves her sister dearly !

They both often watch their favorite DVD, made specifically to entertain cats !   She has a correct red brick nose and strong black outliner around the eyes, nose and mouth -

just what you want !

Her eyes are predicted to be emerald green

and very large,  she is all girly, girl, dainty,

sweet and a love for life !  

Sired by " Prince Amar "

"  Crystal  "

"  Crystal  "

Dark Shades of Silver

​over her entire body

For Sale


Beautiful Doll Face Persian kitten

"  The Snow Prince "

Crystal Snow White Persian

Male Persian kitten

lovely doll face, snow white male kitten

has an extra soft, fluffy coat that is so easy to care for !

He has a big personally with lots of character . . .

one to surely have you rolling over !

He loves to play, is active and buddies with a younger kitten

where he is gentle and actually will let the kitten crawl all over him

and he knows to be sweet !

Just  a lovely boy and definitely a gem !

A pleasure to be around

   A kitten this lovely (so gorgeous in person!) will give you so much joy !   

Appearing larger then he is as his coat is so full and fluffy 

where it naturally perks up !   

His eyes will get larger as he grows and

predicted to be blue green or green

" The Snow Prince " has a correct round face and

eyes placed correctly on his face with an adorable pink nose and pink lips!

He last large feet with pads that are pink

He will soon be old enough to depart . . .

start planning to take this gorgeous snow white kitten home with you !  

Sired by " Onyx of Eden "


Very Tiny !

For Sale

"  Crystal  "

" The Snow Prince "


Summer 2018 Available Persian Kittens

For Sale

" Jenny "

Shaded Silver Persian 

Female Kitten 

This female Persian kitten is very small and will remain extremely small as her Dam is only 3.3 pounds !

Her sire - " Prince Amar " is our smallest sire

"Crystal" appears as a Silver Chinchilla, however, she is a Shaded silver possessing a white undercoat and lovely shades of silver beautifully accented across her body and facial features !

She already has large eyes that will be a stunning green color  

She is dainty and loves people, is curious and loves to watch her favorite DVD video:

" Cat Dreams" !

You will find her perched looking out a window . . . as butterflies and birds flutter across the sky !

" Jenny "

Beautiful Silver Chinchilla Female

" Jenny "

Large expressive eyes !