Lovely soft mink textured coat !


"  Hunter "

Sold  6 - 9 - 18 

"  Hunter "


"  Truffles "

Cream paw boots !

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten

This lovely snow white Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

is a miniature vs of the highly sought after "Show Persian " !  

" Mikey "   Has a wonderful personality that keeps you entertained !  He doesn't miss a thing.  You will find him looking at you out of the corner of his eye if he is busy !

So, so smart and makes you chuckle !

"Mikey's"   coat is a snow white, soft, silky mink texture,

truly a lovely coat !

His eyes are predicted to be a gorgeous Emerald Green   

" Mikey "   Is active, playful, curious and intelligent   

A well built, sturdy body, yet maintaining an

all around small structure

Small kitten with large fluffy feet !

​Sturdy chest, correct round face, small ears, little nose

- all the characteristics Persians are known for

With careful breeding selections, this boy is the outcome

of a beautiful Giovanna daughter and our

smallest sire' " Prince Amar " !

Easy to care for !

"  Hunter "

" Chirp "

Mink Texture Coat

Stunning Shaded Golden

Ask about Jeremy

Face stays clean !

Reserved by Sau

Be the first to choose

one of these purrfect 

Doll Face Persian kittens !

Photo 6-3-18

Tortoishell Female



Two male Persian kittens - 10 month old  FOR SALE

" The Little Prince "

Silver Chinchilla Male

Playful and a sweet personality !

      " The Little Prince " 

  Silver Chinchilla Male 

>  Mink texture coat

>  Softly misted in Silver

>  Perfect Doll Face

>  Large correct shaped eyes 

>  Eyes currently Turquoise color

>  Feet pads black leather

>  Facial features outlined in black

>  Turn up nose

> Small ears

>  Large Feet & strong body

>  Short tail 

> Playful, friendly, loves your company

> Alert, active, eats well

Sire: Prince Amar

Dam:  Giovanna daughter 

Reserved for Kathleen 


Photo taken Fall 2017

" Amazing Grace "

<  Available  >

Extremely Small !

Our Goldens are uniquely accented with shades of gold, creme, white

and black

Producing Turquoise Eyes !

" Cutie "

Tortoishell Female

Silver Chinchilla Doll Face Male Persian 


Stunning Turquoise

Eyes and rare

Emerald Green Eyes !

< For Sale 

Lovely facial markings  !

Choose one of these lovely very small Persian kittens today !

Two Male Persians 10 months old also available

​Choose a 9 week old kitten or 10 month old kitten 

Previous photos here 

" Ima Cutesy "

Silver Chinchilla Female 


Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten Available

      A little boy

       with a big personality !

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten

A very light white Silver Chinchilla

that is lightly misted with Silver

 The ideal Chinchilla look !

He has large expressive eyes that are perfectly

placed on a lovely doll face   

He is correct in every way ! 

A small Persian with large feet is so adorable !   

His tail is short on a well built body !


Reserved for Michael 6-15-18



Reserved for

Sau of Hong Kong 

Shaded Silver Female Persian kitten

This tiny little girl was one we were considering keeping 

" Sparkle "  Newly posted -  available to a loving home,  Named "Sparkle" as her coloring is a clean white and silver sparkling color !  So beautiful too look at !  

She is a lovely Shaded Silver lightly misted in a sparkly Silver accents and a clean white undercoat

Her coat is soft, fluffy and very easy to care for !

  Possessing large expressive eyes

that are currently Turquoise   

" Sparkle " is playful, cute as the dickens, so tiny you

have to laugh as you see her trot across the room

in a feather like movement

If you are lucky enough to acquire this little girl,

she will be the love of your life !   

So dainty, light as a feather !   

Even though she is so small, her body is well built 

A cobby body, nice wide chest, short tail,

amazingly purrfect !

Very Tiny Persian Female Kitten !

Silver Chinchilla  Male
​" Bobbie "

DOB July 2017

> Perfect Doll Face

> Top Breed Chinchilla Persiam

>  Perfect in every way !
>  So, so Sweet 
>  Luxurious Chinchilla coat

> Chosen as a Cattery keeper

after several years of breeding -



Turquoise Eyes   !




More information about these kittens will be added . . .

If you like one of these . . . best reserve your kitten today !  

Emerald Green Eyes !

Silver Perfection and

very Small !

"Mikey "

Reserve in advance  !

Ask about Adults

​​<  How can you pass up a perfect an adorable kitten like this ? 

" Truffles  "

" Truffles  "

Large Teardrop Eyes !   

" Jeremy "

Silver Chinchilla Male 


Ask about Willow

Summer 2018 Available Persian Kittens

"  Truffles  "

Tortoishell Female

" Jeremy "

Hunter  - Reserved for Sau

Reserved for Kathleen  

Reserved for


"  Mikey "

Reserved for Sau (Abby)

Hong Kong  

Ask about


Ask about Cutie

" Sparkle "

Shaded Silver Female

Available Kittens Descriptions

" The Little Prince "

This kitten has been reserved by Sau of Hong Kong


Turquoise Eyes !

  Very Sweet Personality   !

"  Truffles  "

"Mikey "

Silver Chinchilla Male 

Tortoishell ​​

Chocolate - creme -gold- white - black 


So - So Sweet ! 

" Truffles  "

Sold to Trish & Chris

   " The Little Prince " ​​


The Little Prince's" coat is a mink like

Chinchilla texture which is highly sought after   

This little boy is the first to trot over to you when you

enter the room    He is full of the dickens, bold, intelligent, playful and very sweet    He is kind and adores your presence !   He plays well with other kittens and eats well  One of our finest "Moms" 


Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten

A very tiny female Persian kitten !

Dainty in every way !

" Ima Cutesy"   is so adorable !   A real princess and lady !

She is no sissy . . . does not let the boys be rough with her !

She will play just as hard as them !

" Ima Cutesy"  is so tiny, you can hold her in one hand at 10 weeks old !    Her eyes at this age are so large, indicates will have amazingly large expressive eyes

Dark piercing eyes at this age later are very intense, rich, true emerald green eyes !   

Many breeders post emerald green eyes, however, her sire; Prince Amar has the most stunning, brilliant Emerald Green eyes that pass to his offspring !  This lovely female daughter is already showing beautiful eyes in size, shape and color !

What a beautiful face to wake up to !  

" Ima Cutesy "  is very playful and adorable to watch her play !

She will find a toy and maybe you as a toy and entertain you !

She is very light weight and predicted to stay small ! 

Her dam is so, so sweet !   Took real good care of her babies !

This is so important for kittens development ! 

Reserve this lovely, tiny Silver Chinchilla female kitten today !

" Small  Persians

unmatched with quality -

personalities - pedigrees-

and how they are nurtured and socialized from day one ! "

" Beautiful multi - colored coat  ! "



Emerald Green  Eyes !

A soft -  silky mink coat


Large expressive teardrop eyes 

Extremely Small !

Curious - Ultra Sweet - Handsome !

​Most asked for Persian !



These ( Below ) kittens are available too!

New photos will be added for all these kittens 5-28-18 Monday ! 

Kittens are now 7 to 8 weeks old !    Kittens are old enough to depart at 8 - 10 weeks old 

" Amazing Grace "

Silver Chinchilla Female

 now​ 1 year old 



Now this is Cute !

Tortoishell Female Persian kitten

A lovely female Persian Tortoishell accented with many colors of creme'gold, black, chocolate and white !

" Truffles    possesses an adorable, unique face that is so stunning to look at !  Part of her face actually has white markings that stands out giving her face

              much expression with viewing her                     

Several creme' booted paws

with black leather paw pads

As she softly moves across the room her boots stand out !

" Truffles "  grooms and keeps her self looking lovely  

She loves to stay clean and does a good job all herself !

Currently her eyes are a lovely blue - turquoise color

Her body structure is strong, sturdy and cobby, yet dainty and all girly, girl !   A sweet, sweet Persian kitten !

Her sire - " Onyx of Eden "  a coal black silky coated Persian and a short cobby body and short tail passes his body structure to " Truffles " !  

" Truffles"  loves to play and does well with other Persians   She is active, and a good eater !

If you are seeking an unusal colored Persian of many colors, this kitten is a good choice.  Her dam a solid white Persian and her sire coal Black !   

"  Willow "

Shaded Golden Male 


A fabulous collection to choose from!  

We usually do not have this many to choose from 

Moms produced large litters Spring 2018   Choose a kitten to take home !



Ask about Sparkle

Sophisticated !  So, so Tiny !

" Truffles "

Tortoishell Female 

Multi - Color

Chocolat - Gold - Creme - White - Black 

Ask about Truffles



" Truffles  "

Sold  >

Ask about

Ima Cutesy

" Tiger "  >

Silver Chinchilla Male 

"  Mikey "

Ask about Truffles

"  Iam Cutesy"

" Jeremy "

"Mikey "

Choose an absolutely stunning - correct Persian !


" Mikey " 

>   Silver Chinchilla  

>   Correct facial features

>  Staying true to the CFA Persian Cat standards 

>  Beautiful Snow White Chinchilla Coat

>  Large Teardrop Emerald Green Eyes outlined in black

>  Adorable turn up nose outlined in black

>  Black Leather Paw Pads

>  Large Fluffy Feet

>  Well built, strong chest, smaller Persian size

>  Ears correctly placed on a round face

>   Intelligent, playful, active, full of energy

>   Eats well, litter trained (of course), good with other Persians

>  DOB March 2018

>  Sire:  Prince Amar - smallest male we have !

"  Hunter "

Golden Chinchilla Male 

"  Iam Cutesy"

Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Male 

 <  Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten

<   Light white Silver Chinchilla

<   Lightly misted with Silver

<   Coat extra soft - mink type feeling and look !

<   Facial features outlined in black - eyes, nose, mouth

<   Paws black leather pads

 <  Easy to care for - clean face !

 <  Amazing personality . . .

<   Looks at you straight in the eyes !   

<   Playful, active, good eater

<   DOB 3-20-18

<   Dam:  Ultra sweet carries to her kittens

<   Sire:   Prince Amar Sire - rich emerald green eyes !


" Ima Cutesy "


Shaded Golden Chinchilla Male

" Tequila Sunrise "

DOB July 2017

> Large Expressive Turquoise Eyes 

>  Sweet Personality

>  Lovely gold - creme - shaded colors

>  Out of top Producing Dam !

>  Perfect Doll Face Persian Male

>  10 months old

>  Comes with 3 sets of baby shots

& Rabies Vaccinations


Fluffy Full Coat  !

A Shaded Golden Chinchilla Doll Face Male Persian kitten

" Jeremy "

"  Mikey "

Turquoise Eyes !

Ask about Willow

Everything is a toy !   Even you !

Clean Doll Face  !

" Chirp "

Silver Chinchilla Male 

" Adults "

Sometimes 2 year olds to 5 year olds available

​Next Jan 2019

" Sparkle "

Reserved for Michael 6-15-18

" Silver Chinchilla Male "


Choose a perfect Doll Face Persian Kitten

with large expressive, rare teardrop eyes !  

Perfect Facial Features   !