Two Silver Chinchilla

Female Persian kittens 


Two Silver Chinchilla females that are two peas in a pod . . . they are quick to meet you a feeding time . . .

non fussy eaters . . .

they play - play and play!

Then off to nap !  Laying upside down with feet in the air !

Always as cute as can be ! 

Their gorgeous Doll Faces have outlined in black around their eyes, nose and mouth !

They possess the cutest faces all wide eyed ! 

Sired by " Pooh Bear " 


 photo taken 10-5 19

 "  Charleen " a Doll face Silver female 

Brother  - " Sterling "  

For  Sale

" Sterling "

" Mi Boy "

" Very small ! "

" Lotta Love "

Silver Chinchilla Female 

A very snow white Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

This little Lady named " Lotta Love "  is all personality !  

She is bold, intelligent, silly doing side dances, inquisitive, playful, active,

first to meet you, eats well, and is extremely small !

She has a beautiful Doll Face with perfectly shaped eyes 

and a clean, pure white luxurious Chinchilla coat

that is predicted to be easy to care for !

When she trots across the room her tail is straight up

in the air - that brings chuckles to all that sees her !

She is truly one of a kind !   She one of those kittens you just want to

keep watching as she is silly all the time !

Her personality will keep you smiling !

You can just see her thinking as she so smart

and thinks things out !

Her paw pads are black leather in color
Choose " This little Lady " today, you'll be glad you did !

Sired by   " Prince Amar "

Mom:  4 pounds 


Photos taken 8-15-19

"  Charleen "

"  Charleen "

Playful - Curious - Adorable - Lady  !

Female Silver Chinchilla 

" Charleen "

"  White undercoat -softly misted silver"​​

" Sterling"

Ima Cutsy "

" Mi Boy "

For  Sale

" Sterling "


Shaded Silver Female Persian kitten


Charleen is a Doll Face Shaded Silver with a pretty white undercoat 

misted with Silver

Full fluffy coated Persian kitten

This line produces sweet personalities, gorgeous - luxurious coats, cobby conformations and perfectly balanced DOLL FACES ! 

Look at " Charleen's" beautiful face with extra large eyes . . .

This is one gorgeous Doll Face !

Her eyes are predicted to be a brilliant turquoise color

Dam a Giovanna daughter - most often asked for kittens!

Once someone has a Giovanna kitten, they want another one !

Reserve "Charleen " today !

​Sired by Prince Amar

​Dam - a Giovanna Daughter !

" Sterling "  a Doll face Silver male 

​Sister - " Charleen" 


For  Sale

Fluffy Chinchilla 

" Oh my !  What a precious Princess  ! "

" Sterling "

"  Afina"

Silver Chinchilla Female


"Afina is a stunning Silver Chinchilla FEMALE

with a strong, correct body structure !  

She has a cute Doll Face, black outliner

around her round eyes

She has a fluffy full coat that is true

to the Persian cat look and characteristics !

Mom having brilliant  Green eyes !

Dad having stunning Turquoise Eyes eyes !​​

Sired by " Pooh Bear " 

Dam is a top producer and Sire has produced some of the smallest Persian kittens we produced

" Pooh Bear " is 4 pounds 8.9 ounces as an adult !  

Now that is small ! 

For  Sale

"  Love's Dream Girl  "

Silver Persian kitten Male  

" Sterling" is a fluffy Silver Persian kitten that has an extra soft, fluffy full coat that is Snow White and a very slight clean silver evenly misted on his body !

Much of his coat is a bright white, yet he is considered a Shaded Silver 

​Confused?   The Silver Persian and the Shaded Silver often can look very much the same and also, very different . . .

With this gorgeous Persian kitten male . . . he is the best of both worlds as the coat couldn't get any whiter and the highly sought after true silver accents are lightly misted which gives his lovely coat sparkling look !  

He has a sensible personality . . . all boy !

Well built in the chest and body that gives him a strong look, correct body structure for a Persian cat

He has a Doll Face, and elegant look to him !
Sterling is a good eater - non fussy,

loves to play with his siblings,

chases balls  !   He baths and grooms well, 

is considered perfect in every way !  

A flawless SILVER PERSIAN ! 

For  Sale

"  Love's Dream Girl "

Silver Chinchilla  Female 1


Love Song one of our finest dams has produced a lovely Silver Chinchilla female kitten that is just like her in many ways !

Her looks, personality and fine white - white Chinchilla coat !

This lovely little girl is a " Princess " !

She has a sweet personality, all lady,

yet is just as playful as her sister !

She possesses an exquisite fluffy light coat that is

ever so soft and silky !  

" Love's Dream Girl " adorable in many ways !

She has a correct Doll Face

has beautiful eyes outlined in black

. . . all lady ! 

Photos were taken 2019​​

About her lines: 
A " Saafir" daughter " Love Song" bred to "Prince Amar" 

is an outstanding cross !  

This little lady will be small !

Choose a Doll Face Persian Kitten today!    Beautiful luxurious - silky coats !

For  Sale

Little Dolly "

For  Sale

 Silver Persian kitten

GUI - SC - F- 2-PA2019

Sired by Prince Amar

All personality, loves to be held . . . does a little side dance  . . . spinning around and off to chasing a ball again !

Choose " Love's Dream Girl " today !

Reserve and take home

" Mi Boy "  today !

Mi - SS - M - 1 -PA2019

" Christy "

Wanting a 2019 Christmas kitten !

Reserve today  . . . 

Silver Chinchillas


Shaded Silvers

All other colors are reserved in advance such as;


Shaded Golden




Red Mackerel  Tabby

A small $350 deposit  can easily be done 

Silver Persian kitten  ​​

This is Silver male Persian kitten is extremely small . . .

if you are seeking a Persian kitten smaller than a "teacup" kitten . . .

here he is !  

" Mi Boy " is friendly, petite, big eyes, smart and playful, he has an adorable Doll Face with a turn up nose outlined in black.  His front mane is full, fluffy and soft !  He is considered a Silver Persian and close to the lighter Silver Chinchilla look  

 He notices you when you enter the room and quickly greets you !

"  Mi Boy " was named after his dam " Mi Lady "

a gorgeous dam with stunning emerald green eyes  

" Mi Boy's " sire is Pooh Bear !

" Mi Boy "

Lotta Love"  a female Silver Chinchilla 

very white and silver that is perfectly accented  "​​

" Mi Boy "

For  Sale

" Christy "

" Charleen "

For  Sale

Ima Cutsy "

Doll Face Silver Chinchilla female kitten  !

"  Mitzie"

Silver Chinchilla Female 


A Silver Chinchilla female with a short and cobby body, a lovely silkly white coat and a very soft, misted silver on her back

This kitten is playful, loves to eat,  loves your company and has cute, correct Doll Face with eyes predicted to be turquoise or emerald green

Mom having brilliant Emerald Green eyes !

Dad having stunning Blue - Turquoise eyes !​​

Reserve this "top pick" kitten today ! 

Sired by "Pooh Bear " 

" Ricke "



Joey"  a Snow White Silver Chinchilla 

see more about JOEY ! 



These Persian kittens

are currently available

 more kittens below . . .

 Silver Persian kitten

 GU - SS - M - 1- PA2019

Sired by Prince Amar

" Mi Boy"

A very - very tiny boy  !

A cute personality and

all wide eyed will capture your heart !

For  Sale


Photo taken 10--5-19 

 Silver Chinchillas - Silvers - Shaded Silver Persian kittens ! 

Oh my !  Little Tiny Dolls !       * 2019 TinyPersian Customer Reviews *

Photo taken 2019

" Winnie "

" Lota Love"

2019  Fall October Available

Tiny - Small - Standard sizes 

A  true mink textured Chinchilla coat ! 

Best of all is "Joey's" personality !

RESERVED 10-20-19