photo 2 - 25 - 19

Playful - Adorable - Doll Face Persian Male

photo 3 -19- 19

"  Little Lady "

All personality !  Playful and Sweet ! 

photo 2 - 25- 19


Named " Nikko "  formerly named "Bear"

as he looks like a Teddy Bear

with his round face, dark eyes that will mature to a brilliant color

predicted when eyes so dark as a newborn 

He depicts strength and desire to explore without any fear . . .

So he was named " Bear " !  

" Bear " in the kingdom of spirit animals, is considered

an emblematic of grounding forces and strength

worshiped throughout time as a powerful, courageous force 

This is a too funny Persian kitten male !  

He is all personality, runs to meet you and is extremely smart ! 

Nothing bothers him already just a few weeks old

Not a cry baby !  All boy, yet a beauty at that !

He is gentle with his girly, girl sister

" Bear "  has a correct round face, round forehead crown with eyes

that will be large and round just like they should be ! 

A Shaded Golden kitten

possessing rich golden colors and a soft, full coat !​ 

His coat pattern gives a lovely expression as if to say;

" I'm special !    Look at me ! "

His sister and him are buddies gently playing together

while mom watches as if she has a smile on her face

expressed with sparkling eyes showing her much love for her babies !

One reason kittens are sweet, is because their moms are sweet themselves !

This dam produces such sweetheart kittens,

customers come back asking for a

" Giovanna " kitten !

Sire:  Saafir

Snow white undercoat and lightly misted in silver . . . with a cute tiger tail . . . makes this kitten unique !

" Ever so Perfect ! "


Adorable Doll Face !

​"Mei " pronounced  "May" meaning "beautiful" of Chinese origin

This is one special girl !  Kelly very quickly indicated what she wanted and now she has been the first to choose !   Congratulations Kelly !

Excellent choice when seeking a female that will have a fluffy coat,

extra large eyes and from a line that produces amazing eye color

and sweet personalities !  

This is one gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten !

Named by her new owner "Kelly" her beloved girl is named " Mei "

Would you like a Reserve a Persian kitten like Mei ?

She has a twin brother !

Let us know what you are seeking . . . 

we would love to help you choose . . . 

asif you are happy . . . we know our little Persian kitten

will have a forever home !

Thank you for visiting TinyPersian . . .

Give us a call today !

 Born late January 2019

Sire:  Prince Amar

" already large eyes  "

"  Little Lady "

Doll Face Female

" Little Lady is extremely small  !  "

The name " Lady "  is considered a noble or gentile woman of a royal Kings court 

This little girl is all lady and a true Princess ! 

She adores her brother and watches him

with much respect and curiosity ! 

They are very close, snuggle and play together ! 

You can see the love and gentle nature in her face !

She is all girly girl, a soft sweet personality

nothing but a  " Little Lady" !

Being a Silver Chinchilla female,

she will lighten up as she grows

She has beautiful eyes with a lovely correct Doll Face

with a perfectly shaped round face and a round crown 

as per the breed standard along

with ears that are fluffy . . .

and covered with thick, plush fur !

She has a soft white undercoat with a mist of silver -

as she matures her coat will lighten up

to a clean mist of silver !

" Little Lady " is dainty as can be !

​She is very tiny !

Out of a line that is known for their sweet personalities !

Doesn't get any better !  " Little Lady " 

is a Giovanna daughter !

 ​ Born late January 20th  2019       

Sire:   Saafir 

​Dam:  Giovanna

Extra soft Chinchilla coat fur !   Ever so elegant !

photo 2 - 22 - 19

Look at that face !   He is absolutely Adorable !  >

Silver Chinchilla Doll Face

male Persian kitten

3 Goldens For Sale

                   Multi colors of

Golden - Apricot - White - Blue- Creme

"  The Silver Prince  " 

" See more photos below of this lovely Blue -Golden  Male Persian kitten  ",  also a female Shaded Golden for sale


Formerly named "  Bear " 

photo 2 - 25 - 19

"  Tiny Teddie "

Shaded Golden Female

Persian Kitten   FOR  SALE

GU- SG - F - 1

 “ Mei ”   

"  Hermes " 

Adorable " Fluffy " Doll Face Silver Persian Male

Soft - silky Chinchilla coat 

For Sale

The best thing about "Tiny Teddie" is his personality, not to mention he is a very, very small Persian

Mom only 4.5 pounds and Dad 5 pounds !

If you are seeking a little Persian kitten to take home and treasure . . . reserve" Tiny Teddie "  today!  

“ Mei ”  

"  Tiny Teddie "

" Hermes " a boy name of Greek origin meaning "The Messenger God" associated with speed and good luck . . .

served as a messenger for Zeus  

He is a beautiful snow white boy with a clean Doll Face look

and available to someone that is seeking a "white kitten"

of extraordinary quality and well bred

This gorgeous bright white Persian kitten born January 27th, 2019

has a pink nose, pink paw pads with a ultra silky, soft snow white coat !

His gorgeous Doll Face is just like his dad; Moscato

His mom is pure white with a lovely personality 

If you would like a kitten like this, reserve in advance

Whites and Blacks are reserved in advance as we only have a few a year

So if you want a specific color or look . . . 

give us a call today . . . Compare our quality White Persian and be the first to take reserve this boy today !


​Sire:  Moscato

Sired by Moscato 

"  Name  coming " 


Shaded Golden Male

Persian Kitten 

GIO- SG - M - 1

"  Tiny Teddie "

Silver Chinchilla Female

Persian Kitten FOR SALE

GIO - SS - F - 1

Diamonds are forever . . .

If you are seeking a truly

very tiny Persian kitten  . . .

" Little Lady " tops it all ! 

 She is petite - dainty - all Lady ! 

A precious little girl

with a soft - gentle personality !

She will stare at you straight

in the eye . . .  with much love and affection ! 

She has enormous eyes

and a tiny teacup nose

with a DOLL FACE look !

" Gorgeous Eyes ! "  

Now living with Elizabeth and family !

For Sale

" Ok . . . mom's taking a break !  I am ok with that ! "

 “ Mei ”  

Pronounced  " May " 

Silver Chinchilla Female  

Persian Kitten   GU- SC - F - 2

Soon to be apart of Shelli's family

"  Tiny Teddie "

This blue golden Persian kitten is all personality ! 
Extremely intelligent !

Excellent awareness and enjoys his friends in playing and exploring

 Snow White ! 

"  The Silver Prince  " 

"  Little Lady "

sweet - playful - fluffy - shaded golden 

Silver Chinchilla Male

Persian Kitten FOR SALE

BD - SC - M - 1

" Kelly " wanted a female Silver Chinchilla and asked us to choose the kitten for her !   This is Mei and she is much loved by "Kelly" ! 

"  Little Lady "

" Georgette " a French name is considered amazing,

fantastic, beautiful and adorably cute !

" Georgette " is definitely all of the above !

This lovely female Shaded Golden female Persian kitten

started doing biscuits before she could stand or walk

Hard to believe, however, she would carefully sit up and then would start doing a dance with her front paws . . .  

and as if she had a smile on her face !  Happy as can be !

Always happy and careful with all she does . . .

she is bold, playful and a " no worry " Persian kitten !

Absolutely adorable and after breeding many Persians . . .

I can tell she will have a gem of a personality ! 

She has a soft, sweet personality, yet a spark  !

She will have black accents with Golden colors

of apricot, creme' and white on her tummy !
She is a
little ham ! 

Very active . . .  explores, sweet and a full sister

to the past kittens;  "Willow" and "Tequila Sunrise "  

Sire: Prince Amar

" Georgette " is AVAILABLE for a forever home !

Reserve this adorable Shaded Golden Persian female today !

"  Bear "

" All girly girl . . .  a true Princess !  "

This kitten will have extraordinary large eyes 

Blue - Golden - Chinchilla Male Persian kitten


Male For Sale

This is one "WOW" Persian kitten !  Look at those eyes !

A beautiful Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

You will enjoy watching this boy grow and develop, however, soon he will be reserved as a kitten with this look does not come along often !

He has everything one will want in a DOLL FACE SILVER PERSIAN KITTEN !

A correct round face with a round crown forehead -


He will be a very white Chinchilla and a gorgeous one at that !

 Chinchilla black outlined eyes, nose and mouth with black pads . . .

 He has tiny ears and extra soft coat !​

As he matures will sweep you off your feet ! 

His brother " Hermes "  is pure snow white

with pink pads and not black outliner

Choose what you like  . . . the look you prefer !


Above newborn photo 24 hours old !

He is the darker kitten in this newborn photo . . .

See how dark he looked as a newborn 24 hours old ?

. . .   see how he is lighting up?

He will continue to lighten up to a lovely white Chinchilla look

His brother was born snow white and will remain this way !

​ " Tiny Teddie " 

Choose a Persian kitten below

or ask to see more kittens available !


Persian Kitten   FOR  SALE

IS- SG - M - 1

Now living with 


and family 

Observant, smart and sophisticated ! 

"  Tiny Teddie "

"  Georgette "

" Nikko "  (formerly named " Bear " )  SOLD 

3 more Shaded Goldens FOR SALE - 2 males, 1 female !

Now living

with Kelly !

"  Little Lady "

An absolutely perfect Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla female !

"  Georgette "

Look at this face  !

"  Little Lady "

Very tiny kitten

that will stay small !

"  The Silver Prince  " 

An amazing soft Chinchilla coat ! 

Here at TinyPersians we are a respected Persian cat breeder

meeting the expectations of the feline enthusiast throughout the world !

We are known to exceed the Persian cat lovers' expectations

as we take pride in all we do . . .

it is our "Passion" and "Willingness"to put our Persians first above all 

Want to know more about others 

that have taken home a tiny Persian ?   

Many smiles and good times with customers'

beloved, precious furry friends !   

From the breeder -


​Give us a call today !

“ Mei ”  

"  Little Lady "

Choose your 
Persian kitten today !

Kittens from 3 to 5 weeks old

"  Little Lady "

Watch Silver and Golden Persian kittens grow !   FOR  SALE

"  Nikko "

Little Lady

Female For Sale

Silver Chinchilla Male

Persian Kitten   GU - SC - M - 2

Adorable tiny Persian - Playful . . .

soft personality - doll face kitten !

Tiny . . .  yet sturdy - cobby bodied 

"  Hermes  " 

Take home a very tiny " Love Bunny " !

"  Tiny Teddie "

"  Ultra Sweet ! " 

photo 2 - 22 - 19

"  Little Lady "

For Sale

" The Silver Prince "  Silver is considered precious element 

like gold often symbolizes pure, riches and wealth

Named after his sire - "Prince Amar" our smallest sire and because

" The Silver Prince "  is of royal nature and intelligent, additionally, 

due to his soft evenly mist of Silver slightly accenting his white coat

he depicts a well bred Silver Persian kitten !

He has a correct Doll Face look with large expressive eyes

that will continually increase in size

His eyes and nose are outlined in a strong black outliner

together with black leather paw pads ! 

A kitten of this coat color at this age often turns pure white

with either no white pattern mist to a faint bit of silver on his back

This Doll Face Silver Chinchilla male kitten born January 15 th 2019

is predicted to have a light Chinchilla coat

He already has a fluffy coat, perfect round face and a cute nose

" The Silver Prince "   is playful and gentle playing with his sisters,

loves people, explores and eats well !

His mom is 4.5 pounds is well built, yet an extra small female dam

He was the first kitten in the litter to eat from the dish and kept himself clean !  Impressive for a kitten a few weeks old

If you would like to take home this Silver Persian kitten male  . . . 

 give us a call today  !

​Sired by  " Prince Amar "

  Born January 20th, 2019

TinyPersians Cattery  is a CFA Registered Persian Cat Cattery

in North Dallas Texas . . .  

 a small reputable and respected breeder specializing in

beautiful breathtaking "Silver Persians" of many colors and shades !  

Our Persian longhair kittens are fluffy - soft coated, sweet, loving and healthy . . . 

raised in our home with much love and attention throughout the day ! 

We only breed a small number of litters annually carefully choosing which

Persian sires and dams will cross well together !

All of our Persians receive only the top cat food Royal Canin

and Vet formulated supplements for their development of many stages !  

Our customers say we have the sweetest, well adjusted beautiful and

meticulously groomed darling Persians available !   Read what customers say !

Pronounced  her-meez 

Snow White Male

Persian Kitten 

BD - SC - M - 2

"  Nikko "

"  Georgette "

This little boy has a personality of a little Princess ! 

Looks a like a little girl - and nothing wrong with that !

Just means he has all the correct and

highly sought after look of the Persian cat !

He looks just like mom and as he grows he will get much more golden - rich golds, yet accented in blues, white and apricot colors - absolutely stunning coat colors !

 His coat is ever so soft . . . he loves to snuggle with mom and is alert and inquisitive !  Has an adorable personality  !

Additionally, "Tiny Teddie " has a round face and teardrop eyes that are highly sought after Internationally !

He is smart, very playful, inquisitive and active !

Reserve " Tiny Teddie "  today !


 Born late January 2019

​Sired by Prince Amar