Bottom kitten - Snow White male

Top kitten -  Silver Chinchilla male

24 hours old

Luxurious Coats !

Choose one of these lovely extra small Persian kittens  >

3 weeks old photos

The Shaded Golden female is already doing biscuits

before she can walk

The Silver Chinchilla female is all lady with

a correct round face and wide eyes !

Shaded Silver male Persian kitten has absolutely

perfect facial features with extra large eyes predicted

to be a rich emerald green, he is an active,

playful little guy! 

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Newborn kittens currently 2 to 9 weeks old - 

in just a few weeks they will be ready to depart

            Our Persians are unmatched in quality

and personalities !

Lovely Silver Chinchillas Male

Reserve one of these fluffy Doll Face 

Persian kittens !

Cute as the dickens !

Kittens 10 days old

Born dark and lighten up

as they grow !

Kittens can depart at 8 weeks old or older



Reserve  a  Persian  kitten  born  March  2019  !

Kittens 24 hours old

Born dark and lighten up

as they grow !

Kittens love to snuggle . . .

<  They love their siblings ! 

They look a little silly right now,

but will blossom into lovely

Silver Persians of many colors ! 

Sire  Moscato

 Several few weeks old Persian kittens to choose from . . .

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GW - SS - M-1     Shaded Silver Male  SOLD   DOB 

GW - SC- F - 1    Silver Chinchilla Female SOLD   DOB 

GW - SG - F- 2    Shaded Golden Female   SOLD  DOB 

Gio - SC - F - 1       Silver Chinchilla  Female  SOLD

Gio - SG - M - 2      Shaded Golden Male  SOLD   

BD - WT- M - 1    Snow White Male    For Sale   

BD - SC - M - 2   White Silver Chinchilla Male   For Sale  

PC - SG - M - 1   Shaded Golden Male  SOLD

PC - SC - M - 2   Shaded Silver For Sale 

Kitten Doll Face Persian few weeks old FOR SALE

Additionally, teenagers and adults available:

Persian kittens 11 - 24 months old for sale

  Very small Chinchilla male 

Choose a newborn Persian 

a Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Shaded Silver

or a Shaded Golden Doll Face kitten

3 to 9 weeks old ! 

 Doll Face Persian kittens !

Saafir luxurious coat- Sire 

Photo 2-3-19 

Perfect, luxurious

Silver Chinchilla misted coat

2019 Persian kittens have arrived !

Adult for Sale

" Josh "

Silver Chinchilla Persian Male

Look at this lovely, fluffy Chinchilla coat . . .

Josh a male Persian kitten is extremely small and will stay that way

His coat is luxurious, silky and easy to care for

Josh has perfect round eyes, a turned up nose both outlined in black

A big personality  . . . loves to spin around on a marble floor and waits for you to do again !  Extremely intelligent and playful   . . . loves to have balls thrown for him to retrieve

If you are seeking a perfect Chinchilla . . . Josh is an excellent choice !

Available  FOR SALE

2 Male Persian kittens sired by Moscato

out of a Snow White dam with turquoise eyes !

1.  Snow White Male - gorgeous face like dad ! Exotic shaped eyes -

    Brilliant clean white coat !  

2.  Silver Chinchilla male -  lightly misted in silver- a snow white undercoat ! 

     Sire and dam are very white looking ! 

     This kitten will lighten up as he grows until he is completely white ! 

      Both kittens hurry over us already wiggling their way across bed !

.   $350 will hold a kitten

.   Contact us today - choose a lovely Persian kittens !

Another Shaded Golden Male  SOLD  >

2 weeks old photos

Ever so sweet!  Mommy's boy, snuggles with his mom - Blue Golden colors accent with White, Creme' and Black

" Tiny Teddie "

Full sibling to Yoshi and Versace

Purrfect !

Left kitten Shaded Silver Male

Middle kitten Shaded Golden Female

Right kitten Silver Chinchilla Female

These kittens eyes are slightly open  

Soon they will be wide eyed !