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Doll Face Chinchilla 

"  Light Silver Chinchilla "​​

Reserve and take home

" Jonee "  today !

Shaded Silver Male 


Now resides with Jill, Russ

and family

Tigger is a fluffy Shaded Silver Doll Face Persian 

A sweet male Persian kitten with 

a gentle personality, playful, strong structure correct bodied, yet will be extremely small !

Tigger has extra large expressive eyes

outlined in black on a balanced Doll Face

with a cute turn up nose outlined in black

His coat has a white under coat accented in shades of silver that is extremely soft and fluffy !

He is a good eater, polite with his siblings

Sired by " Pooh Bear " 

" Jake "

"  Little Dolly "

"  White undercoat -softly misted silver"​​

"  Miss Tina "

For  Sale

Tigger at his

new home >

"  Little Dolly "

"  Purrfect  Doll Face facial features !  "​​

" Joey "

Playful Chinchilla male !

Ever so sweet - well bred -

out of one of our finest Dams

"  Lovely Almond shaped eyes ! "​​

"  Miss Tina "

Silver Chinchilla  Female 1


Love this girl !  Now this is one adorable Silver Chinchilla - exquisite soft white coat and softly misted in light clean Silver accents

A very sweet personality and ever so correct !   

She is built well and strong, yet, will remain very small

" Miss Tina "  possesses a Doll Face look with adorable facial features, extra large almond eyes

outlined in black,

a correct round head with plenty of fluffy furr !

Big paws with black leather paw pads

Grooms well, loves baths and will accept blow drying 

If you would like a special lady like " Miss Tina "  reserve her today !

Sired by Pooh Bear and a dam only 4 pounds !

Photos were taken 8- 15-19​​

About her lines: 
A " Pooh Bear " daughter out of a Saafir dam is an excellent cross for snow white clean chinchilla coats that are silky, smooth and easy to take care of  

This little lady will be extremely small

and all girly girl !

" Jonee "

" Joey "

"  Very Small Female Persian kitten  ! "​​

"  Correct body structure ! "​​

" Tinker  "

For  Sale

"  Dee Dee "​​

" Tigger "

   August  Persian  kittens         * 2019 TinyPersian Customer Reviews *

" Tigger "  has an ultra sweet personality

and a gorgeous Doll Face

His new name - " Dude Boo Bear " named after his sire:  " Pooh Bear " !


Perfectly balanced facial features !

"  Playful  !  " ​​

"  Dee Dee "

Silver Chinchilla Female 


Dee Dee is a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten that is playful, bold, conformationally correct, sturdy chest and large paws, yet small and dainty !  All girly girl !

Look at this beautiful balanced Doll Face !

She loves people, easy to groom and bath, will have stunning eye color like her sire and dam

Mom has brilliant Emerald Green eyes

Dad has stunning Turquoise eyes !

She loves her brother . . . and chases him around doing somersault flips !

Reserve " Dee Dee " today !

Photos were taken 8-5-19​​

Sired by " Pooh Bear  " 

"  Dee Dee "​​

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these kittens !  >

" Dee Dee"

" Tigger "

" Jonee "

For  Sale

"  Soft - Silky Coated  ! "​​

"  Miss Tina "

"  Tinker  " ​​

"  Christy "​

" Christy "

Correct round face and small ears !

Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten  ​​

A Doll Face Persian kitten with a gorgeous, silky Chinchilla white undercoat softly misted in silver Has an adorable Doll Face look with extraordinary large eyes, small ears ! 

 Will be very small !

This is a top pick kitten and perfect in every way!

Has a strong structured body, good chest,

yet ever so small !

We have standard size Persians available, however, this is the small version of the Persian cat out of the CFA Silver Divison

Reserve  " Jonee " today !

"  What a doll   !  "​​

Silver Chinchilla Female 

A very snow white Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

 " This little Lady "  is all personality !  

She is bold, silly doing side dances, inquisitive, playful, active,

first to meet you, eats well, and is extremely small !

She has a beautiful Doll Face with perfectly shaped eyes 

and a clean, pure white luxurious Chinchilla coat

that is predicted to be easy to care for !

When she trots across the room her tail is straight up

in the air - that brings chuckles to all that sees her !

She is truly one of a kind !   She one of those kittens you just want to

keep watching as she is silly all the time !

Her personality will keep you smiling !

Her paw pads are black leather in color
Choose " This little Lady " today, you'll be glad you did !

Sired by   " Prince Amar "

Mom:  4 pounds 


Photos taken 8-15-19

" Very tiny ! "

" Catch me if you can ! "

" Ok . . . no laughing at me !  I have a tail . . . just sitting on it !"​​

"  Cute as can be ! "​​

"  Tinker  "

Silver Chinchilla Female 


Tinker is an adorable . . . very tiny Doll Face

Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

She has a beautiful face, large eyes, gorgeous silky free flowing coat that is very white undercoat and clean silver accents softly misted on her body !

Tinker is dainty, cute and out of one of our finest dams and sired by Pooh Bear !

Her eyes are predicted to be a beautiful turquoise color and very large !  She is ultra sweet, has a correct body structure, strong chest, stands like a show kitten . . . she possesses a perfect Doll Face

Reserve " Tinker " today !

Photos were taken 8-5-9 and 8- 15-19​​

Sired by " Pooh Bear  " 

Has 3 siblings 

Tigger - Shaded Silver male - Sold

Tinker - Silver Chinchilla female - Available

Joey - Silver Chinchilla male - Available

Jonee - Silver Chinchilla male -  Available

"  Christy "

Silver  Female 3


 This Doll Face Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten is very small and has an amazingly fluffy white undercoat misted in a clean Silver

" Christy's "   has a Doll Face that is balanced, correct and has almond shaped eyes !

She is a sweet little girl and

loves playing with her siblings

Sired by Pooh Bear and a dam only 4 pounds !

Reserve " her" today !

Photos were taken 8- 15-19​​

About her lines : 
" Christy's "  sire " Pooh Bear " less than 6 pounds predicts she will be much more smaller then her sire as her dam is only 3 pounds 12 ounces !  Now that is small !

For  Sale

Silver Chinchilla Female 

"  Billie "

For  Sale

" Little Dolly "

" Joey "

"  Fluffy clean white - silver coat ! "​​

Purrfect  balanced Doll face

" Jake "

Silver Chinchilla Female

Joey brother to Tinker

Shaded Silver Male 


 This lovely very small Shaded Silver male Persian kitten

was named Jake as he is playful

and loves to be with you  ! 

The meaning of " Jake " is a very fun

and outgoing boy !
That wears a smile that will brighten anyone's day !

This is exactly what this little boy will do !

He is full of the dickens ! 
He is a kind, sweet, cute, caring, smart,

loving will be there with you

 This little guy loves to play !   

You will see him very busy exploring

and playing with his toys 

" Jake " a light Shaded Silver Doll Face

male Persian kitten has an extra soft, silky coat that is a beautiful clean white undercoat and has shades of Silver

across his back and tail

His adorable Doll face is perfectly balanced

with expressive eyes !

He has a sweet personality, loves his sister, playful, smart and inquisitive !

6.5 weeks old  7-15-19 photos


"  Little Dolly "

Adorable large feet ! 

" Little Dolly "   

Silver Chinchilla  female 2  

 This little girl was named
" Little Dolly " as she has a perfect

Doll Face look and is absolutely a DOLL ! 

On top of that her beautiful balanced Doll Face

that is often sought after,   

she has a strong black outliner around her eyes, nose and lips

with black leather pads all complemented

with a clean white coat accented in a shimmering silver accents on her lovely Chinchilla type coat !
" Little Dolly " today or one of her sisters ! 

We usually have mostly boys in a litter . . .

this mom gave us several gorgeous,

correct female Doll face beauties !

Choose 2 siblings so they can stay together and have a friend

and we discount the second kitten until September 15th

on select Persian kittens 

Photo taken 8-15-19

Look at this face ! 

2019 Summer Available 

"  Healthy . . . Cute . . . and Sweet ! "​​

Looking for a perfect Doll Face Persian ? 

Choose one of these adorable kittens today !

Cute as can be !

"  Miss Tina "

Sweet and Gorgeous !​​

Fluffy, soft luxurious Chinchilla coat

Eyes predicated to be turquoise or blue / green ! 

Both parents have stunning, brilliant eye color !

For  Sale

Shaded Silver male 

Fluffy soft coat 

Jill and her family have also reserved

" Dotty "  - new name:   " Diva Luv "

Dotty is a Silver Chinchilla female

Sired by  -  " Pooh Bear "

We have just added brand new photos !

Choose from . . . 

Silver Chinchillas


Shaded Silvers

All other colors are reserved in advance such as;


Shaded Golden




Red Mackerel  Tabby

A small $350 deposit  can easily be done 

Doll Face Chinchilla Persian 

For  Sale

Silver Chinchilla Male 


Joey is a Doll face Silver Chinchilla 

with a lovely white - white coat softly misted in clean, true Silver accents

This coat is easy to care for

He is a dainty -cute boy that

will be extremely small

He has extra large eyes beautifully shaped

 that gives his face an adorable sweet look !

Silver Chinchillas are extremely popular and this kitten is an excellent choice !

Reserve " Joey " today !

​Sired by Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear sired by Prince Amar

"  Tinker  " ​​

" Miss Tina "

Large Expressive Eyes !

" Joey "

"  Little Dolly "

Gorgeous Doll face

Shaded Silver male 

These Persian kittens

are currently available

 more kittens below . . .

" Jonee "

"  Billy "

Silver Chinchilla Male 


Billy is a stunning Silver Chinchilla that will make you laugh !  He runs up to greet you, is ever so sweet and all personality !  Watching him play will more than entertain you . . . he walks sideways, peeks and then off to chase his ball !

He has a gentle style personality to all he does . . .

​Smart, alert and loves to play !

He has a beautiful Doll Face look, his dark eyes as a youngster indicates he will have stunning eyes of rich turquoise or emerald green

. . .  kittens eye color takes up to 20 to 24 months to get their final color

Both sire and dam have stunning eyes

Mom having brilliant Emerald Green eyes !

Dad having stunning Blue - Turquoise eyes !​​

Sired by " Moscato " 


Shaded Silver Female


Now resides with Jill, Russ

and family

" Jonee "