Gorgeous  - sweet Exotic kittens 

Guarantee for . . .

FIV-FeLV-PKD-Heartworm, Ringworm


Exotic Shorthair  Black female

If you are seeking an Exotic Shorthair female kitten . . .

Mandy is sweet and absolutely adorable !

She is constantly purring and wantin to sit on your lap!

Trusting, loving and all "girly girl !"

Mandy has a correct round face and her facial features are balanced to be a little show kitty!

As she grows her eyes will become larger

and be a brilliant copper color!  Her nose is perfectly placed for an Exotic . . . she is a gem! 

She comes from a line of blacks and tortoiseshells

She has a strong, well built body,

yet comes from a small line

Her dam is 5 pounds and sire is 7.5 pounds 

DOB 3-31-21​     CKD-BK-F-4-SL-2021

Sired by the beautiful black sire "Satin Lover"  


" Adorable face"

Exotic Shorthair female kitten ​​

"  Black and White kittens"

Stunning, black and white BiColor female Exotic Shorthair kittens

Perfect round faces just like the Persian cat

These lovey coated kittens have amazingly gorgeous- silky coats, adorable personalities, and stunning eye color either brilliant green or the highly sought after Exotic eye color of copper

Yes, Copper! 

Not a gold color.,, but a shimmering, brilliant copper color

Mom is a black and white Bi Color and 

Dad is a silky, satin coal black Exotic !  

sire; "Satin Lover" a sire of PurrDelites.com

​  OD-BW-4--SL-2021

"Very Sweet" !  

Black - White  Female



Red Tabbies - BiColor -Torties-Blue-Whites 

Black Longhair Male Kitten

New Black and White Exotic  Shorthair  kittens  just arrived

 DOB  July 18th  2021


" Mandy"

Black-White female

Sweet Personalities !

Luxurious Coats !

Gorgeous Doll Faces !

Warrantee for


Heartworm & Ringworm

For Sale

We breed Exotics Shorthairs ​​

* Black * Smoke *

 * White / Black  *

Gold Tabby * Blue / White *

* Red Tabby *

 * Cream / White *


" Mandy"

Sweet - correct Exotic Shorthairs!



" Dexter" Persian male​​

" Milena"

Shorthair Black

Photo taken 5-10-21

"Cutie" !  

"Little Lady"


" Exotic female Black and White kitten "


Exotic Black and White Shorthair female kittens

This is one gorgeous, adorable, Love Bunny!

Her Black and White

coat is extra soft, silky and luxurious !

Built correctly, and possesses a gorgeous Exotic cute face!

Her sire is "Satin Lover" a black Exotic Shorthair that is stunningly beautiful with correct brilliant copper eyes !

Her Dam is a lovely BiColor Black and White Exotic Shorthair that is small, sweet, stunningly gorgeous with brilliant copper eyes! 

"Milena is a Shorthair kitten that looks like a Persian cat . . .

the Exotic Shorthairs were created - first bred in the early 1950's

and have been perfected through the years!

Now is snuggling in her new home with. Kelly !

A kitten to treasure each and every day!

Reserved  . . . .

 Now in California with Kelly

Kelly chose a Persian kitten:  Rebecca

and an Exotic Shorthair kitten:  Milena

DOB late March 19th, 2021

" Christopher"


" Want an Adorable - Teacup Silver Persian kitten ? "

Example of past  Black and White LONGHAIR Exotic kitten

Currently we have all Shorthair Black and White Exotic kittens

"  Tedhee"​​​  

See more photos of blacks below


Choose one of these adorable - sweet

Exotic Shorthair kittens today!


 See kitten descriptions at bottom of page

" Thor"

"  Shorthair male Exotic kitten "​​

Thor is the smallest in the litter, yet, built well

He has a cute round correct face ! 

His dam has brilliant green eyes and sire has the most highly sought after "Copper" eyes for an Exotic 

If you are seeking an adorable easy to care for Exotic shorthair, Thor is a good choice


SE-BLK- M-4-SL-2021

" Black/White Female Exotic Shorthair

Available kitten


A lovely black and white Exotic Shorthair female kitten

predicted to have brilliant copper eyes!

Exactly what Exotic cats should have !No less!

This kitten dam is a lovely CFA Exotic Black and White Shorthiair and her sire is a coal-black Exotic Shorthair

Reserve a sibling ! 

Reserve "an Exotic kitten " today !  ​​

Photo taken 4-26-21

" Newborns"​​

Gold Tabby Shorthair Exotic male kitten.  " Candy Man"



Dexter is a black Exotic Longhair

that has a fluffy, silky, soft coat

that is much looked for in an Exotic kitten !

He has the cutest face! 

His head is round with extra small ears 

and a well formed nose!  . . . 

just what you want!

He is bold, playful and smart! 

You can see him thinking!

His dam is ultra sweet and the kittens model after mom!

Dad is a stunning, coal black Exotic

Brother of Figaro featured below


Sired by the the stunning black sire  "Satin Lover"

Reserve  today !


Longhair Black

 More About 2021 Exotic

Available kittens

Choose a 2021 Exotic Shorthair or Longhair kitten today!



" Dexter"

For Sale

"Choose an Exotic Shorthair kitten today!"​​

Review the photos of these kittens and descriptions

and feel free to contact us any time of the day!

 214 960-0267

Specializing in coat colors and patterns of:

Black *  Black/White* Smoke * Red Mackerel Tabby * Cream * 

Cream/White *  Blue *  Blue/White*

*  Golden Tabby *  Black  Tabby

* BiColor * Tortoiseshell

 Black/ White


" Darla"​​


"Adorable face" !  

Ask about "Little Lady"

If you want perfection, she is a good choice !

* Sweet

*  Gorgeous Silver Chinchilla coat

*  Doll Face

*  Strong black eye liner


Photo taken 4-6-21

< Available

" Candy Man"​​

More Exotic Shorthair kittens . . .

Photo taken 4-26-21

"Black and White"​​

Stunningly gorgeous - Top show - pet- breeder Exotic Shorthairs

Rated finest Exotics in USA by customer Reviews and Testimonials !

Available Exotics 


" Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten "

 "Little Lady"

A Silver Chinchilla Persian female

is absolutely stunning and a perfect 

Doll Face look!

Sired  by "Pooh Bear" and a highly valued Giovanna daughter!

She is a very special lady and named;

"Little Lady !

Her coat is as lovely as can be,  soft, silky and a clean Chinchilla color with soft misted accents that gives her an elegant look !

"Little Lady" baths and grooms well,

is small, yet built sturdy as Persians should be!
She is all lady . . . and gorgeous as can be!

Sired by Prince Amar

Dam beautiful Shaded Silver Giovanna daughter !

2021 kitten 

"   Exotic Shorthair male kitten "​​


" BlackWhite"  BiColor

 Female Shorthair kittens​​

Adorable Exotic Shorthair kittens available 

Persian look-a-like kittens!

These are some of the finest bred Exotic Shorthairs available Internationally!

Why?  Because we are choosey !  We only acquire the finest breeders and guess what?   Not domestic bred?

Why?  We only acquire the finest pedigrees and breeder individuals from reputable breeders breeding the finest 

Exotic cats worldwide! 

warrantee for:

FIV- FeLV- PKD- Heartworm - Ringworm

Gorgeous correct faces

Beautiful brilliant copper eyes!

Round show faces

Sold as Pets however may be show quality !

Sleek, silky, soft coats !

Sweet personalities you will love!

Finest Exotics you will find!​​