" Snow Bunny"

" Mi Lady"
Black Persian female


DOB 2020 - photo as a kitten

Gorgeous face!

     White female Exotic Persians

A beautiful snow white female Exotic Persian kittens

available that have odd eyes, with one eye blue and either the other eye green or gold!

Whites are known for their clean, luxurious coats!

Ask about our available Whites


Ultra Sweet !    Loves people !  

" Snow Candy"

"Tiny Tot"

Silver Chinchilla female Persian - Retired


This lovely lady does not tear!

Her face stays clean all the time!

Her coat is a clean white and misted in Silver!

She ony had a few litters and was an A+ mom!

If you want a small Silver Chinchilla female

Rerserve "Tiny Tot"  today!

She has a strong black outliner around her eyes

which are a stunning brilliant turquoise and green color!

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" Mi Lady"

Black female Persian


 Adult  and Teenager 

​Available Persians

$950 to $3500 and up 

​(not kittens)

"Barbie Doll"

White female Persian ​​

"Barbie Doll" is all persomality!   

One you will treasure or her sweet- silly personality!

She is snow white with pink paws pads and a pink nose!

She is built well staying true to the CFA breed standard!

She is CFA registered.  Spayed 2023


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$1500 to approved home


Silver Chinchilla female Persian

Reservation Pending

Gwen is a sweet lady that is small 

Contact us today to reserve"Gwen" today!

List $3500

$1200 to approved home

Prices subject to change at anytime

Only a deposit locks in the price 


Reasonably priced for Forever homes

Choose . . .  a 24 month old or older Persian cat

Cats are adults at 24 months old

>   Health Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD,

Heartworm and Ringworm negative tested

Exams - Vaccinations - Wormed

Grooms and baths​​

" Prince Zohar"

"Tiny Tot"


"China Doll"

White female Persian

"China Doll" is an exquisite beauty!

She has gorgeous odd eyes, one being a brilliant blue!

She is snow white with pink paws pads and a pink nose!

She is built well staying true to the CFA breed standard!

Her dam is Barbie Doll

Spayed 2023


Contact us today to reserve "China Doll " today!

"My Lady"  is very sweet and -i n tune with humans 

An amazing personality ! 

You will forever love this Lady !  

               Black Female Persian

"Mi Lady" 

She is about 4.5 years old and available for a family

that would like a lovely black Persian female 

that has a sweet-sweet personality!

She is as sweet as can be

Her black silky coat is soft and beautiful!

Black Persians are known for their amazing coats!

They are shiny and silky 

She is a pleasure to be around

She will greet you when you enter the room,

wanting to be with you !

She is a special Lady ! 

Named Mi Lady . . . as this is what she is!

Contact us today to reserve this lovely, very special black Persian

Ask about our Adult & Teenager Persians

Mi Lady     Black Female

Prince Zohar  Silver Chinchilla male

Barbie Doll White female Persian

China Doll White female Persian

Tiny Tot  Silver Chinchilla female​ Adult $550

My Lord  Silver Chinchilla male  Teenager

Noland   Male Silver Chinchilla - reservation pending

Gwen  Female Silver Chinchilla - reservation pending



Black female Persian 



Silver Chinchilla male Persian - Retired


Dam is Tiny Tot!

Sire  Pooh Bear

This boy is 100% perfection!

Reservation Pending

Contact us today to reserve"Noland" today!