Female Persian

2023  Fall Available  Persian 

Sweet and all Girly Girl !

"Little Gabrielle "

Gabrielle as a newborn !

A gorgeous kitten from day one!

Look at this pretty face!

                " Snow Elegance " Available !                                                                          

"Sissy "

​​​Silver Chinchilla female  and males   Available


"Something About Ted"

Produced all of these Golden Persian kittens!

"Tali " Sold 9-20-23   DOB 1-6-23



DOB  2023  "Litter of 4"

Choose a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla 

Dam - "Giovanna Daughter"


"Martin "

Beautiful Silver Chinchilla Male and Female Persian kittens 



"Kenny "

 3 Shaded Golden 

Persian  kittens Available !

                      White Female Available !     >                                                                       

Choose a 2023  Persian today !

Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Silvers, Golden Chinchillas

Shaded Golden. black and Whites . . .

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White - male & female   Available

Gorgeous Doll Face Silver Chinchilla

 Silver Chinchilla 

Female Persian Kitten​​

This is an adorable, all girly girl little Princess!

 Possessing a gorgeous Doll Face look!

She has a Silver Chinchilla coat that is soft and silky!

Her dam is  "Somewhere My Love"

out of the dam "Love Song"!

She has a brother to the right available too!

DOB -3-11-23
She will be ready to depart at 8 weeks old

Reserve her today as we only have

a few newborn females available


"Snow Bunny" Available

"My Lord"

 Silver Chinchilla 

Male Persian Kitten​​

This is a gorgeous doll face Silver Chinchilla

Persian male kitten

that is out of the stunningly gorgeous dam

- "Somewhere My Love"

He has a clean white undercoat

with Silver accents on his coat!

He is just starting to walk,

he has a inquisitive personality already!

Out of a "Love Song" daughter

His dam produces outstanding eye color

that is often a turquoise  color!

DOB -3-17-23
He will be ready to depart at 8 weeks old

Reserve him today and

start planning on having your fur baby

Chinchilla Golden Male


Persian  Available !


Silver Chinchilla female

Extra small!


"Gorgeous male available"

Silver Chinchillas,

<  Shaded Golden and Black

     Persian kittens Available !

Reserve a current available Persian kitten !

"Somewhere My Love"  Dam 



Parti Color Longhair Exotic Persian 

This link takes you to the breeder

PurrDelites Cattery

who is a sister site of TinyPersians Cattery!

"Sissy "

Snow Bunny


"Gabrielle  is a tiny Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

Gabrielle is a French feminine name & that is what she is!

All girly girl and a Princess at that!

Her mom is the lovely dam of perfection! - "Love Song"

Her dad is a top TinyPersian Sire - "Prince Amar"

producing very tiny Persians 

This kitten is a full sister to "Somewhere My Love" and

a full sister to "Pooh Bear"

Chinchillas are known for silky, luxurious coats !

Her eyes are predicted to be a brilliant green color !

She has a sweet personality and extremely intelligent wanting to learn!

Gabrielle is a real gem and will make a wonderful buddy!

She is playful and has a calm and has a sweet personality ! 

DOB 2022

 " Choose a kitten today ! "             Ask about TinyPersian's New Litter   

 "Somewhere My Love"

Dam of these kittens!

This female looks just like

mom did when she was a baby!


"My Lord"

Silver Chinchilla Male Persian Kitten


"My Lord"  a gorgeous, sweet sweet,

Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten

"My Lord" is lovely in every way possessing a silky Chinchilla coat!

He has black outliner around his eyes and a pink nose that is outlined in black!

His eyes are predicted to be a stunning green color.!

"My Lord"  is extra sweet, loves tp be with you!

He is a good eater!

Available at a reasonable price!

Reserve him today! 


#2   Arlo

#3   Atticus

#4   White Kittens  Available -  Snow white silky mink textured coat, blue eye, Easy coat to care for

#5   Kenny  Available - DOB 3-11-23 , Kenny's sister is Sissy

#6    Cosmo

#7    Daniel - Available  Shaded Silver Male, very tiny  extra small, line is "Juliette's Dawn"

#8   My Lord

#9    Gwen - Available -  Top Pick Female Silver Chinchilla, small female, very sweet!

#10    Gabrielle - Available - Female Silver Chinchilla - reservation pending

​#11     Danny -Available, Daniel brother 

#8   My Lord

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