Reserve a kitten:

When reserving your kitten, your deposit will be applied to the total price of the kitten. Deposits are non refundable, however, your deposit can be transferred to another kitten if approved by the cattery. If the kitten does not resell, paid monies are non refundable.  Every effort will be made to make this a positive experience for the buyer, however there will be no charge backs or reversed credit card/PayPal charges of any kind for any reason whatsoever, will be done by a buyer.

No PayPal transaction fees paid by Seller. Buyer has the option to send Certified Check or Personal Check to avoid any Buyer PayPal transaction fees.  Please consider this.  If you reserve, a kitten will be offered when available.  Cattery has no control of the # of kittens in a litter or how often a mom (s) will produce litters, or any mishaps - loosing kittens at birth.  Kittens grow fast and we may loose the opportunity to sell to another buyer when "your kitten" is reserved for you. The balance of the kitten needs to be paid 2 weeks prior to kitten departure -  giving us time to reserve / purchase the airline ticket, airline crate, schedule kitten exam, necessary medical documents necessary to ship your kitten quickly. All these items are included with your small shipping fee of $450 (U.S.A shipping only), pricing based on Airline Industry current rates at time of sale and departure of the kitten purchased by Buyer.   Buyer is responsible for spaying / neutering .  $75 to shuttle to the Departure Airport, waived most of the time.

* Payment Procedures           * Sale Policies


*    Shipping available as a carry-on USA $450 includes airline carrier, flight. 

*    Shipping outside the Continental United States may be arranged on an individual basis  

*    Kittens in some cases can be picked up, by a schedule appointment

*    USA Shipping cost of $450 may be *subject to changebased on airline fee changes, carrier choice or destination. 

*    Due to Airline changes in transporting "Persians" cats/kittens are no longer shipped cargo, unless shipped as a carry-on 

*    Airline Carry-on Service offered; 3rd party, or a customer may make arrangements to pick up and carry on at their own expense.

*    Buyers request for Micro Chip $92.  We do not microchip unless a customer insist as kittens are so small and microchips can be too large

*    Delivery is available upon request for a min of $400 and beyond 200 miles, an added gas fee is applicable.  We do not deliver to all U.S. states

 Please tell us a little about yourself 

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*  What are you looking for in a Persian? 

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Reserve a Kitten

Kitten Application   

Tell us what you are looking for? 

Female, Male? Chinchilla, Silver, Silver Shaded, Golden,

​Shaded Golden, Black, Tortoishell or White,

 what age Persian, and when?  

Payment Options

*    Pay Pal's secure transaction 

*    Chase Bank Wire

*    Money Order  or Cashier's Check to: 

     TinyPersians, PO Box 6062 McKinney, Texas 75071   

*     PayPal option only for Deposits 

*     Balance is paid by all options above - except 

      PayPal is not accepted for kitten balance payments

"Secure Socket Layer Forms"

Gives you comfort that your 

personal information is secure  

We do not share any information whatsoever  

If you do not agree with our policies on purchasing a kitten, please exit now!   View Policies

Polices important factors:

>  We sell Pet kittens, not breeders (only approved catteries will be considered for acquiring breeders)

>  Please DO NOT put a deposit down then say you wanted the kitten for BREEDING

>  TinyPersians does not guarantee the hearing of any white Persians with blue eyes

>  TinyPersians will not tolerate unprofessional behavior, deceptive representation, or providing incorrect information on the kitten    application.   1 out of 90 applicants are deceptive.  Please exit the site NOW !

>  Buyer shipping a kitten are required to pickup from the arrival airport without any assistance of the breeder

>  Buyers not able to pick up a kitten, please DO NOT ASK FOR FREE SHIPPING.  

Thank you for your understanding 

Buyer responsible for picking up kitten at airport or picking from breeder


Did you like "Bobble" ? ​

Full siblings have arrived ! 

Reserve a kitten

 PayPal Deposit

to hold a kitten here:

Naming your TinyPersian

Silver kitten . . . visit

" Jerri "

Dams & Sires 

Deposit Holds a kitten

Cattery may provide photos via e-mail vs. a CD, or none at all. All gifts are limited supplies  

No PayPal Payments for Persian payments after a deposit, for any balances due or for any miscellaneous products/services

  Options of Payments


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​Buy Silver, Silver Shaded, 

Silver Chinchilla, Golden,

Shaded Golden, Black, White 

Persian Pet Kittens

$ 350 Deposit

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Mail to:


PO Box 6062 

McKinney, TX 75071 

We will reserve your kitten

and take the kitten off the sales list 

if available, or choose a future kitten

Kittens are chosen at 4 to 8 weeks old or later

Not as a New born

 *  A Deposit insures that you will have

a kitten reserved just for you !  

Kittens are reserved in advance


*   Kittens paid in full before departure​​

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CFA Registered Parents

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PayPal accepted for Down Payments only

No PayPal payments for balances

Payment Policies

*   CFA Registered parents

*   Pet Persian Kitten & Adults Available

*   Occasional Breeders only to approved homes

*   Health Records/Exam - Up-to-Date

*   Availability based on order of Reservation

*   Silver, Light Chinchillas, Golden color Persians

*   Persian kittens leave after 8 weeks and older

*  Small Deposit holds a kitten 

*   Where can you find a kitten as lovely as a TinyPersian?

Tiny Persians

 " The  finer  things  in  life . . .  are carefully  planned ,  nurtured  and  shared !  "

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Ship your kitten

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Shipping payment 

Not to reserve Persian

WE SHIP PERSIAN CATS & KITTENSU.S.A. Shipping  $450 Carry-on only

Paid 2 weeks before shipping

DFW International Airport departures -

Subject to airline fee change

TheKitten application is for us to know who is purchasing a kitten,wherethe kitten will be shipped, what kitten age, gender, etc you are seeking.  Once we receive the kitten application, we will get with you asap and provide the

kitten availability.  I

Thank you.


Up-to-date Vaccinations - Worming

Soft, Cuddly Blanket

Doc to



DFW International Airport Departures

Transporting your kitten

Gift for you !

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POLICIES WITH DEPOSITS:   Please do not put a deposit down until you are sure you would like a kitten  

Deposits are non refundable, but transferrable to another kitten in a future litter, however, not before another buyers reservation  

Kittens are sold as Pets, no breeding rights  


No deposits or monies paid will be charged back by a customer.   Any charge backs will be at the expense of the buyer if fees and other costs are charged the seller-cattery   

We do not sell outdoor Persians 

Our Breederes are CFA Registered moms and dads, however, we do not offer registration papers for pet Persians

When we take kittens off the available list when reserve and loose the option to sell to another buyer, deposit is non refundable 

 We are a CFA Registered Cattery 

b u y   p e r s i a n s

Complimentary with kitten purchase

with select Persians

Included with purchasing a kitten . . .  

kitten's (breeders only) CFA registration litter transfer papers to register your kitten (if applicable), not available for Pet persians/cats,

cozy / soft kitten blanket, and a CD of your kitten's photos, when available

"WATCH ME GROW"  (or - e-mailed images).

Up-to-date Medical documents. 

Gift items  - while supplies last

Some items may be discontinued any time

CFA Registered refers to breeders registered


CFA Registered Cattery

A trusted name in Tiny Doll Face Persians

Certified/Registered CFA Cattery

 pkd negative CATTERY 


Certified/Registered CFA Cattery