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For Sale

" Billy "  

<  Outstanding facial features - balanced Perfect Doll Face !

Very white coats and undercoats !

Some will mature with some or no silver misting

For Sale >

 ​​ " Joey  "  

Snow White male

Persian kitten

White -silky - easy to care for !

 Silver Chinchilla and Shaded Silver Persian kittens

Available to choose from Sired by Pooh Bear

a very tiny Sire of TinyPersians

Pooh Bear possesses stunning turquoise brilliant

large expressive eyes,

a perfect doll face that carries on to his babies !  

.  Extremely tiny teacup Persian kittens

.  Perfect Round Doll faces

.  Correct round crowns 

.   Extra small ears !

.  Snow white coats and some accented in true clean silver 

.   Coats that are ever so soft - silky and predicted to be easy to take care of !

.  Black leather pads

Eyes, noses and lips outlined in black

. Body substance, yet still small

.  100 % CFA Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens

.  Sired by the absolutely perfect sire . . .

" Pooh Bear " a Prince Amar son out of a Saafir daughter ! 

These kittens are extremely small and dainty  !

​You can hold them in one hand 

Choose on of these lovely kittens  . . . reserve easily 

These are very well bred out of our finest Dams and Sires

Kittens of this age usually show much smaller eyes so having these size eyes and beauty already . . . will be outstanding Silver Chinchilla individuals !   ​​


" Hermes " a boy name of Greek origin meaning

" The Messenger God " associated with

speed and good luck . . .

served as a messenger for Zeus  

He is a beautiful snow white boy with a clean

Doll Face look

Available to someone that is seeking a

"white  Persian kitten"

of extraordinary quality and well bred !

This gorgeous bright white Persian kitten

born January 27th, 2019

has a pink nose, pink paw pads with a ultra silky,

soft snow white coat !

He is smart, playful and absolutely

extraordinary in every way !   

His gorgeous Doll Face is just like his dad -  Moscato

His mom is pure white with a lovely personality 

Compare our quality White Persian and be the first to take reserve this boy today !  I can say this is the finest white boy we have ever produced -

guaranteed excellent hearing !


​Clean face !     Sire:  Moscato

"  Watch  me  Grow !  " 

" Fluffy white mane  !  "

ASK to what we have available !

Often we are asked to help choose a Persian kitten

Let us know what your "dream kitten" would be . . .

We like to have your expectations met !

Blacks are reserved in advance !

We only have 1 and maybe 2 a year !

Next available black is predicted in 2020 !

Waiting list for blacks:

1.  Debbie

2.  Sherry

Please reserve today to acquire a Tiny Black Persian kitten !  

See Michael and Angelo Story 

We welcome your inquiries !

Call today 

214 960-0267 

Shaded Golden

Mom adores her "little guy " snuggling with him !

Being a Silver Chinchilla male,

he will continue to lighten up as he grows -

predicted to have a snow white Chinchilla coat like his flawless mom ! 

He currently has a silky white Chinchilla coat

with a slight mist of silver -

 ​ Born April  2019       

Sire:   Moscato

Adorable tiny Persian - Playful . . . soft personality !

" Dotty " ​

" Tiny Dina "   SHADED SILVER     female  FOR SALE

" Dotty "   SHADED SILVER  female  FOR SALE

 " Davey  "  SILVER CHINCHILLA   male  SOLD 

"  Tiny Dina "   Is a very tiny teacup girl named Dina
known as a " biblical angel " and that is what she is !
She is a lovely Shaded Silver female with a silky coat already just like mom !   Showing much sheen and shine !  Her dam less than 4 pounds and her sire " Pooh Bear " less than 6 pounds predicts she will be extremely small !

"  Dotty "   This little girl was named Dotty

as she was born with a black spot on her forehead

Forehead darker colors often fade away

You can see how large her eyes will be as the eye stretches across the face to the sides !

"  Davey "   This Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten will lighten up as he matures . . . his round head, round face and round crown is exactly what you want in a Persian cat !

He already exhibits a sweet personality . . . letting his sisters choose first when eating     

A " Pooh Bear " son is predicted to be extremely small !

Several " Pooh Bear " kittens to choose from - Give us a call and reserve your dream kitten today !

 2019 July Persian kittens  - Available  !     Choose a kitten today !

Pronounced  her-meez 

Snow White Male 

Persian Kitten     BD - Wt - M - 2

<  photo 5 - 2 - 19

 ​​ " Joey  "  

 ​​ " Tigger "  

" Billy "  TWin brother Available 

Adorable Doll Face Silver Chinchilla

male Persian kitten

with a turn up nose

Large expressive eyes !

Very, very small kitten !

Silky - mink textured coat !


3 weeks old

< For Sale

" Billy

" Romeo "


2019  Kitten Litters For Sale  

Playful Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

This is one special "boy"

a very tiny Persian kitten  . . .

" Nickolous " with a personality that will make you laugh !

He loves to play and keeps himself entertained ! 

 Nothing bothers him and he is gentle to other kittens 

He will have large expressive eyes, 

perfectly balanced face

with a DOLL FACE look !

Top Pick kitten

Snow white Chinchilla coat

Extra large eyes

" Look at these eyes !  "

Choose a Persian kitten

below or ask to see

more kittens available !

"  Hermes  " 

Silver Chinchilla Male

Persian Kitten FOR SALE

LL - SC - M - 1

Playful Persian kitten

This boy is ever so sweet loves your company

Does biscuits entertaining you

Loves to snuggle and adores people ! 

Is excellent with younger children and other pets

Sweet and relaxed personalty 

SHARIF - Reasonably priced  $1500

"  Hermes  " 

 ​​ " Tigger "  



Just a few weeks old  !​

Reserve " Rickie" today ! 

Sired by * Pooh Bear "

 ​​ " Jonee  "  

​​​​" SILVER Chinchilla " 1 male and 2 females

" Tiny Dina "  SHADED SILVER     female

" Dotty "   SHADED SILVER   female

 "  Davey  "  SILVER CHINCHILLA   male  SOLD

Less than 2 weeks old

Persian kitten litter



Reserve one of these Doll Face Persian kittens  TODAY

Our Tiny Persian kittens

predicted Turquoise and Emerald Green eyes !

Silky soft Coat

Black leather paw pads

 Will have beautiful extra large eyes

Sire "  Pooh Bear "  is outstanding !

Perfect Doll Face Persian kitten with extra large eyes  !

"  Hermes  " 

Silver Chinchilla 

Males and Females

For Sale

 Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten 


"  Hermes  " 


For Sale  >

" Hermes "   White fluffy coat - beautiful kitten - Pink nose  !


 One Male


Snow White Persian kitten

Male Available


" Rickie" 

" Exquisite - snow white -  silky coated "

" Tiny Dina" ​

​​​" SILVER Chinchillas " 

Male and Female Persian kittens Available  below

Free flowing silky coat that will be easy to care for !


Blue Eyes !


" Pooh Bear " ​

" Rickie" 

Very small Silver 


Here at TinyPersians we are a respected Persian cat CFA breeder

meeting the expectations of the feline enthusiast throughout the world !

We are known to exceed the Persian cat lovers' expectations

as we take pride in all we do . . .

it is our "Passion" and "Willingness"to put our Persians

and our Customers first 

Want to know more about others 

that have taken home a tiny Persian ?   

Many smiles and good times with customers'

beloved, precious furry friends !   

From the breeder -


​Give us a call today !

For Sale

Fluffy Male Persian Kitten

" Billy"  middle kitten

Silver Chinchilla Persian

photo 2 - 22 - 19 

"  Hermes  " 

 Clean doll face Persian male ! 

 ​​ " Jonee  "  

Beautiful Doll Face with large eyes predicted to be

Emerald green or Turquoise

​​​" SILVER Chinchillas " 


Reserve here 



​​ Take home a very tiny Persian kitten today  !

We have kittens 8 weeks old and ready to depart !

TinyPersians Cattery  is a CFA Registered Persian Cattery

in North Dallas Texas . . .  

 a reputable and respected breeder specializing in

beautiful breathtaking "Silver Persians" of many colors and shades !  

Our Persian longhair kittens are fluffy - soft coated, sweet, loving and healthy . . . 

raised in our home with much love and attention throughout the day ! 

All of our Persians receive only the top cat food

and Vet formulated supplements for their development of many stages !  

Our customers say we have the sweetest, well adjusted beautiful and

meticulously groomed darling Persians available !   Read what customers say !

Two Silver Chinchillas Available

Male and Female

Reserve a very white silver chinchilla that is extremely small !

Chinchillas Available 

​​​"  Billy"​

* Sharif  *  For Sale

A beautiful Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten

a twin brother available too!

Named " will soon be featured " 

This little girl is dainty, tiny, possessing a sweet soft personality

Very white Chinchilla coat

Extra small - Top Pick Persian kitten

Playful and loves to play with other kittens !

      EThis kitten will be reserved quickly . . . you can also reserve her twin brother

He is the first to trot over to you . . . looking at you straight in the eyes -

wanting you to pick him up !

Sweet Doll Face with large expressive eyes

Predicted to have stunning colored eyes !

As he matures he will have a Silver mist across his back

and a gorgeous one at that !

 Chinchilla black outlined eyes, nose and mouth with black pads 

Dam only 4 pounds 

Look at this luxurious coat  ! 

 ​​ " Tinker  "  

" Rickie" 


Reserve her twin !

Rickie's Silver Persian kitten Video  7 - 6 - 19 

Aa- SC - F- 1 

​​​" SILVER Chinchilla " 

Male Persian kitten Available 

​Sired by "  Pooh Bear "

Kittens reserve quickly - put a deposit down to choose a kitten now or in the future ! 

Look at these eyes !   Billy's eyes are already large 

on a perfect Doll Face and an adorable turn up nose !

This lovely Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten is very small and the first to run up to you !

He is alert, active and wants to there with you

He is playful and loves attention

He is sweet to other kittens, baths, grooms

and eats well 

So adorable as he is the first to meet you at feeding time !   Not a fussy one . . .  lots of fun to be with as he is just a " happy kitten " ! 

" Billy " possesses a silky soft Coat

Black leather paw pads

Large expressive eyes

Predicted Emerald Green !

Reserve " Billy " today !

A lovely Chinchilla male Persian kitten

Sire Moscato "Dad"

< Photo March 2019 


Clean - Pure Snow  White  !

Newborn Doll FACE Persian kittens !

* . Golden and Blacks reserved in advance puts you ahead of the rest

* Reserve today 

Many colors, shades and coat patterns to choose from !

Shaded Silvers - Silver Chinchillas - White 

 . . .   Persian kittens to choose from 

Four Beautiful Silver and Silver Chinchilla 

Doll Face Persian kittens

"  Hermes  " 

"  Hermes  " 

JD - SC - M - 1

JD - SC - M - 2

JD - SC - M - 3

" Billy"  

Several Silver Chinchilla 

Persian  kittens  FOR  SALE 

Choose a tiny Chinchilla Persian

​​​"  Billy"

photo 6 - 25 - 19

"  Tiny Persian kittens " 


Aa - SC - F - 1

Aa  - SC - M - 1

Aa - SC - F - 2

"  Hermes  " 

​​​"  Billy"

SILVER Chinchilla male 


An amazing soft Chinchilla coat ! 

Reserve this lovely boy today !

"  Nickolas

For Sale

JD- SC - M - 1 

​​​" SILVER Chinchilla " male Persian kitten a

few weeks old . . .

Doll Face . . . white undercoat,

lightly misted silver

Predicted Emerald Green eyes !

Silky soft Coat

Black leather paw pads

Teardrop expressive eyes

Dam produces snow white Chinchilla coats

Sire smallest TinyPersian "Dad"

 ​​ " Tinker  "  

*  Sharif  *

"  Nickolas"

"  Nickolas"

Doll Face Chinchilla

 For Sale​​

A lovely Silver Chinchilla male is very small

sired by " Pooh Bear "

" Rickie "  a perfectly balanced doll face has a snow white Chinchilla coat with silver accents 

his coat will lighten up as he grows as most Chinchillas appear white with a little mist of Silver

or possess an all White Chinchilla coat once matured

This boy is all personality !   Nothing bothers him  . . .

 he is very entertaining when playing

He has excellent eye contact showing

that he is alert, and intelligent 

Sturdy body, yet small, he will have large expressive eyes

Both parents have outstanding eye color predicting stunning brilliant emerald or turquoise eyes (Dad)

This little guy has a 

correct round Crown forehead, round face - 

just what you want !  

His coat is luxurious, soft and silky !

Black leather paw pads

Low maintenance kitten !


 For Sale * 

Available to a forever home !

Sired by " Pooh Bear "

​  Dad possesses gorgeous turquoise eyes ! 

*   2019 Persian kittens for sale !   * 

SE  - M - SC - 1


 "  Tigger " JD - SC- M #1   SOLD  - Reserved for Jill

"  Jonee "  JD - SC- M #2   FOR SALE

"  Joey "  JD - SC- M #3   FOR SALE

 " Tinker  "  JD - SC- F #4   FOR SALE

Litter  of  Four  Available  For  Sale

"   Silver Chinchilla Persian

kitten male" 

Not Available 

Top pick kittens will be extremely small - predicted to be from 3 to 4.5  pounds as an adult

 Snow white Silver Chinchilla coat that is of mink texture - extraordinary eye color 

Dam is an outstanding Chinchilla  . . .   

Sire:  Pooh Bear

sire and dam stunning eye color

"  Nickolas"


<  Look at this face !

Cattery keeper consideration 

Top Pick Kitten

" Romeo "

Sired by Moscato 

 Aa - SC - M - 2