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Sold 2015

Saafir -  Sire of this 2015 kitten

Sharif Amir

Often we are asked - "I want a cheap kitten". We do not have kittens for a $1,000.  

TinyPersians.com breeds top CFA Registered Silver Persians and paying litter registration, kitten Vet appointments, exam, vaccinations, worming, and necessary care before released to the buyer.    Kittens receive top care including vitamins and specialized diets, litter trained and socialized.   TinyPersians is dedicated in producing extraordinary, doll face Silver Persians. 

Our Persians may look white, however, they are registered within the CFA Silver Division.  Silvers may appear white, may or may not have silver tipping and are considered the Mercedes of the Persian Cats.





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Reputable CFA Cattery offering Doll Face CFA Silver Persians for sale

 Spring  2017  Persian kitten litters arrived - February 2017 Persians available !   Choose a Silver, Chinchilla & White Persian doll face Kittens, a tiny miniature teacup persian kitten in all shades and coat patterns of silver, chinchilla, golden, shaded golden, and white persian kittens

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Some can depart between April 15th and May 1st, 2017 !

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Sold  Dec 2015

Tiny Persians with an extraordinary doll face and expressive eyes! 

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Giovanna Dam - kitten



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The Kitten application is for us to know who is purchasing a kitten, where the kitten will be shipped, what kitten age, gender, etc you are seeking.  Once we receive the kitten application, we will get with you asap and provide the kitten availability.   Thank you.


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<  Absolutely perfect Silver Chinchilla doll face Persian kitten

The nose is not too short, face is balanced with expressive, large eyes!   TinyPersians.com is continually strives to breed and offer only the finest of CFA Silver Persian kittens    

Tiny black Persians 

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Gorgeous Teacup Persians 2017 

Persian Kittens ready to choose !

Precious !

Sharif Amir

Sharif Amir - Sire 

TinyPersians are precious, adorable, sweet, silver Persians . . .

See our Testimonials of happy customers talking home their dream Silver, Silver Chinchilla and Golden Persians


Short - cubby bodied, extreme short tails,

beautiful clean doll face Persians for sale!

Large expressive eyes and soft luxurious, silk coats!  


2017 Kittens have arrived !

Silver, Silver Shaded & Silver Chinchilla

CFA Persians 

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