Available " Willow "

Very small Male Golden

All Personality  !  


Two Silver Chinchilla Males

  8 - 7 - 18  at 1.5 years old   -   2016  kitten          FOR SALE

Reasonably Priced 

Available " Silver "

Female  LMP - C - F - 1   Left  SOLD

Female LMP - SS -F  - 2  Right -  FOR SALE

Very Tiny Kittens !

These kittens are little wind up dolls !

Love each other so much !

They have very large expressive eyes and out of one of our smallest females !

These 2 sisters love each other !

They are very small  -

have beautiful doll faces  -

and fluffy coats !


" White Male"

Left kitten

​Male  SP - W - M - 1

​Stunning Snow White !

This kitten has a fabulous personality, thinks things out, easy keeper, ultra snow white with the most amazing soft, silky snow white coat

Stunning blue eyes guarantee NOT Deaf, pink paw pads, pink nose, soft - soft fur, gentle natured 

" Little Emmie " Few months old

Very Tiny Females 

July Photo

A Very small Chinchilla 

August Photo

Available " Chirp "

Amazing Chinchilla coat - Doll Face 


" Silver Chinchilla"

Female Aa - C - F - 1

Sweet ,  little Lady !

So much like a Princess !

If you want a little girl  will stay dainty, choose this kitten today !

Dam is only 3.3 pounds, sire is 4.5 pounds so these two sisters will be very, very tiny, well bred Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens !

One has more silver misting and both are stunning !

Emerald Green Eyes  !

Gorgeous Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens available 

Snow White Male


" Silver Chinchilla"

Male - Aa - C - M- 3

​This kitten will make you laugh !

He is so smart, has excellent eye contact, you can see him thinking, so, so sweet, eats well and has very large eyes with a soft fluffy silky mink coat  !

Little Doll Face Female

Emerald Green Eyes  !

" Asher " 


" Josh "

 A Lovely Silver Chinchilla Male Persian kitten silver accents on his back

Eyes are predicted to be Emerald Green 

" Asher " 


" Silver Chinchilla"

Male - Aa - C - M- 2

Sensible & Sweet Personality 

This lovely Silver Chinchilla male has the most amazing coat - so silky, so soft and mink texture

He is ultra sweet, plays nice with other kittens, eats well, playful, large expressive eyes

with excellent eye color

Photos of 10 week old kittens shows fluffier coats, larger eyes and matures just in 2 weeks

into gems

Asher is an example of this

View photos above

and watch Asher change

 10 weeks old and still a tiny Persian fits in the

palm of your hands !

Male - Aa - C - M- 3​

Male - Aa - C - M- 3​

More kittens below . . .

Doll Face Chinchilla Male 

Choose a Persian kitten easily  

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Silver Chinchilla

Doll Face Male

" Little Emmie "  TinyPersian  8-7-18  1.5 years old 

Currently we have several Persian kittens available 

and (2) two twelve month old kittens 

Shaded Golden male

with Turquoise eyes and shades of gold, apricot, black and white

"Tequila Sunrise" 

2017 kitten

DOLL FACE Silver Chinchilla male

 Correct and balance face and body

"Bobby McGee"

2017 kitten

Silver Chinchilla 2016 Female

" Little Emmie "   

2016 kitten

 "Little Emmie" is extremely small, a very light Silver Chinchilla with a sweet, soft personality ! 

Beautiful green eyes and a lovely doll face look !  Her coat is soft and easy to take care of

  A dainty, tiny little girl to treasure

  Take home Emmie today !