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PayPal Deposits to reserve Persians

PayPal  $350 Deposit  for  1  Persian

PayPal  $700 Deposit  for  2  Persians

PayPal Payment for Shipping

PayPal Payment for USA Airline Shipping 1 Persian

Most locations in the U.S.A will be $525 with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii

Buyer pays $48 for carrier - $15 for carrier pad - $4.50 for food/water dish (required by airline)

Shipping fees are subject to change without notice so please ask if fees have been changed

PayPal Payment for Airline Shipping 2 Persians

Shipping 2 Persians in one carrier ($525) plus an additional fee for kiitten #2 if shipped in same carrier

Multiple kittens purchased from 2 or more shipped in separate carriers are quoted for the buyer and subject to Airline Flight Nanny pricing (TinyPersians does not add a fee to the airline flight)

Pricing is determined by the Flight Nanny Service
Buyer pays $48 for carrier - $15 for carrier pad - $4.50 for food/water dish (required by airline)

*  Shipping 2 Persians in separate carriers contact Deborah (TinyPersians) so she can get a current quote from the Airline Flight Nanny 

Service.  They do the pricing, not TinyPersians

All Airline Pricing is subject to change at anytime, however, often is a consistent amount

International Airline Shipping 

priced individually depending on the number of Persians

and what city and country - Contact Deborah for an International Shipping estimate 

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