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Silver Persian known as the “Rolls Royce” of all Cats

The Silver Persian popularity worldwide:

TinyPersians specializes in the number one cat breed, the Persian . . .  CFA's Silver Color Division

This Color Division tops it all with all CFA Persian Color Divisions . . . it is the most popular and highly sought after lines  

The Silver Persian Characteristics:

Within the Silver Division the Silver Chinchilla is the most treasured with the finest quality, exquisite longhair coat that shimmers

with a soft mist of silver with a white undercoat, to looking entirely snow white  

Their luxuriously silky coats in some cases are a true mink looking and feeling coat

The the Silver Persian cats possess a look of their own, as their eyes are outlined in black like eyeliner,

noses are brick red to adorable pink with black outliner around the nose 

The Silver Chinchilla: 

One of the most popular choices of the Silver Persian is the Silver Chinchilla which

often has a longer nose described as Doll Face vs. the flat face look   

This longer face – nose often results in healthy breathing and less eye tearing to no tearing  

Saying this, as a Silver Persian breeder, I find many short face Persians have just as clean eyes and healthy nose   . . . 

they are often described as having a “Pansy” happy face, a shorter face look often called "flat face"  

Paw pads are black, with the exception of the Silver “Blue” variety 

The Silver Persian size:

Silvers are also considered the smallest size cats of all Color categories of the Persian cat whereas,

some solid division Persians have been known to be up to 48 pounds!   

The Silver Persian lines are usually 8 pounds or less and some adults only 3 pounds !
The Silver Persian produces many Colors and Patterns:

.  The Silver Persian CFA Division will produce a variety of color and Patterns such as Shaded Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Golden, Shaded Golden, Golden Chinchilla, Black, Smoke, Blue, Blue / Golden

.  When a Silver Persian produces an exceptional Golden or Golden Chinchilla, you will find

them strikingly beautiful with colors of gold, apricot, crème, white, shades of gold and sometimes black tipping   

Their extraordinary eye color range from brilliant greens to emerald greens, turquoise colors and blue/green  

Truly gems and waiting lists for a Persian kitten like this! 

.  Another rare Persian color out of the registries Silver Division is the “Blue” and the “Blue Golden”   

Acquiring one of these ever so rare Persians you will be real lucky   

Very few breeders offer true, purebred “Blue” Persians


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Turquoise Eyes

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Shaded Goldens


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Silver Chinchillas

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The Silver Chinchilla Persian Cat

# 1 Cat breed Internationally !

CFA Silver Division Persians of many shades and colors

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TinyPersians are known for breeding playful,

sweet, exquisite doll face Persian kittens !

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Doll Face Persians fit in the palm of your hands !

Silver Persians

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Sold -  Texas

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TinyPersians a CFA Registered Cattery specializes in breeding Silver Persian Cats

Highly selected breeders . . . we are rated by our customers as the top U.S. Silver Persian

miniature, teacup & standard Persian Breeder

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        “ The finest Cat known for centuries and still the # one cat today ! "

The Persian Cat !

 " Envision a gorgeous fluffy pampered Persian cat perched over the arm of your chair  . . .

enjoying sunny window views - awaiting your arrival   "

This breed loves your company and is known for its sweet personality   

They have a reputation of being royal, sweet, and loyal, with a personality that makes the Persian cat the number one breed sought after Internationally!  Now that says a lot  !

A cat breed that the entire globe adores and makes them their favorite feline  ! 

Here at TinyPersians we specialize in the most popular and requested colors of the Persian Breed

. . .  the Cat Fanciers' of American Association  - CFA Silver Persian Division   

Our outcrossing is within the Persian breed, infusing CFA other color divisions

that compliment the Silver Persians  

You will find many colors and patterns to choose from at TinyPersians   

With this quick Shopper Guide you can choose a Persian kitten by color and look 

Give us a call if you would like help choosing your Persian cat