" Meilani "  



Silver Persian female kitten

If you are seeking a sweet - sweet

little Persian female . . .

"Casandra" is a gorgeous - correct Silver Persian!

She possesses a clean white under coat with soft Silver accents on her coat !

She has a cute Doll Face with strong black outliner around her eyes and an adorable pink nose !

She is out of a Giovanna daughter -

that is most often asked for !

She is predicted to be about 4 pounds as an adult

DOB 2021   PC-S-F-4-PB-2021 ​​


Goddess of Wisdom !


" Doll Face Silver Chinchilla 

female Persian kitten "


"Athena is a very, very small tiny Persian

Silver Chinchilla female kitten

​Athena meaning wise —in Greek mythology

Considered the Goddess of  Wisdom

who was brave and considered intelligent!

She has the cutest personality and very much a lady!

She is a little beauty that is as sweet as can be!

She possesses an amazingly beautiful, soft, silky

and mink textured coat!

Her Chinchilla coat has a white undercoat

and a slight misted Silver 

Her coat is always beautiful!

Her dam and sire have amazing eye color!

Now residing with Nancy - Austin, Texas

DOB 2021

"Athena" is extremely small, yet built strong and still petite"

"Sean" is as cute as can be!

Extremely small and super sweet !

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 Black male


Reserved  1-16-22

 for Jacqueline


" Meilani"

" Prince Amir" ​​

Silver  Chinchilla Male

Sired by Prince Amar

and out of the gorgeous dam . . .

"Love Song"! 


 Silver Chinchilla - Shaded Silver 

 White / Black 

Shaded Golden - Golden 




Sean has the sweetest personality with a perfect Doll Face look  !

For Sale

"  Tedhee"​​​  




Sired by Pooh Bear

" Mandy"



Silver  Chinchilla Persian male kitten

This little boy has amazing eye color predicted to be . . .

from turquoise to a brilliant green and emerald green

Both parents have extraordinary brilliant green eye color with a strong black outliner around his eyes!   

He has a soft pink nose that gives him a soft look !

He has a clean White - Silver Chinchilla coat lightly misted in a soft Silver

that is soft, silky and easy to care for!
"Sean's" has a adorable look . . . trots around

with his tail straight in the air! 

Best of all is his loving personality and gentle nature  !
He has black leather paw pads 
Available to depart with reasonable notice


DOB 4-6-21


DOB  1-6-22


Shaded Silver Persian male kitten

"Elijah" is the sweetest kitten,

he loves your company !

Is an excellent choice if you are seeking a buddy !

He will quickly greet you when you enter the room! 

"Elijah" has excellent eye contact

which shows his intelligence

Loves to be groomed and will help you . . . 

when he is groomed he licks himself to help

and soon licks you to say thank you !

"Elijah" has strong shaded silver

and black accents on his coat

A true Shaded Silver Persian !

He has strong black outliner around her eyes

and around his nose

He is out of a Giovanna daughter -

that is most often asked for !


January 2022 Available

Persian kittens

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Featured below !

"Little Lady"  -  Available  >

more about "Little Lady below


"Pooja" - Available

Male Silver Chinchilla  Persian

Doll Face

DOB   2021


Sweet Personalities !

Luxurious Coats !

Gorgeous Doll Faces !

Warrantee for


Heartworm & Ringworm

Persian  Face

"Choose a Persian kitten today! "​​

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​214 960-0267

Kittens daily care comes first , we take photos later in a day

when we have time 

choose one of these lovely kittens several weeks old

Many coat colors to choose from:

Silver *  Shaded Silver * Silver Chinchilla

Shaded Golden *  Golden *  Black /White

* Black * Tortoiseshell

Choose one today -  Several gorgeous

CFA Silver Persian Division colors !


"Prince Amir

Silver  Chinchilla Persian male kitten

Prince Amir is one outstanding Silver Persian kitten

He is perfect in many ways!

Look at this face!   

He has a correct round balanced Doll Face with a high round crown forehead that only the finest Persian cats have!

He has amazing eye color predicted to be . . .

from turquoise to a brilliant green 

 with a strong black outliner around his eyes!   

He has a soft pink nose that gives him a soft look !

He has a very white, clean Chinchilla coat lightly misted in a soft Silver

that is soft, silky and easy to care for!

He is a cattery keeper consideration

A top pick kitten!

"Prince Amir's" has a gorgeous look . . .

a soft, respectful, regal personality!

​DOB June 2021


White male 

Named "Lacy" as her dam is the gorgeous Silver Chinchilla "Lavender Lace" who was retired in 2021 . . .

"Lacy" is the last kitten  "Lavender Lace" had 

" Dillan"

Silver Chinchilla male - Top Pick Kitten



Silver Chinchilla  Persian 

" Kanok "  Sunny's Boy

Silver Chinchilla male - Top Pick Kitten

 Black/ White

Perfection !

" Thor"

Ask about "Little Lady"

If you want a verb sweet lady!

she is a good choice !

* Sweet

*  Gorgeous Silver Chinchilla coat

*  Doll Face

*  Strong black eye liner



Newborn Silvers


" Little Lady"

One Shaded Golden

Persian Available​​

Candid photo

Taken 8-16-21


Gorgeous  Doll Face look !


Silver Chinchilla male - Top Pick Kitten

A Sweet - Sweet Chinchilla Boy!



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Shaded Silver male Persian kitten





" Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten "

"Little Lover"

This is one adorable - tiny Persian!

Sired by "Prince Amar"

He is also a full brother to the gorgeous . . .

"Pooh Bear" !

He is sophisticated, playful and as sweet as can be!

An alert little guy . . . watches his surroundings with adorable expressions!

He possesses a Silver Chinchilla coat that is soft and silky!

His dam is "Love Song" one of our finest dams!

DOB June 11th, 2021

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DOB 2021

A sweet, sweet Persian kitten !


Silver Chinchilla male " Tooter"

For Sale




Shaded Silver  Male


" Silver Chinchilla Female Persian kitten "


"Lacy" is the sweetest lady !

All Girly Girl!

She has a soft personality . . . 

taps on you to say . . . 

"Here I am!"

She does a little dance at your side . . . 

gently making her presence noticed

Always meets you when you enter a room!

She is gorgeous in every way,

easy to care for and stays well groomed!   What a gem!

"Lacy" has a white Chinchilla coat with silver accents

"Lacy" is small and correctly built

Black outliner around her eyes

Sire is Saafir 

​and her dam Lavender's Lace's  last kitten 

Born in 2020 she is a little less than 1 year old

3 pounds 13 ounces!

She baths and grooms well!

Reserve "Lacy" today!

DOB 2020

"Lacy" will be a sweetheart Love bunny !  


" Domino"​​

" Prince Amir"


Silver  female

" Dilan"

Perfect  Chinchilla coat!

" Red"



a small Golden 
Doll Face Persian male kittens


Golden coats of rich golden, apricot, cream, white,

chocolate and sometimes black accents! 

Doll Face face look and good body structure!

Sired by "Prince Amar" a very small sire

Ask about "Sunny's Boy" 

a Shaded Golden male Persian that is extremely tiny!

Ask about CandyMan Exotic Shorthair

a Golden Tortoiseshell - Tabby malekitten

Ask about "Tapestry"

a Golden - Black Tortoiseshell female Persian

Playful !



" Elijah"

We breed Persian Kittens

and a few Exotic Shorthair


"  Golden Male Persian kittens "

" Sunny's Boy"

Available a Shaded Golden male Persian kitten

 Available - "Sunny's Boy !

You will find Goldens have lovely silky coats

are stunningly beautiful !

 Choose a playful and correctly bred kitten today!

Adorable Doll Faces with eyes 

predicted to be a brilliant green sparkling color !

Take home one of these lovely Golden

male Persian kittens today ! 

For Sale

Tiny to Standard size 

Persian kittens 

Guarantee for . . .

FIV-FeLV-PKD-Heartworm, Ringworm

" Adorable face"


" Pooh's  Boy"

Sweet !

Silver  Chinchilla male 




"Little Lady"

" Little Lady "  ​​


" Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten "

 "Little Lady"

A Silver Chinchilla Persian female

is absolutely stunning and a perfect 

Doll Face look!

Sired  by "Pooh Bear" and a highly valued Giovanna daughter!

She is a very special lady and named;

"Little Lady !

Her coat is as lovely as can be,  soft, silky and a clean Chinchilla color with soft misted accents that gives her an elegant look !

"Little Lady" baths and grooms well,

is small, yet built sturdy as Persians should be!
She is all lady . . . and gorgeous as can be!

Sired by Prince Amar

Dam beautiful Shaded Silver Giovanna daughter !

2021 kitten 

Silver Chinchilla male

Reserve a Doll Face Chinchilla 


Silver Chinchilla male "Meilani"


" Silver Chinchilla female Persian kitten "


Named "Pearl" 

as her white-silver Chinchilla coat 

glistens with a sparkling glow!

Sired by "Prince Amar"

She is a full sister to "Yoshi" and "Versace"

featured at "Customer Stories"

She is a no nonsense kitten . . .

where she sophisticated, sweet and all lady!

Her dam is "Love Song" one of our finest dams!

DOB 2021 - Reserved for Collette

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Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

"Pooh's Boy" is a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

that is a mommy's boy!

Always by he side  -watching her every move1

His coat is soft, silky and of a Chinchilla texture !

He has beautiful Persian shaped eyes !

"Pooh's Boy" has a correct Persian face

staying true to the standard of the breed!

He has a gentle nature about him, projecting a soft, respectful personality

Born in 2021 now old enough to depart!

Reserve this adorable Persian kitten today !

The dam bred to the TinyPersian sire - 
"Pooh Bear"  that possesses brilliant, intense eye color


JD-SC- M4-PB-2021

Sold  1-25-22  Departed​​


Available  DOB  1-6-22