Hi Debbie & Steve-
Happy holidays and hope you and your family are happy, healthy, and enjoying the holiday season.

This is Leah Weiss - my husband and I purchased one of your Persian babies “Neil” now Moishe back in November of 2020.

We are absolutely head over heels in love with Neil, he is the center of our world, and we truly can’t imagine our life before he came along.  

We are interested in purchasing another Persian kitten and would love for Neil (Moishe) to have a feline friend and sibling.

Could you let me know which of your babies are available and/or if you have any litters that will be coming in the near future?

Prices and photos would be great if you have them.

We’re interested in a sweet loving girl preferably a shaded golden or shaded silver but we’re also open to getting another boy :) 
Really looking forward to hearing from you and hope all is well! I referred a family friend to Tiny Persians and they will probably be reaching out any day now - yay! 

Thanks so much and if we don’t touch base prior, wishing you a very happy new year!        Leah

Hi Debbie & Steve-
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving & all is well! I just wanted to reach out to send you some pictures of Neil who is now “Moishe” Hebrew for Moses; but we usually call him Moish for short :) He also goes by Moishinka or Moishka (Russian name endings). 
We couldn’t love him more & he’s constantly being showered with toys, attention, kisses, and hugs despite not wanting to be held ;) 
He’s very smart & vocal when he wants something with the cutest meows. He sleeps with us every night, love love loves to run around & play, and he has brought us so much happiness!
Do you have any idea how big he will be? Photos from his first week are attached; please feel free to use on your website/Facebook etc. He’s doubled, maybe tripled in size since these photos were taken but I will send more recent photos soon! 
Thanks again for this precious little angel!!  
Best,  Leah 

The Neil - Moishe Story


Hi Debbie! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom! Greatly appreciated & such an excellent metaphor :) 
I’m not sure how to send photos as attachments via email from my phone but will text to you if that’s okay?
After showing friends & family pictures of Moishe (formerly named Neil), he’s so adorable & beautiful & ethereal that they can’t believe he’s real!  :) 
Buying the suggested treats as we speak! Thank you & will be in touch!    Best,    Leah

"Neil's new name is “Moishe” which is a Hebrew name for Moses . . .

His nickname is Moish 

He also goes by Moishinka or Moishka (Russian name endings)