100 % Freeze Dried CHICKEN

The only chicken treat brand

TinyPerians recommends

Ask why!

100% Dried Chicken treats cats love

But, should not replace for food
Only a tiny amount should be offered

and not necessarily every day
It is a great treat as it is 100% chicken without fillers,

however, your cat or kitten will love so much he or she

will stop eating the necessary diet they need
Only give a very, very tiny bit and maybe just before you go to bed

Maybe only 1 time every 3 to 4 weeks apart

Cats might stop eating their needed Feline Diet

It is important that kittens and cats receive a balanced diet
Not too much fat !
No fillers in food

‚ÄčNever feed Dog food to a cat!

No Fish or Fish Oil Foods - Why? 

Once you feed food that contains fish oil or fish ingredients

your beloved cat may become a fussy eater!
Balanced nutrition

based on your Persian cat or kitten's needs 
Caution with low protein foods - foods without enough protein !

Know your cats needs which is determined by his or hers 
His / Her's individual needs ‚Äč

Cranberry Treats are excellent

as it helps with Urinary Health

Cat Treats