Customer Photo

12-9-20  9:41 PM

Oh my goodness, we couldn’t be happier or love him more!!  
I will send you some photos of Oscar with my Daughter  


12-30-20  3:29 PM

Hi Debbie,
We bought Oscar a stroller and he went right in and started doing biscuits - I had to share this with you!!    Blessings,  Tina


The Shiraz Story - Oscar

Shiraz - Oscar

12-6-20   10:17 PM

Tina,  He ("Oscar")is a stunningly beautiful kitten!   Debbie - TinyPersians 


Customer Photo


Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your beautiful message Debbie,

that was sooo sweet of you to say!  We definitely give him lots and lots of love and he gives it right back to us!  He is a very happy kitten :-)  

Oscar weighs 5 pounds 6 ounces.  I’m really excited to watch him grow too, he has added so much love and fun to our family.   I hope you are having a nice evening too.  


 "Oscar" a gift for 15 year old Nicole

12-31-20   8:34 AM

Good Morning Debbie & happy New Year’s Eve!!  
I’m so happy you enjoyed the pictures. We love Oscar sooo much!  He was instantly a beautiful addition to our family and we love him more and more every day!!  

He is absolutely amazing!!
We just bought the stroller, so we haven’t taken him out in it yet.  

It is a special stroller for pets that I bought on chewy.comand it does have the screen that comes down.   I put it together yesterday and he walked over to it, sat near it and looked at Nicole and I like he knew it was for him.  Nicole put his special blanket inside and put him in it.  He was so adorable he started doing biscuits right away.  He took a nap in it and went back in it a few times last night in the house.  
Thank you very much for complimenting our home, that’s so sweet of you!  Oscar is a very happy kitten and we absolutely love him!!
I hope you and your family have a very happy, healthy and blessed New Year!   Tina


Adorable Nicole and her beloved Silver Persian 

In 2020 Tina contacted Debbie with TinyPersians

This was one lady that knew what she wanted !

Tina chose a top pick Persian kitten for her daughter . . . 

the exquisite Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten named "Shiraz" (renaming him "Oscar") 

"Shiraz's" sire "Pooh Bear" is the smallest male with TinyPersians

   Only 4.5 pounds, correct in every way with a gorgeous Persian face! 

TinyPersians chose an outstanding female Persian dam, named Juliette's Dawn to breed to "Pooh Bear" ultimately producing 4 outstanding offspring!

Juliettte's Dawn is a grand daughter of the imported sire and dam; Giovanna and Saafir

Here's the story of Tina, her family and their beloved "Oscar"!  

One lucky

Silver Persian


 "Oscar" Silver Chinchilla Persian riding on dash of Tina's car

TinyPersians Breeder Photo of Shiraz trotting - 

later renamed "Oscar" by Tina !

12-31-20   9:08 AM

Thank you so much, we do love him.  You did an amazing job breeding him,

I can tell how sweet his mom and dad are from his personality.  

We have definitely given him lots of love and he is very social.  

When people come into our home, Oscar walks over to them so cute and rubs on them

and meows to say hello - he has the cutest personality, he brings a smile to everyone’s face.  
Thank you for telling me about the zipper, I will definitely secure it and let you know how the walks go.  
Oh my goodness, the Oscar story, how cute!! The dancing girl in the photos is my Daughter Nicole,  thank you!  Oscar is Nicole’s kitten, she has done such a beautiful job taking care of him from the moment he came home 
 ❤️.  Tina


9-5-20  9:25 AM 

Good Morning Debbie,   I hope you and your family are well.  
As promised, here is a picture we took of Oscar this morning.  

He is absolutely gorgeous, loving, playful and so silly!!  

He loves to be with us all the time, when we come home from being out he greets us hello.  

Every time we look at him he brings a smile to our faces, we couldn’t love him more!!  

Thank you again for this beautiful little blessing for our family.  
Have a beautiful day!   All the best,  Tina


12-31-20  9:50 AM

Hi Tina. What a lovely message!   I always liked Oscar and so happy you all love him!
He is out of the sweetest dam and his sire is too!  I think genes have much to do with character and personality, and of course imprinting and socializing young.
The buggy is a cute idea, giving this little guy an opportunity explore the world in a safe way!      Love to see how the walks go.  Be careful cats can unzip things.  I have seen them do this.  Tie it shut. Safety latch.    Thank you again for the cute story.  I am going to get up a THE OSCAR STORY. Will soon!   Who was in the photo looking like dancing?  So adorable!  
Debbie - TinyPersia

 "Oscar the sweetest little boy !"

Customer Photo  -  "Oscar" ("Shiraz") riding in the car heading to his next Vet Vaccination Appointment !  Loving the scenic views !  

 "Shiraz" renamed "Oscar" a gift for Nicole 

Customer Photo


12-30-20   11:13 PM

Hi Tina, what amazing photos!   You can just see the love and affection you have for Oscar!
That is adorable!   He goes on walks!  How often?  

Is this stroller made for pets, like it has a screen that comes down?
Thank you so much for sending!  

Your home is meticulously clean and gorgeous!  What a lovely home for this guy!
Heart warming!    Debbie - TinyPersians


9-5-20  5:01 PM 

Hi Debbie,   He (Oscar) is very stunning and his personality is equally as beautiful.  

He is the sweetest little kitten and he is so smart!

I’m so happy you liked the picture, I will keep sharing photos with you as he grows.  

You’re so welcome, it is our honor to have him in our family and take care of him.  
Oscar loves to go in the car for a ride.   Today we took him to the vet for a checkup, and we put him on the dash for a moment in front of our home to take his picture in the sunlight - his eyes are gorgeous, they look green a lot lately.  His daddy is Pooh Bear.  
I will definitely keep in touch with you, I hope you are having a beautiful day.  
All the best,   Tina


"Oscar"  ("Shiraz")

 and Nicole"

Shiraz - Oscar

12-6-20   9:44 PM

Debbie, Thank you, his personality is equally as beautiful, he’s the sweetest little boy!!   



Customer Photo -  Nicole pushing "Oscar" ("Shiraz") in a Pet buggy !

9-5-20  7:47  PM

Hi Tina, yes the photo riding in the car with the beautiful trees in the background is a one in a million shot!    He (Oscar) looks so relaxed and in love with life!  

I can see it is how you care and love him and that shines with him!  

You can just see how happy Oscar (Shiraz) is !
How much does he weigh now?   Looking forward to seeking him grow.  

Have a great evening!   Debbie.  - TinyPersians


TinyPersians Breeder Photo

of Shiraz  "Oscar" a small Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten 

​studio photo 

Customer Photo

9-6-20    8:16 PM

Debbie,   I wanted to share this with you too - Oscar absolutely loves to play with Nicole -
he chases the ball & then waits for her to throw it again. . . he’s so adorable.  Tina

12-31-20  10:21 AM
Tina, how old is your daughter?  Just curious.  Looking forward to hearing how the buggy rides go!   Maybe be a video.  Yes, some cats are escape artist!  Be very careful.  They squeeze in the smallest areas.   Open drawers and can shut them still being inside.
So be careful of chemicals, etc. under sinks.  Not to have you worry, just cats get sneaky when they get bored.   Want to get going on your story, but have to catch up with some work.   Will get done, hang in there.   Debbie - TinyPersia

12-7-20  1:14 AM
Tina, So happy you are pleased with him.  Photos with your daughter and you?   

Debbie TinyPersians

9-6-20  9:41 PM 

Debbie,   Oh my goodness, we couldn’t be happier or love him more!!  
I will send you some photos of Oscar with my Daughter.   Tina

12-6-20  8:55 PM
Oh my!  Shiraz is gorgeous!  

Is this the Pooh Bear son and Julitette's Dawn baby?    Debbie - TinyPersians 


12-31-20   10:32 AM

Debbie,   Nicole is 15 years old.   Thank you for letting me know those tips for keeping Oscar safe - he hasn’t done anything like that yet but I will definitely keep what you mentioned in mind now.  He loves to be with us all the time, he especially loves to be with Nicole, wherever she is, he’s there. When he isn’t with us, his favorite past time is looking out the window at the birds and the squirrels 😂 
Can’t wait to see Oscar’s story, he is Nicole’s baby so that will be fun for her to see.  

Thank you!!    We have been thinking of giving Oscar a sister or brother.  Will Pooh Bear be siring any babies this (2021) year?   Tina 


9-5-20  2:25 PM

 Hi Tina, What a lovely photo!   Thank you for sharing!  Is he actually riding in your car?  

He is stunningly beautiful - you are taking such good care of him!
Thank you for that!    Oscar (Sharaz) sure has matured since he departed.  

He is gorgeous!    He looks like he could be a * Saafir son, I would have to look up, but do you remember?    Feel free to get with me anytime!  Debbie   - TinyPersians


Tina gets a Pet buggy for Nicole's kitten - "Oscar" 

Want a pet buggy strollerlike this ? 

Customer Photo -  Nicole and "Oscar"  ("Shiraz")  love their new Pet Buggy !