Always consult a qualified Licensed Vet or Feline Specialist to diagnose,
treat and care for your Persian cat - information provided is for you to take 
the steps to acquire a Persian cat from a reputable breeder 
Any illness or diseases a cat may have or show signs of should be seen 
by your Vet and if needed referred to a Feline Specialist !   

Happy Paws !  

What is FeLV ?

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a retrovirus that infects cats

 FeLV can be transmitted from infected cats through saliva or nasal secretions is involved 

When a cat's immune system is compromised the FeLV virus shows signs of the disease and ultimately be fatal

Keep your cat in doors away from strays 

Boost your cat's immune system with multiple vitamins such as Nu Vet Feline Vitamins

Suggestions for keeping your cat healthy 

Keep your cat indoors at all times

Keep water / food dishes clean

Keep all other vaccinations and worming current

Annual Vet exams should be considered

Litter pans clean

Think twice before you baby site another person's pet

A happy cat is less likely to have a compromised immune system 

Like people under stress, not eating well, etc may be more likely to become ill

That doesn't mean your cat will not get ill if happy and eating well

It is a guideline to do the best for your beloved pet to insure the best care !