Often Silvers are described as having

Emerald Green eyes

when they will either be a plain green eyes

or eyes that are mixed with multiple undesirable colors ! 

We start with the very best breeders in heritage, personality, top Silver characteristics, along with

what they as individuals have to offer to future offspring

Don't settle for less . . . take home a kitten

to cherish and love for years to come ! 

A TinyPersian kitten !

 Sired by Prince Amar

2018 Silver Chinchilla Persian female

"  Sis " 

 Sired by Prince Amar

2018 Silver Chinchilla Persian female

Prince Amar

Prince Amar is our smallest breeding male and has influenced our breeding program tremendously !   He produces lovely Doll Face Persians, very, very small !   

Best of all is the beauty of each of his kittens together with

correctness of body structure and sweet - sweet personalities !   

Ask for a Prince Amar kitten if you are seeking these characteristics and more !  

We currently have some Prince Amar kittens . . . Choose one today !

Prince Amar

TinyPersian Sire

Unfortunately this photo does not show the actual eye color of this sire 

"  Narnia "