*  Saafir

* Saafir a senior foundation sire has influenced our breeding program by producing off spring that are ultra sweet, possessing amazing luxurious, silky, fluffy coats that are easy to care for

His kittens are often very white with a soft silver mist 

* Saafir produces black, golden, shaded golden, silver chinchilla and

shaded silver Persian kittens 

 He produces lovely Doll Face Persians, very, very small, to medium and standard size Persians  !   
His offspring are so beautiful and so, so sweet, we have buyers coming back asking

for the Giovanna x * Saafir cross (offspring) 

His babies have strong built bodies, many being cobby with very short tails, extra large feet, large eyes that are green, emerald green and sometimes turquoise

Ask for a * Saafir Persian cat or kitten if you are seeking these characteristics and more !  
We currently have some * Saafir  kittens . . . Choose one today !

We are often asked for a *Giovanna kitten sired by *Saafir as once a buyer takes home one of these lovely Persian kittens . . . they come back asking for another one ! 

It is * Saafir that has a tremendous influence on

our breeding progam as he has a pedigree that brings highly sought after characteristics

We start with the very best breeders that are proven Persian lines with sweet, sweet personalities

along with stunning beauty from gorgeous doll Face Persian kittens to shorter face cats to choose from

*Saafir exceeds our expectations and is of great value to our breeding program 
Choose a * Saafir kitten today !

*  Saafir a senior sire of TinyPersians

‚ÄčHas produced outstanding Persian kittens of many colors and patterns !

*  Saafir

*  Saafir kittens

produces Silver Chinchillas, Shaded Goldens, Goldens,

Blacks and Shaded Silvers