Silver Persian -" Tami " McKinney, Texas purchase a male, Silver Persian after loosing one of her beloved Persians.    TinyPersians is delighted knowing Monet Blanc has a warm and loving home !   Monet Blanc TP ultra sweet Silver Persian exhibits sophistication and a gentle nature bonding with Tami quickly.   Tami has been a delight to know and now a friend.   2015 Kitten

8-27-16 Customer photos

"  Luna Sky "

" ​Bella "
Safir (sire) x Aamira (dam) 
Silver female Persian kitten 
Sold to Carol - Texas

Departure  12-31-15  Tiffany

Customer photo

What customers are saying ! 


" My kitten is even prettier then the photos ! "  

" This kitten is so soft "   

" I have never seen a kitten's coat so luxurious, silky and soft ! "   

" Your kittens are the best out there ! "​

" I shopped around . . . and found your Persians the most gorgeous doll face Persians out there"  

" I keep coming back to "

" I only want a kitten from TinyPersians "

" My kitten wants to play with me all the time !   I love him ! "

 " Your kittens are so cute, soft, the best!  I love your kittens! ! "

"  Your kittens are the healthiest cattery kittens I have ever seen (Vet) "  

" I want to thank you for such positive experience after my other cattery ventures "

" I am in love !   Your kittens are so special, sweet, playful, healthy and gorgeous ! "

" My kitten is a little prince of the house, is sooo happy, cuddly, playful and a non-stop purring machine ! " 

12-19-15 Departure.   Safir x Aamira 2015 Litter #1.  Kitten 2 of 2).  DOB August 5th, 2015

Button Sold to Ron from Colorado, purchased for a gift for his mom.  Here is his daughter picking up a tiny persian to deliver Christmas 2015 gift to her Grandmother in Longview, Texas.   Button is a special boy, absolutely gorgeous from day one!   He possesses an extraordinary silky coat and has large expressive eyes outlined in black giving a well balanced Doll Face Persian look.  

​​​After Departure:  " Debbie,   Felipe is doing really well and weighs 3.6 pounds.   He is extremely energetic and very social.   He has brought so much joy to my life, he is a doll. I find so many people assume that all Persian cats are reclusive but "Felipe" is friendly to everyone. He loves for everyone to pet him and he goes chasing after his toys nonstop no matter who is around. He is not the stereotypical Persian at all!   He only eats Life's Abundance wet and dry with the Nu Vet Vitamins and his fur is so beautiful.   I love Anna's Face Wash.   He also gets one grain free treat per day.  Thank you for including the picture of his mother. Wow!    He does look a lot like her! "  Lesile

1-5-16    "Debbie,    Felipe is doing so well.   He got a cat tower for Christmas and he plays on it nonstop.   Best purchase ever! 
He is the sweetest cutest little guy and brings me so much joy".    Leslie

1-25-16    Hi Debbie, Here's Felipe using one of my double sinks  :)   He is doing really well and has bonded to me a lot.  

He follows me everywhere around the house and loves affection and will sometimes demand it,   haha.    It's very sweet.  Leslie

 Jonni below on 4- 28 -16   

​DOB 4-10-16   

Safir  x  Giovanna 

TinyPersian photo

Kittens bred by TinyPersians

Customer Testimonials Reviews  . . . 

Beautiful, playful, and much loved Silver Persian kittens !

Some retired breeders find new Persian loving homes !

Retired Breeders . . .    Now in new homes 

TinyPersian  photo

Button a few weeks old

Departure 6 - 26 -16  > 


December 23, 2015 Departure  /  DOB October 30th, 2015 /  (Giovanna 2015 Litter #2, 1 kitten of 3) 

Rachel and Chad purchase Luna Sky Anderson; a Safir x Giovanna Silver Persian female kitten for their 9 year old daughter.

 Having 3 children, all 3 are very much in love with this gorgeous CFA kitten.   

>  12-28- 2015  " Debbie, The kitten is adjusting extremely well!  She is doing wonderfully and does not seem scared at all, quite the opposite,

she seems quite determined to explore the rest of the house.    Our dogs do not seem to frighten her, although we still keep them at bay and in the

backyard when we have the kitten out and about in the living room.    We are enjoying her so much, thank you for all the effort and time you put in

to making such wonderful cats!     Regards,    Chad"

>  1-4-16 "Debbie, We are in love with our little Luna and she is doing so wonderfully. She is so fun and loves to play.

When she sees one of us, she runs right over and starts purring and licks us like a puppy!  We've all been enjoying her so much.  

I work from home most days so she will never be long without love and affection.  Thank you for this beautiful doll ! Happy New Year! "  Rachel  

 >  12-19-15     "Rachel and Chad sent this video of their kitten adjusting to her new home.  The family named her:

 Luna Sky Anderson !   This video brings much happiness to us as breeders as it is our goal that each kitten is treasured and receives

the best possible home!  This "Luna Sky" has!   Thank you Rachel and Chad".   Debbie

>  8-27-16   I hope one day we can add a sister or brother for Luna.  She LOVES to play with our other pets.  Luna is wonderful, playful and sweet. She loves to be combed and play chase, and fetch toys. She is so patient with my daughter, loves to be held and Luna is absolutely beautiful too!   She has the Chinchilla fur (which doesn't shed horribly) and is white with beautiful silver accents.  She had blue eyes but now have turned a pretty green.    We love her so much!  Luna being feisty!  Lo l  Rachel

Beau Baby Yetti


Silver Chinchilla Persian - Julie Houston, Texas

9-30-15:   " Debbie, I would like to thank you for much loved Persian kitten!   I will consider you and your husband family now ! !   Rocco is a blessing to our family & we LOVE him!!!  He has the best personality EVER!!!   I've even given out your name & website to ppl. You have bred some AWESOME kitties and for that, we love you ! ! "

Follow up:  
" I truly appreciate all your help ! ! And your newest babies are BEAUTIFUL ! ! Rocco has stolen our hearts & is the king of my house ! !    We ALL love him BUNCHES ! ! "

9-26-15:  "  OMG! Rocco is doing awesome!!! He sleeps w/ Jodi. I ordered him some AWESOME toys & he's a perfect fit for our family!!    'll send u pics of his bed. My son is putting it together! When he's resting, he sleeps on a pillow in Jodi's room like the king he is!!  Trust me he's spoiled!!!    Julie

11-2-15 : Rocco is the MOST AWESOME kitty ever !

He IS the king of the house & everyone loves him, including his doctor!!!    I kiss him BUNCHES & tell him he's a awesome baby boy ! ! !   LOL Julie

Selling moms and kittens together . . . 

" Beau Baby Yeti "

Safir (sire) x Aamira (dam)

Silver Chinchilla

male Persian kitten

sold to Polly - Texas


"  Hi Debbie, I wanted to send a few pictures so you can see how beautiful Khaleesi is  . . .

we love her soooo much !   She is doing great!  She is very sweet and affectionate.  Her eyes are beautiful  ! ! ! 

 She loves to be around people, especially her family !  "  Cyndi 

Customer photo

​​​For  Sale  tiny  Persian  kittens !

Customer photo


Safir (sire) x Aamira (dam)

Silver Chinchilla 
male Persian kitten 
sold to Kayleeann - New York

August 2016

"  Luna Sky Anderson  "

Tiffany's two TinyPersian - Persian Cats

TinyPersian photo

2-14-16 Valentine's Day Departure

3-16-16  "Hello Debbie,  OMG, she has stolen all of our hearts and to say that she is spoiled rotten, is an understatement.  Its the funniest thing.  After her “loving” sessions we’ll get up and go do and she will follow us everywhere.  She is even playing with the cat that is closest to her age.  The older one doesn’t pay her much attention.   She is fitting right in.  She is ALL over the house so you never know whose room you are going to find her in.  Jordan wants to put a bell on her because she finds the most remote places to sleep but when she wants attention, everyone watch out because you are GOING to give her attention.  She is just a LOVE BUG!!  We soooooo love her.    Has been a true blessing to us, so thank you again !!  💗   Jill

9-2-16 She follows me around like a little puppy dog and when the girls get home from school, she runs and plays with them.  When Bob gets up early in the morning, she run and greets him in the bathroom and then can’t wait for him to get out of the shower so she can jump in the shower.  It’s so funny.  She has been truly a joy and blessing!  💗   Jill

Customer Video


Silver  Chinchilla Female Persian - Sandi Hamm in  Texas purchased a very, very tiny Persian.

DOB August 5th 2015 

Sandi a Dentist in Mansfield, Texas search for a lovely white appearing Persian and found her dream kitten at  

October 4th, 2015 Kitten Departure,  

Saafir x Aamira 2015 Litter #1.  Kitten 1 of 2)


Departure  12-31-15 - DOB 10-30-15 Gorgeous, Silver Persian Male Kitten . . .  named "Blizzard Fitzgerald".  This is a very special Silver Persian kitten bred by TinyPersians.  

Tiffany from Canyon, Texas purchase this adorable silver male tiny Persian in December 2015.  

>   12-31-15  Departing Trip:  "Hi Debbie, he is doing absolutely wonderful!  We love him so much !!  Thank y'all so much !! "   💗   Tiffany

>   12-31-15  " Debbie, he is doing great, he's loving all the attention and seems to be adjusting well, he did great on the car ride too!!  :)  He is so handsome and perfect in every way!  

     Thank y'all so much.    Happy New Year !  "   💗   Tiffany

>   1-3-16   " Debbie, He is doing great, he is so curious, smart, and funny as can be...I agree with you he is full of personality and the absolute best ! "   💗   Tiffany

>   1-5-16   " Debbie, you are the reason these cats are so amazing.  It is so nice to see the love and excitement you have for each of them, and to know all the family history and info on the other cats too!    They are all so beautiful !     Thank you for the Trixie Cat Tower link.   I want our little guy to have everything he loved there at your house.  

He is so precious and perfect in every way.   I just can't get over how wonderful he is - we all love him dearly!!  "    💗   Tiffany- Texas

> Polly purchased Yetti July 2016 

>  8-3-16  "  Hi Debbie,   Just letting you know Yetti is the most adorable kitten he sleeps on his back, very mellow, yet, loves to run and play and slide  My mom has falling in love with Yetti!  

So I was wondering if you have an other kittens available? "  Polly  

> 8-3-16   " Hi Polly, yes we have kittens, hope to hear from your mom! "  Debbie TinyPersians

> 8-3-16  Ok I will talk to her about it and get back to you. BTW Yetti loves the shower he doesn’t get in but really wants to I can’t believe how much he loves water! " Polly

> 8-3-16  " Hi Debbie, Ok I will talk to her about it and get back to you.  BTW Yetti loves the shower, he doesn’t get in but really wants to I can’t believe how much he loves water !

I am obsessed with him he eats great, sleeps great,  purrs like a freight train, he tells me when he wants something, and literally fell asleep on his back last night.   I am in love! "  Polly

>  8-3-16  "Hi Polly, boys are known to fall asleep on their backs.  They love their tummy rubbed. Most buyers want boys!  Especially when they had one before . . . they know, male Persians make the best pets!   All personality, little hams (that means full of the dickens, yet, sweet, playful and brings tons of laughter!   Glad you love your new TinyPersian kitten".  Debbie

>  8-24-16  "Yetti is so dang cute independent and loving all at the same time took right to his box  his scratching post he is eating like a champ and ruling the house.
I see why you have these cats they are soo awesome and I know you are an excellent breeder.  We couldn’t  be happier.  Now calling him Beau Baby , I don’t know why ."  


Button  departure 12-19-15

Silver Chinchilla Persian - " Trisha " - Austin, Texas also, purchased this female Persian along with her adorable Golden Shaded Persian kitten

Silver Chinchilla Persian -" Leslie" Houston,Texas purchase a male Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten, " Felipe ". Another wonderful, caring home for one of our Tiny Persians.   Here Leslie is picking her kitten up from Tiny Persians Cattery 

DOB May 30th,  2015 Kitten, Nonee x Safir 2015 Litter #1 (kitten 1 of 3)

Silver Chinchilla Persian -" Haley " Fort Worth, Texas purchase a male, very light Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten.  After getting to know Haley, we extremely excited about the home "Malibu"has received.   With a snow white  undercoat and beautiful black outlined nose and eyes, this Tiny Persian stands out.

DOB May 30th,  2015 Kitten, Safir x Nonee 2015 Litter #1 (kitten 2 of 3).

10-18-15 Testimonial:   

" Debbie, Malibu is beautiful

and has the best personally ever ! "

11-5-25  " Hi Debbie, Here's

Malibu's new photo . . . He's perfect !"  Haley

Silver Chinchilla Persian -" Bruce " Texas purchase a male, Silver Chinchilla Persian after loosing one of his beloved Persians.    Simin Amir TP extremely smart would count to 3 tossing his ball.  Hard to believe.  Amazing !  

2014 Kitten

Golden Persian - " Trisha " - Austin, Texas purchased 2 lovely Persians from  A lovely male Golden Persian kitten and female Silver Chinchilla Persian for her daughter " Emme ".   This Golden Persian is attending college with  " Emme" and has a head start on his studying.   " Emme's" little golden is her pocket kitty . . . and enjoys staying close to his new owner.    2014 Kitten  " Debbie, here's my pocket kitty . . ."   Emme 

Ask how you can reserve

a tiny Persian kitten like Yoshi !

See more about Yoshi

​2017 Testimonials


 6-5-16 Conni purchased 2 Persians . . . Jonni &  Salim 

  "  Luna Sky Anderson  "

Customer photo

TinyPersians have the best home ever!   Tiffany an amazing Persian cat lover provides a loving home . . . . look how much they love their new home !  photo above >

Silver  Persian - Caryl - Texas purchased a lovely Persian from * DOB July 4th 2015 

"Debbie, Thank you for our kitten, he is the best kitten in the world. If you didn't work with me because of my past experience, then he wouldn't have the best home in the world. . .  !  Which he has!  He is the little prince of the house and he is soooooo happy, cuddly, playful and a non-stop purring machine!"  I will send pictures soon of him. He is a little angel and we love him so:)!"     Caryl

 " Khaleesi "

Safir (Sire) x Giovanna (Dam)

Female Silver Persian

DOB 4 - 10 - 16

Departed  2016

Cyndi, Jeff, Ashley, Jason -  Texas

September 2015 Kitten Departure, Giovanna and Saafir 2015 Litter #1, 1 kitten of 5

<  Khalessi 8 months old


" Blizzard Fitzgerald" &  "Jaspurr Safir "

TinyPersian  photo

TinyPersian photo

<  Tiffany purchased 2 lovely Persians from TinyPersians!  - a Silver Chinchilla  " White Fox " on  6-17-16.  Departure 6 - 26 -16.    Tiffany purchased a Silver Persian in 2015 below . . . named  "Blizzard Fitzgerald", departed 12-24-15.   "Thank you Tiffany

for giving the best home ever to our precious kittens!

I know these kittens are very much loved !"  Debbie

Carol named her kitten"Bella"  a Female Silver Persian Aamira kitten formerly named " Bubbles ". 

Departed 7-12-16   1 pound, 4 ounces at 10 weeks old / DOB 4-22-16

>    7-14-16 " I just want to thank you for Bella. She is the most incredibly loving, affectionate, kitten with an absolute A+++++++++++ personality!   She is absolutely the right kitty for me !

A good friend of mine came over last night and was holding her and I got up from the couch, Bella watched me the entire time as I walked to the kitchen.   She stopped purring, until I came back.   She jumped on me, started purring again.  So we have totally bonded.   My friend was blown away by her.  Bella is thriving and eating a lot and playing like crazy".  Carol

>   7-17-16   " Bella is doing well.  She's very playful and happy and SUPER sweet and loving!  She's definitely a lap cat and she's a "momma's girl" !  If someone else is playing with her and I get up, she stops what she's doing and watches me!  She purrs non-stop!
She is now running around freely in my living room (when I'm in there) and she is hilarious!  Some of my friends and family have come to meet her and they all love her too ! "

>    7-21-16   " I love Bella so much and am having so much fun with her and she's thriving! 

Her personality is just amazing! Pure love! "  Carol

8-21-16  " Hi Debbie,   I would like another kitten, a friend for Bella !  I don't want to get a kitten from anywhere else!     Please let me know when the next litter come.   Thanks ! "   Carol


> 2023 - 2016 Testimonials

​> 2015 and earlier Testimonials below

Tiffany picks up her new kitten Christmas Eve 2015 after driving in a rare Texas Snow Blizzard.  Tiffany names her new kitten;  Blizard  Fitzgerald .  How funny is that !

Golden kitten a true pocket kitten . . . several months old and this kitten can fit into Trisha's jacket pocket !

Julie purchase a male, Silver Chinchilla Persian for her 15 year old daughter Jodi.   Julie is the sweetest lady that drove for hours to pick up her daughter's dream kitten - that her daughter picked out!  This was Jodi's choice "Rocco".     DOB July 12th 2015 

(1 kitten of 3) Safir x Shaina 2015 Litter # 1 
Nickname  "Paws"   September 2015 Kitten
Buyer named kitten:  Rocco Gizmo Safir

Silver Chinchilla Persian - " Katy" -  Texas purchased a retired Dam of Katy is the sweetest lady, a soft spoken Persian fan purchased a lovely adult Persian, "Bianca". Bianca much like Katy has a laid back personality, sweet as can be with a soft meow.  

DOB 7-19-14.   Departed October 2015  

" Debbie, Thank you so much!! "   Katy

Nonee Dam of TinyPersians

Retired and with Connie in Texas

Ask about Nonee offspring !


7-15-16 Tiffany's two TinyPersians kittens loving, socialized and absolutely perfect 

" Hi Debbie, thank you for raising such amazing kittens, I know you probably worry about them when they leave buy they seriously just adapt and fit right in with no issues.  I know it must be because you

are so good with them, you can tell they are so loved, and well adjusted!  They  are so behaved, loveable, and playful all in one.  Perfect package.  You are the best and we appreciate Steve (your husband) meeting us 1/2 way.  

Here's my two boys; "Blizzard Fitzgerald" and "Jaspurr Safir", they both purr all the time !  "  >

Customer photo

tiny persians in pocket

>  8-23-16   " My little Bella is quite spoiled (in a good way) and still super sweet !    I feel like I won the lottery because she is just so SWEET and has such a huge personality !  

She follows me everywhere and sits on my desk when I'm working. She loves to sit in front of the window on her kitty bed thing and watch birds.  Bella retrieves paper balls and just looks SO dang cute trotting around with a big paper ball in her mouth.  She sleeps in my bed, on the pillow next to me and then every morning, she wakes me up and snuggles with me for about 30 minutes, just purring and snuggling.  I always have on this necklace with a small heart- she will gently plays with it every morning, snuggled up to me on her back. Sometimes she gently touches my face with her paw (it's the SWEETEST thing and I love waking up to this!).  She does not have any bad habits at all and is a super clean, petite little lady.    But even so, she plays hard!  She will run and jump and leap through the air. I know all kittens are cute and most are sweet, but I do think Bella is special !    I just can't believe how cute she is!   I swear, she understands what I say to her.  It's amazing.    She's got a really silky coat and super soft.  I clean her eyes without any problem. And she is still SO tiny!   I weigh her about every 3 days. She now weighs 2 lbs, 10 oz today 8-23-16 and born 4-10-16 ".   Carol

>   9-4-16   Bella continues to be the MOST wonderful kitty and today she weighed in at 3 pounds at 19 weeks old! I am really hoping that she will get up to at least 5 pounds, but I don't know - she's so petite!.  She eats really well and is super active and can now jump on the couch with no problem.  She has the BEST personality and is just getting sweeter and sweeter, if that is possible.  I love her so much!   Her coat is super silky and soft.  I've now taken her to my sister's house several times with me for the weekend.   She is a great little traveler!  My sister and mom fell in love with her also. Everyone agrees that she is a very special kitty. She is tiny, but has a huge personality and is really smart!  Carol


" She is never leaving me ! ! !   Chanel is great, calm, playful. Great traveler, loves her carrier. Let's me comb her and clean her eyes.  
Uses her litter box.  No poopy messes ! Likes her little Trixie tower and I ordered the one you had too.  She does great at our Dental office.  
She loves her canned food.   Love, love her!   She is perfect.  Thanks ".

" Hi Debbie,  First week went great, Chanel is so fun. She is playful, sleeps good at night, eating well, is very calm, lets me comb her and clean her face. She does well in her carrier when we go to the office. Everyone loves her!!    My Sister lives right by me and if you would like to sell her brother, she would like to buy him. She would provide a great home for him and they could play together.   Thank you Debbie!   I really love her! "    💗   Sandi


Hi Debbie,   Here is Chanel waiting for Santa!!   We love, love, love her.   She is such a good girl and so much fun, super spoiled, and pretty much has taken over our whole household.  I have a groomer that comes to the house every 3 weeks, I comb her and clean and powder her eyes everyday. She just lays there!    She still goes to work with me whenever I go.   She likes to hang out with people and is not alone very much. She even sleeps with us most nights.
You are a great breeder ! !    Glad I was lucky to find you.   Thank you ! !    


" Hi Debbie,  Chanel is the best ever !!  So sweet, always seeks me out. She is a great traveler, she sat by Emmitt Smith last trip in first class. Goes to the office most days.
Everyone loves her!! She is so spoiled. She sleeps with me too.   Love her so much!!    Happy 2016 New Year to you and Steve !! "  
  💗   Sandi

"Debbie" of TinyPersians

saying goodbye to Savannah 

Rachel and  "  Luna Sky Anderson  "

Customer photo

Debbie  of  TinyPersians  -  saying  goodbye  to  Savannah  >

"I miss this girl so much and delighted she has a home of her dreams!    

This is one amazing family - providing Savannah a special home . 

Thank you Jill and your entire family ".   Debbie

February 2016 


Silver Chinchilla Persian - appears white

>   5-31-16   " Your photos are outstanding!!!    I think Jonni is just the prettiest little kitten  I have ever seen.    Can't wait to rub his tummy" .    💗   Conni   - Houston​

​​>   6-8-16   " Debbie,  my niece came over just to see Jonni. Everyone was in love with Jonni and wanted me to leave him with them. No way!  Jonni kept me up all night playing and Salim wanted me to hold him which I did. He was very loving to me.   After I got home to Houston Jonni has been great- absolutely love him ! "    💗   Conni

​>  8-1-16  "First thing every morning Salim gets me up to get his face washed and combed out as well as Jonni. Jonni actually likes to be first. I am always last. It is my birthday today and I feel very fortunate to have two such beautiful and playful boys to enjoy.

I hope Nonee and her baby are doing well. Can't wait to add her to my family. " 💗   Conni

Customer photo

<  Khalessi 8 weeks old

Customer photo >