10-3-20  2020 Customer Photo

2-7-21  2021 Customer Photo

 Customer Photo

December 2021 a TinyPersian cat named 

 Angelo . . .  enjoys Anita's holiday Christmas tree decorated 

in beautiful red poinsettia's ! 

TinyPersians customer Photo

Michael a gorgeous black Persian is a Giovanna (Dam) son

and sired by the Snow White

Silver Chinchilla Persian sire *Saafir

now living in Florida with Anita !

Anita has acquired 4 TinyPersians

and these kittens have a loving, purrfect forever home!

Want to know more about Anita's TinyPersians?

Read about Versace, Angelo and recently her new 2019 kitten Romeo

See " The Versace Story"!

Michael loves to perch on his kitty towers and watch the other TinyPersians play!


December, 2021 Customer Anita's photo of Michael

a TinyPersian Black male Persian cat

Sept 2020 Customer Photo - Thanksgiving Decoration with Persians

Anita and her Persian kitties in Flordia

January 2022 each night Anita a TinyPersian Customer tucks her 2 Persians in bed!

 Michael and his brother Angelo . . .

snuggle together after a warm bath!


June 2020 Customer Photo

Michael celebrating 2020 Halloween! 

The Michael Story

January 2022 Anita Customer's photo of Michael

relaxing in his screen porch in Florida with 

his brother Angelo a Silver Persian

2-21-21  2021 Customer Photo

Michael 's new Persian kitten sofa !

 Customer Photo

 Customer Photo

Michael black Persian hide- and-seek  

 May 20, 2021 Customer photo

TinyPersian interactive toys and snuggle beds!            2020 Customer Photo

Michael enjoying his new kitty sofa!

Eye color when about 1 year old has as not developed yet

Black Eye color a few weeks old indicates it will be a brilliant green when an adult

 Customer Photo


 Customer Photo

Anita has 4 TinyPersians

and a couple from her home town


Amazing eye color !

Anita's new chairs . . .

Michael a silky black TinyPersian has a favorite chair . . .

perches watching mom cooking !


< TinyPersians Breeder Photo

Micheal and Angelo as baby kittens

 April 12, 2021 Customer photo

Eye color a brilliant green develops as they grow !