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These are our "Persians" . . . 

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Our customers say  . . .  

" Your Persian kittens are the best out there . . . I have shopped and yours are the most gorgeous and beautiful  doll face Silver -

Chinchilla Persians in the U.S.  

I only want a Persian from TinyPersians "





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" Our Persians  " 

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Disclaimer: a small - in home persian cat breeder will give an honest prediction and description of our Persian kittens, however, 

we cannot guarantee the size, coat color, eye color, coat type, or color pattern of any kitten or cat as they mature and develop their appearance may change   

It may take 2 years for a kitten to achieve it's individual look !  

Typically coats, eye color always become more outstanding as Persians mature   

 It is our goal to breed healthy small Persians, referred as tiny Persians   

Find kittens for sale including selling Silver Chinchilla, Silver, Shaded Silver and Golden, Shaded Golden,

Golden Chinchilla, Blue-Golden, Black, White and sometimes Torties Persian kittens  

Tiny Breeder Persians offers extra small Persian kittens for buyers

  Other breeders consider a smaller kitten,  . . .  a " teacup kitten " described as 8 pounds or less

  We have achieved outstanding, healthy Persian kitten from 3.3 pounds to 7.2 pounds  

TinyPersians Cattery strives for healthy Persian kittens

   So if you are looking for a fluffy companion that is adorable, you have come to the right place! offers top bred Persian Kittens and some adults   

Some catteries do not recognize the term "Teacup Persians", as CFA has not recognized the term 

Teacup Persian, or pixie, toy, are terms used and thought of as 8 pounds or less    

Here at we breed even smaller Persians then some "Teacup Persian" Breeders 

Define the kitten as you like!   Our kittens are small and tiny . . .'s kittens currently range from 3 pounds 3 ounces to 7.2 pounds  

 Our kittens may obtain their adult size at 10 to 24 months old 

 Each Persian is an individual in looks, size, characteristics, however, as you can see on our site, are pretty much the same look   

C o n t a c t   U S

Purchase Tiny Chinchilla Persian Kittens from a reputable, breeder …
Carefully crossing sires & dams to produce extraordinary Doll Face Persians !

Smaller Tiny Persian kittens and cats

many other colors and  

small and standard sizes


Reserve your Tiny Golden or Silver Chinchilla Persian Kitten

Our Adult Persians are

3.5 pounds  -  7.2 pounds  

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​# 1 Question that is asked . . ."Do we have kittens available?"  

Answer : "We breed based on demand . . .

so with kitten reservations we will provide kittens for sale based on

the # of reservations and moms available for breeding"

"Yes, we will be having kittens throughout 2019. . . and taking reservations now ! 

Now reserving for 2019 Persian kittens 

# 2 Question : What colors?  

Answer :  "We breed  PET PERSIANS of these colors; Silver, Silver Shaded, Silver Chinchillas, Golden, Golden Chinchillas, Shaded Golden, Blacks and sometimes Smoke

from Pure Silver Persian lines 

We now have Tortoishells, White and Red Mackeral Tabby Persians

These colors are produced only out of one dam (mom)

Silver Chinchillas appear almost white"  

# 3 Questions :  Do you ship kittens ?

Answer :  Kittens can fly carry on via United Airlines

 Please contact us to provide details

Included with shipping via United Airline Pet Safe Program (when available - currently United has stopped shipping with Pet Safe Program), however, they allow individuals or 3rd parties to transport Persian cats via carry on.

TinyPersians provides a Health certificate, medical report, up-to-date vaccinations, worming

and blood work indicating FIV and FeLV negative results 

# 4 Question :  "How tiny (small) are your Persians?"

Answer :   "Our moms and dads weights -

Dams:  3.2 pounds to 5.5 - 6 pounds 

Sires:   5 pounds and 7.2 to 7.5 pounds 

We outcross our breedings, not in breeding

​CFA Registered Cattery, PKD, FIV, FeLV and Ringworm Negative Cattery 

# 5 Question :   "What is the price of a Persian kitten ?"

Answer :  Persian Kittens are priced individually

Call Cattery Persian Pricing


Very sweet, socialized, CFA Silver Persian cats and kittens for sale

from reputable CFA Registered Cattery in Texas  

# 6 Question :  If you do not have a kitten now, should I reserve now or contact you later?
Answer :   We would like you to do what you feel most comfortable doing  

However, reserving a kitten insures you are the next on the list 

It sounds like a long time, however it arrives very quickly !  The gestation is only 62 - 67 days

and the kitten leaves to its new home in several weeks  

We recommend you reserve a kitten if you like what you see!  

Our kittens have a special look . . . reserve one today!  

Simply fill out the KITTEN APPLICATION FORM - does not obligate you

A small $350 kitten deposit holds a kitten

​​​We are a small CFA Registered Cattery, we strive for breeding healthyDoll Face Persian kittens * DNA PKD Negative Cattery * All breeders are individually DNA PKD TESTED * 

Kittens tested fr FI, FelV and Heartworm before departure!


Known as the #1 Silver Doll Face Persian Breeder Internationally !

Verified withCustomer Testimonial Reviews!

Cattery breeders are registered, however, buyer will not receive CFA registration papers for any kitten or adult cat

Our kittens even have their own theatre, play room and sleeping nooks !  

Take home a much loved, carefully raised Tiny Persian today !

We ship Persian cats and Persian kittens via airline third party that specializes

in transporting pets safely  

" The finer things in life . . .  

are carefully planned,,

nurtured and shared !  "

It is worth the wait !  Yes, sometimes we have awaiting list

for our new kitten litters  . . .   

But where can you find a finer bred,

more gorgeous - Persian Kitten?

Look  no  further . . .  breeding  outstanding - CFA Registered Persian breeders producing

- small silver, silver shaded and light chinchilla Doll Face Persians

Only the best bred Tiny Persians  . . . reserve today !

Only Silver Persian Cattery with these pedigree combinations.   These are our "Persians" . . . 

 100 % 

 Silver  Chinchilla  Persians

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Persian kitten

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WAnt a kitten like this ?

Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens


" Comfortable places to play ! " 

                   Here we are in Texas !  >

Shaded Golden Persian kittens


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We are the original and only CFA cattery

named and cattery registered as TinyPersians

We are a reputable Persian breeder in the North Dallas Metroplex in Texas
We are located in TEXAS !


 CFA registered, reputable Persian and Exotic Shorthair cattery

breeding top quality Persian cats for years !

Home raised kittens !

PKD Negative Cattery 

CFA  Registered Cattery

Specializing in Lighter Silver tiny Chinchilla Persian Cats

214 960-0267

         Debbie               Katie

Each Cattery offers a special look to their kittens  

At we take pride in our gorgeous Persians' look.

We encourage you to shop around and if you find our kittens lovely, and can provide a protected loving home, please feel free to contact us !  

Our kittens are bred within the guidelines of the CFA Registry ​​

From time to time we have show kittens, however, we focus on the doll face Persian  . . .  less smushed  (flat )face, offering soft and well balanced facial features 

So here's our Persians !  

Welcome to Tiny Persians !