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Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian 

What is a Doll Face Persian?

Often the Persian cat is described having two different face types, such as, the Traditional Doll Face and the Persian cat look is often identified as; a Flat Face, Peke Face.  This type of Persian cat is often bred to be a show Persians possessing the an extreme flat face and round head with a round crown.  Throughout the years the doll face has become popular as a pet Persian, and is described as a longer face or having a longer nose, or a doll face look.  Here are several Persian cat face types that have been successfully breed by many reputable breeders.   

                                The  Flat Face, and Peke Face Persian Cat Look 


The flat face or peke face Persian cat has a nose that is set higher on the face and often positioned right between the eyes appearing as a third eye !  The face maybe much flatter (nose protruding outward less) then the Doll face Persian cat. 

The Doll face Persian cat has a less flat face and is quite pleasing to look at.  With the Doll face variety it can vary from a cute shorter look (not flat faced) to a very long nose.  When someone is seeking a Doll face Persian kitten or cat, it is pure preference on which look is considered appealing.  Often the Doll Face is a smaller Persian Cat. 

                                                     The Traditional Doll Face Persian Look


Whether it is the flat face / peke face Persian cat look or the popular traditional Doll Face Persian face look,

both are acceptable by CFA and ACFA registries.    

Either one of these Persian cat facial types could possess a facial fold on each side of the nose and here at TinyPersians we try to avoid this characteristic many Persian breeders cats possess.   Why?    These Persian cats and kittens are more prone to tear in the eyes making it much harder to maintain.    

                                                  Doll Face Persian Background

Many years ago the Doll Face Persians were ribbon winners and considered the standard look.  

Through the years as judges awarded the flatter face look, breeders took upon themselves to breed more of the flat peke face Persian cat look.

Resulting in the Persian cat face becoming more extreme to the point in the 1970's and later the Persian cats were having breathing problems and other related issues.   Persian Cat breeders became more compassionate to the Persian cats they loved and more responsible breeders despite the cat shows awarding the flatter, more extreme Persian cat faces the awards.   It is due to breeders making these changes and not breeding poorly developed faces that the tide turned in favor of the Persian cat themselves.   I personally bred Persians in the early 1970's and soon did not participate in breeding Persians at some point as many, many of the breeding stock health were compromised with having too extreme Persian cat faces.  It was only when the breeding industry eliminated, and stopped breeding defective facial structures is when I personally returned to breeding.  Today we are proud to continue breeding, health, doll face Persian cats !  

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The Doll Face Persian