June 27th, 2020

Yes, that is Meeko and he is one of Saafir (babies) for sure,

I just don’t remember the dam.

I just looked at your website and on Meeko’s baby pic it says he is one of Saafir kittens

and he looks just like Saafir.

He is all him, that is awesome !!!
I am so glad I got a hold of you so you could see them !! 


​ Meeko

Formerly "Joey" and The Little One" !

Photo June 2020 

The Meeko Story

​ Mila

June 26th, 2020

.Here are 2 quick pics I have of their 3rd birthday collages I shared on social media of them.

So Meeko my teacup turned 3 on March 18th and he is only 6lbs full grown

Mila my miniature teacup turned 3 on April 27th and she is only 3lbs full grown

They are too precious and have their own little personalities ! 

They are super curious, love getting into boxes and playing with cat toys 

They both have such good manners, neither of them have clawed

or scratched on anything besides their scratching posts 

They are always in the same room as we are, they love attention and sleep with us every night 

Meeko will sleep on the head of my pillow and Mila will sleep on the head of my daughters pillow

They are my loves !!!

I am going to send you some pictures of them!

June 2020 3 years after Miranda purchases her two TinyPersians . .

June 26th, 2020

Hi, my name is Miranda ,

  I purchased 2 babies from you (TinyPersians) back in 2017 and wanted to send you a three yr update on them   

I purchased “Joey” and “The Little One” from you 

Those were there names which are now Meeko and Mila

I would like to send their 3 yr picture that I meant to send a couple months ago.

Meeko turned 3 in March and Mila turned 3 in April.
Meeko is a teacup and Mila is a miniature teacup
Thank you

June 27th, 2020

So if I remember correctly Meeko’s parents were Saafir and Giovanna
And Mila if I’m not mistaken was also from Saafir but I do not remember the Dam
But those are the two names I do remember is Giovanna and Saafir
Was there an “Aa” name ?
Meeko DOB is March 18, 2017
Mila      DOB is April 27, 2017