Like humans it starts with nutrition, a stress free environment and happy home !

Provide this for your beloved, treasured Persian kitten and adult cat !

 Author Dr. Gary Richter DVM 

The Ultimate Pet Health Guide”

Ultimate Cat Health Veternarian Feline Health Guide bestseller by Dr. Gary Richter DVM 

who is considered a well renowned Holistic Veterinarian in the United States
As a feline specialist, Dr. Gary Richter is the author of the Internationally bestselling

The Ultimate Pet Health Guide ” . . .

an excellent resource - must have,  to improve your cat’s health and more !
For two decades Dr. Gary Richter has been one of the best resources for pet nutrition practicing healthy,

holistic approaches to common cat health issues

In 2015 awarded the “American’s Favorite Veterinarian” by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, Dr. Gary Richter is highly respected and looked up to in the Veterinarian Industry

Feline Holistic Medicine

Top Cat Breeders Internationally practice and apply Holistic health care for their cats 

They know it works and is a healthy, drug free alternative to your cat's health !

There are times you should consult a qualified Vet . . .

however, the best medicine is preventative !