" Fitzgerald Blizzard meets " White Fox "

The Fitzgerald Blizzard Story

Why Persian cats and kittens do best with a friend !

From the moment Tiffany's first Tiny Persian kitten - "Fitzgerald Blizzard"

met " White Fox "  they were buddies !   

They play and snuggle taking cat naps together 

What a lovely new home Tiffany has provided for her beloved Persian kittens !

Enjoy the story of Fitzgerald Blizzard

The Blizzard Story is an absolutely adorable story about a Persian cat lover, Tiffany from Oklahoma ! 

Here is the story about Tiffany's first Persian kitten

Fitzgerald Blizzard 

On the day Tiffany was to arrive to pick up her first Persian kitten,

a rare Texas snow storm came the very day the kitten was to depart
This is how this kitten is named . . . " Blizzard " !
" Fitzgerald Blizzard " !

The day of departure was a beautiful day, very cold, however, the heavy snow that fell was a soft, fluffy texture and soon the ground was covered in many inches of snow,   This did not stop Tiffany from picking up her newly acquired Silver Shaded Persian kitten she had been so excited about !  Tiffany traveling from another state, arrived with big smiles as her journey to TinyPersians was challenging

due to the heavy snow storm, yet was still exciting for all !

What a beautiful, bright, snowy day !

 Tiffany absolutely loved her new Persian kitten

Soon after purchasing her first TinyPersian, " Fitzgerald Blizzard",

Tiffany came back and purchased another gorgeous Silver Chinchilla male

out of the TinyPersians outstanding Giovanna and Saafir lines !   

This new kitten possessed stunning turquoise eyes and a lovely,

show white Silver Chinchilla, silky and soft coat !

He was named "White Fox" as that is exactly what he looked like ! A clean doll face look to his face, large expressive eyes that were a stunning turquoise color !

So hard to part with for TinyPersians . . . he was sent on his way as a loving home like Tiffany had to offer was a dream come true for any kitten !

Tiffany's #2 Persian kitten

A Silver Chinchilla Male named "White Fox"

Tiffany's message to TinyPersians

June 27th, 2016 

Thanks so much I love getting to see all of his brothers and sisters!  He is so precious.  He didn't make a peep the entire ride, but he listened to us and watched everything, when he wasn't taking little naps.  We got in some heavy rain and it didn't even bother him.  He ate good last night and again this morning.  He seems right at home, he bonded with all of us immediately ! 

" White Fox "

Tinffay and her mom meeting " White Fox " for the first time ! 

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Gorgeous turquoise eyes !