Coal Black Persian 

​​​Onyx of Eden 

is an outstanding sire and a personality

that is gentle, loving and ever so sweet

  His coat is coal black, silky, smooth and a satin texture

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Last kittens 2020

Onyx produces dark, black, tortoishell, red mackerel tabbies to snow white Persian kittens !

"Snow Goddess"


" Onyx of Eden " 

"Evening PrimRose"

White Persian kittens

"Snow Prince"

 Persian kittens of all colors

Black Persian kittens

Beautiful - luxurious Persian cat

coats of  many colors 

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Tortoiseshell Persian kittens

Onyx of Eden 

First litters arrived 2017 

Producing Black, White, Tortoiseshell, Cameo 

and Red Mackeral Tabby Persian kittens