When our customers say and testify we are the best doll face Persian cat breeder in the U.S. that means a lot !  

Healthy, teacup, miniature exquisite Persians in many shades and patterns, such as; Silver, Silver Chinchilla, Silver Shaded, Golden, Golden Chinchilla, Golden Shaded

with emerald green eyes, turquoise eyes and blue-green eyes & delicate facial features.   

Additionally, small white Persians with blue eyes and luxurious, soft, snow white coats.  

History of the Domestic Cats

​.  Beginning of the Domestic Cat

.  Smithsonian    "History of the House Cat"

.  How Cats became   Domesticated

.  Wikipedia    Defining the Cat

​.  National Geographic   The Domestic Cat

.  National Geographic   Ancestor of the Domestic Cat


" The finer things in life . . .  are carefully planned,, nurtured and shared !   
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* Learn how to groom your kitten like the professionals *  
​Grooming and bathing techniques, the importance of nutrition,
vaccinations and worming guidelines, avoid catastrophes and more.

​How to choose a reputable cattery
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How to take care of your Persian

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