Silver Persian Kittens and Cats

CFA Silver Persian Division cats are described as shades and patterns.   These patterns are
Shaded and Chinchilla.

>  Chinchilla silver Persian kittens are beautiful silky coats that appear to sparkle.  Due to a dominant gene inhibiting the production of color at the base of the hair shaft leaving a faint silver color at the tip, a silver accent or silver tipping occurs.

Chinchilla silvers are often born dark, however, lighten as they mature.   Upon reaching full maturity, chinchilla silvers can have these beautiful silver accents or tipping, or appear to be completely white.

Chinchilla silver Persian kittens may have emerald green. blue green, turquoise eyes.  Their eyes, mouth and nose are accented with a black liner.   The Silver Chinchilla has grown in popularity since the Fancy Feast commercials where the star is a Chinchilla Silver Persian.

 Shaded Silver Persian kittens are not much different than chinchilla Silver Persian kittens having the same light hair bas, however, with more of the shaft containing color tipping of silvers, black or silver and black.  The shaded silver appears darker due to these accents, but the undercoat is snow white or white .  Shaded silver Persian cats and kittens typically have green eyes and the same black outliner on the eyes, nose and the mouth as the Silver Chinchilla. 

Shaded and Chinchilla Persian cats are not colors.   They are called patterns. The chinchilla pattern can come in other colors including apricot, cream and gold, shades of gold.

Nevertheless, Persians of all patterns (colors) are groomed daily with a metal comb and products like Anna Face wash and Vet formulated shampoos and rinses to give them a fabulous look!

Here at Tiny Persians we additionally feed top quality Vet formulated canned and dry cat food specifically made for their needs.

Tiny Persian Silver Chinchilla Persians

Persian cats are the most popular cat breeds in the world!   They are considered regal, sophisticated, relaxed personalities, yet playful, alert and sweet.   Best of all these Persian cats have gorgeous, long, silky free flowing coats of luxurious fur.  

They are one of the most striking cat breeds of all time.

The Persian cat breed expresses themselves in many colors and patterns with their coats. The most highly sought after is the Silver Chinchilla Persian.  The lighter Chinchillas are often mistaken for a white Persian, as they sometimes look completely pure white.
However, their eyes, mouth and nose are all outlined in black as if they have makeup on, instead of pink.

CFA Silver Division Persians have several distinct characteristics that are all within the registry standard defined for all Silvers and the Silver Chinchilla Persians.

 >   Silver Chinchilla Persians have green, emerald, turquoise, or blue-green eyes
>    Eye rims, nose and lips of these cats are outlined in either black or blue, according to the coat color
>    Chinchilla Persians all have a lighter undercoat color, and the ends of the fur are tipped in either black or blue, or not all
>    Chinchillas typically have a doll face look, then the traditional flat ("Peek-faced") profile you see in other Persian cats. You may      even Silver Chinchillas have a fairly flat; as in genetics they do continually appear

More about the Silver and Silver Chinchilla Persian Cat

No matter the color pattern or the intensity of the tipping, the Persians in the CFA Silver Persian Division, show characteristics of silver or black tipping on the coat to almost no tipping at all.  This varies with each cat.  This tipping gives the Silver and Silver Chinchilla Persians a shimmering look to their coats that gives them the appearance of royalty, elegance, and uniqueness.    This is one of the reasons the Silver Persians are so popular and highly sought after.  Their beauty and rareness attracts cat fanciers Internationally. 

The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) defines the Persian cat breed standards Silver and Silver Chinchilla Persians as, the Silver and Golden Division. Including even more unique colors then what we have been discussing.   Such as, Golden Persians, Shaded Golden Persians, Blue – Golden Persians are very rare.  Reputable breeders will even have a black smoke within the Silver Persian line.  Very rare, however, may occur.  The Silver-Golden Persian division the Persians is smaller then other Persians, where as the Solid or Himalayan Divisions these Persians are much larger then the Silver-Chinchilla Persians.  Breeders have found Chinchilla are the smallest Persians produced within the Silver-Golden Division.    Here at Tiny Persians we have produced 3 pound 2 ounce Chinchilla Persian cats.  Documented with Federal Licensed Vets that are amazed with their size, yet Tiny Persians Cattery Persians being so healthy and well taken care of.   In 2016 our Vet stated; our Persians are the healthiest cattery cats she has ever seen.   This is quite an impressive acknowledgement.  TinyPersians Cattery also tested negative in 2016 for Ringworm as many Catteries are experiencing this dreaded problem. 

        Defining the Chinchilla Silver, which Tiny Persians Cattery specializes in, you will find the CFA Persian breed standard at the CFA website.  We highly recommend you obtain the most up-to-date standards for all cat breeds with this Feline Cat Registry Agency.

                         Visit CFA Persian Cat standard definitions, at the Cat's Fanciers of American

.    Undercoat is pure white
.    Appearance of sparkling silver accents
.    Fur on the back, flanks, head and tail are tipped in black or silver
.    The legs may also have some slight tipping
.    The ear tufts, chin, chest and tummy should be pure white
.    The nose is brick red outlined in black
.     Paw pads black
.     Eye rims, nose and lips are outlined in black

Silver and Silver Chinchilla Persian Cats Facts