Chinchilla coat !

Sired by the imported sire * Saafir !

"My Lord"

Jolene   DOB 2022 - Sire is *Saafir and Jolene's Dam

Somewhere My Love who is a full sister to the sire Pooh Bear a retired sire of TinyPersians

Joleen is a tiny Silver Chinchilla clean coated Persian

female kitten, her siblings are "Iris" now in California and her brother tis now reserved !

Joleen is reserve for Tinyersians for future tiny Persians

She is currently 3 pounds 1.5 ounces 


" Lover Boy "

Sophisticated  !

Available !

Absolutely beautiful !

Curious and playful! 

Now this is Cute !

Gorgeous Doll Face look! 

"Crystal Blu Persuasion"

Rare Black Smoke male Persian kitten 

Reserved for Tiny Persians

 DOB 8-7-2023  Litter of 4 included:  "Little Dalia", "Eldora" and  "Tiny Aries"

This kitten is a rare Blue Black Smoke Chinchilla!

His coat is a satin, silky and colorful luxurious coat!

Watch for his future babies late 2024 or 2025

​Produced by the imported sire *Saafir !

His dam named "Unforgettable Elegance"  (Emma)  a Silver Chinchilla

is out of "Silver Elegance" a gorgeous Shaded Silver Persian

who is out of the dam "Giovanna" who is now retired!

DOB 8-7-23

A silver Chinchilla Doll Face Persian kitten . . . sired by *Saafir & out of the gorgeous all-time top producing dam - "somewhere My Love"

DOB 10-26-21  This kitten named " My Lord"  is a gorgeous, well bred Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

sired by the imported sire . . . * Saafir and TinyPersians top producing dam . . .  " Somewhere My Love "

His dam ("Somewhere My Love") is sired by Prince Amar and her dam is "Love Song"! 

If you follow the pedigrees of TinyPersians . . . you will find this combination is the best of the best!   

This top pick kitten is perfect in many ways!   

He has a well balanced Doll Face look, with expressive large eyes predicted

to be either a stunning turquoise - blue eye color or brilliant blue - green color!

Having a correct body structure, gives him an adorable look, as he is only 3 months old

and only 2 pounds 8 ounces in these photos . . . very tiny with a sturdy well built body!

   This is a very small adorable Doll Face Persian kitten!

His coat is a clean snow white with very soft mist of silver so faintly accented  . . . depicting an elegance about him!

This coat is free flowing and naturally parts down the middle of his back!

He has an adorable personality . . . just so sweet, regal and sophisticated!

He quickly meets you as you enter the room . . . and with a soft meow . . .  he expresses himself . . .

. . . as if to say;  " he is glad you visited!"  

His sire * Saafir has been an outstanding, top breeding Persian sire for many reasons!

Some of the best qualities *Saafir passes on are; clean white Chinchilla coats that are soft- silky and smooth!

Including strong nostrils with clean breathing. small ears with lots of hair covering the ears

(not producing kittens with big, pointed - bald ears! - none of TinyPersians are bred that way!)

Additionally *Saafir Persian kittens consistently have large eyes correctly placed on a cute Doll Face look!

Their noses not too short nor too long!  

Most of his kittens are short and cobby bodies, short full tails and 

with large fluffy covered feet with black leather pads !

If you have been lucky enough to acquire a *Saafir offspring . . . you will certainly see the difference!

Often, an individual that has purchased a Giovanna x *Saafir kitten, returns back for another one!

Watch for more photos of this little guy as he grows!



Fluffy tail  !

"Prince Jamir"

Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten 

Reserved for Tiny Persians

 DOB 2023 - Sire is *Saafir and  Dam "juliette's-Dawn"

This kitten is perfection!

"Prince Jamir" is a small fluffy silky coated bundle of joy!

Watch for his future babies in 2024

A gorgeous Chinchilla Persian 

​produced by the imported sire *Saafir !

" Princess  Jolene"

Sweetie !


* Saafir Persian Kittens

"My Lord"

Tiny Persian Perfections . . . 

Alert and Regal  !

Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten  Reserved

 DOB 2022 - Sire is *Saafir and out of the Dam who is a full sister to Pooh Bear a retired sire of TiinyPersians

This kitten is the sweetest thing and trots over to you when you enter the room!  A real gem, Reserve him  today!

He is a small fluffy silky coated bundle of joy!

He is currently 3 pounds 14 ounces 


LOOK AT THIS Gorgeous Chinchilla Persian 

​produced by the imported sire *Saafir !