The Story of  Gianni 

In 2016 Presley, 16 years old was searching for a very small Persian kitten
Debbie received a call from Presley admiring the Persian kittens on the website,

Presley indicated she would talk to her mom . . .  ask if she could have one  
Since Debbie of TinyPersains receives many calls, she took it just as a compliment

and thought she would not hear from her again
Very quickly Presley called back after discussing with her mom  

Presley was in love with “Ronni”.  She knew what she liked and wanted !  
There was no hesitation which one to choose  
Her mom, Sherry was ok with Presley getting a TinyPersian kitten, however,

Presley would have to earn it !
Presley indicated she was going to name her new tiny Persian, “Gianni”  !  
A quite fitting name as “Ronni” was a gorgeous Silver Chinchilla !
Presley had one last question   She wanted to make payments  
This is not asked often, so Debbie discussed options, however, only first asking what will work best for Presley
Presley decided she would make a $500 payment every weekend  
Debbie very impressed with her enthusiasm and ambition for acquiring a tiny Persian, agreed to the arrangement  
Every weekend Presley arranged to come by visit “ Gianni” and make her weekly payment  
Sundays were set aside for Presley and her mom Sherry  
Debbie doesn’t really have time for weekly meetings as she is a Publisher

and Persian cat breeder, but there was just something about Presley  
No wonder Presley is such a special girl, as when Debbie met Sherry, it said it all  !
Sherry, a mom any child would wish for  !
Uplifting personality and always smiling, was pleased to make her child happy !  
Polite, professional and appreciative towards Debbie, TinyPersians
But, Presley was to earn her kitten !   With mom’s support, Presley would have

a rummage sale each weekend and earning her weekly payment

After Presley’s 3rd visit to TInyPersians and to make her next payment, Debbie decided to have several bags of clothes and things for Presley to take for her next Rummage sale
The next weekend Presley visited again,  all smiles and thanking Debbie, she stated; “ Debbie they loved your things and bought them quickly!   Thank you !”.
Soon the day came that “ Gianni" was to be picked up
With “Gianni” departure, everyone was excited !  For Debbie,  “Gianni” was getting a dream home,  and for Presley as she was totally in love with her new kitten  
Mom, Sherry was so happy seeing her daughter’s glistering eyes

and huge smile as she held, hugged and kissed her new Persian kitten 

Many smiles and excitement that day for all !
“Gianni” arrived home with Presley’s room all painted

and newly decorated for her new kitten !  

They would spend much time together and soon bonded !  
For Debbie, this was a fabulous home

for a very much loved Persian kitten Debbie nutured and raised    

Gianni (Ronni)  DOB 8-25-16