"Juliette's Girl"

Another "Juliette's Dawn's" and "Pooh Bear's" female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten . . . "Juliette's Girl" !


She is tiny and her eyes are a gorgeous blue-turquoise color !

​Her coat is Snow White and fluffy as can be

She possesses an adorable turn-up nose and a gorgeous, clean Doll Face look!   This is what her grandma "Love Song" looked like at this age - 4 weeks old!

Juliette's Girl has a sweet, lady like personality - all girly girl!   She has a strong chest and good body structure, yet dainty and extremely small!  Past siblings mature to 3.5 pounds and now in 1919 some of Pooh Bear kittens are right at 3 pounds matured!

"Juliette's Girl" is a full sibling (different litters through time)

 to lovely kittens like;

Jonee - SOLD

Juliette's Noel - AVAILABLE

Princess Keesha

Tinker​ - SOLD

​Hayla - SOLD

Shiraz - SOLD

Juliette's Girl SOLD

"Piper" Sold

and more!

Playful Persian kittens !

" Princess Keesha "


Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten . . . 

 "Love Song" (dam) and "Prince Amar" (sire) 

This is one gorgeous,

perfect Silver Chinchilla !


This boy is sired by

"Pooh Bear's" sire "Prince Amar"


> Correct facial features balanced on a round face

> Extra large eyes perfectly positioned on his face in a  sculptured look !   

> Red Brick colored nose outlined in black

> Huge Persian feet!

> A satin, silky Chinchilla coat misted slightly with silver !  

> Fluffy - full tail

> Coat color brilliant white with Silver 

> Sweet - Sweet personality !  Greets at the door

> Currently only 4.5 pounds

"Love Sog's"  now 6 years old, dam Nonni (retired) bred to *Saafir, produced "Love Song"

Love Song bred to Prince Amar produced past kittens such as;



Somewhere My Love

Love Sonnet


The Chinchilla coat is luxurious in every way!

This is perfection  !


Extraordinary DOLL FACE KITTEN !

" Princess Keesha "

One of the finest "Pooh Bear" sons! 

With many years of breeding, starting with producing a "Saafir" daughter, Guinevere, we bred her to "Prince Amar" !  Ultimately producing a top female Silver Chinchilla female named "Juliette's Dawn". . . it was this lovely lady that was bred to "Pooh Bear" in 2019 and and 2020 with every kitten litter "Juilette's Dawn" produced was as gorgeous as this 2019 featured Persian kitten . . . Juliette's Noel !   

We named her Noel as she was a Christmas time kitten in 2019 !  Juilette's Noel is one example of one of the finest Doll Face Persian kittens produced by TinyPersians !   

Yet, you will find, there are many as fine as this Noel and her sister below " Princess Keesha! "  Some are in new homes and a few are still available!  Yes Juliette's Noel is available ! You might want to reserve her quickly!  

Another "Juliette's Dawn's" and "Pooh Bear's" female Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten . . . "Princess Keesha"

. . .  the most look-a-like to her sire; "Pooh Bear".  

She possesses a perfect round face, large round eyes that are already a beautiful, glimmering turquoise color.  

As a breeder it takes many years to produce a kitten like this !  

Her Chinchilla coat is the most highly sought after look ! 

It is noted, that the "Chinchilla" is known for being luxurious, soft, silky and free flowing.​  

How did it all begin at TinyPersians? Many years ago, we acquired the foundation sire; "Saafir" who has produced outstanding, Persian dams that carry his truly rare clean, silky Chinchilla coat that is snow white, and lightly misted with Silver to none!  All of our breeders possess extra small ears, large expressive eyes outlined in strong black rings, bright pink to brick red noses outlined in black !

​What are you waiting for?  Reserve a kitten out of "Princess Keesha's dam and sire !  We have siblings to "Princess Keesha" !  Grab her brother or sister now!   

An upcoming litter arriving February 2020!  We truly believe our Persian kittens are unmatched in quality, personality and the perfect Doll Faces we produce !  This is documented in our Customer Testimonial Reviews for several years!

"Princess Keesha" is an example of carefully crossing - choosing the best sires and dams over years of selective breeding the CFA Silver Persian Division !  

It has been a costly venture, a passion and dedication to producing the Doll Face Silver Chinchilla Persian look that we get asked over and over again to offer !

Here she is !  A future breeder for TinyPersians!  Born in 2019 it will be a while before we have kittens, but worth it.

Want full sibling to "Princess Keesha" or Juliette's Noel ?

Give us a call . . . and best put a deposit down asap

as kittens like this will be reserved quickly.  

​Full siblings now living in . . .



and the USA!

Choose a Silver Chinchilla sibling; "Hayla" and "Little Lucky"  today!  



Chinchilla Coat !

Silver Chinchilla - lightly misted silver accents !

"Noland "


Announcing !

All time top produced TinyPersian

" Princess Keesha !

Look at these gorgeous Pooh Bear baby

Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens !

Purrfection !​​

               " Prince Zohar "

"Juliette's Dawn"  

2019 and 2020 x Pooh Bear 's

 Persian litters

Juliette's Noel 

"Princess Keesha"

" Juliette's Noel " 

Doll Face Persian male kitten sired by "Pooh Bear" x " Love Song" 2020

"Pooh Bear" Sire produces "Princess Keesha" 

Perfect in every way !

Look at these gorgeous Pooh Bear baby kittens !



Eyes !

Brilliant turquoise eyes

 on a lovely Doll Face !

Doll Face 

Born in 2020 - full sister is the lovely "Love Sonnet "  !

"Pooh Bear's  2020 Silver Chinchilla male kitten

Extraordinary fluffy - snow white Chinchilla Persian kitten

Pooh Bear 2019 - 2020 Persian Kittens

"Princess Keesha"

has been chosen to stay with TinyPersians replacing one of our recently retired dams

Ask about a recent retired dam!

Only 3 to 5 years old

Available now!

"Prince Zohar" 

Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten . . . 

 "Narnia" (dam) and "Pooh Bear's" (sire) 


This boy at one time was available . . . 

he just gets better every day! 

When this photo was taken it was hard to believe

how he looked . . .

he was absolutely perfect in every way !  

> Rounded very small ears that have tons of fur!

> Extra large eyes perfectly positioned on his face in a sculptured look !   

> Strong pink nose outlined in black

> Huge Persian feet!

> A satin, silky Chinchilla coat!  

> Fluffy tail

> Coat color brilliant white with evenly misted Silver faintly accenting is coat !

> Lovely personality !

> Currently only 5 pounds

"Narnia's" dam Naira (retired) bred to Saafir produced "Narnia" a lovely Silver Chinchilla female !