"  Yoshi "  Most popular - asked look !

Shaded Golden 

" Makya "

Owned and loved by " Sau " 

Read Sharlotte's " Yoshi Story

Homemade Persian kitten

wardrobe clothes for Yoshi 

" Yoshi " Travels to Paris

and around the world !

These TinyPersian customer stories

are Customer shopping experiences 

and adventures with their new Tiny Persian kittens 

You can see as a

Persian kitten grows their

>   Coat pattern become more defined

>   Eyes become larger

>   Eye color becomes more intense

2018 full sister to 2017 Yoshi kitten !

Reserved for Cattery !

Top Produced TinyPersian to date !

Cattery has sold kittens after kittens and now we are proud to announce

this " Little Girl " is staying with us !

Watch for mom's 2019 Persian kittens,

but now we are breeding her to a new young Silver Chinchilla male / sire

" Versace "  plays hide and seek !

" Makya "​

Customer Stories


Read Anita's " Versace Story

Companion Persians for all ages

Mary 97 years old loves Versace

​Versace loves Mary too !

Versace entertains his whole household !

" Makya "

formerly named " Hunter " 

Watch me grow . . .  My Story !

Read Sau's (Abby) 

" Makya " Story 

A lovely TinyPersian kitten !

Shaded Golden Persian kitten 
travels to Hong Kong
for his new home ! 
More about " Makya " as he grows !

2018 full brother to 2017 Versace kitten !

Available For Sale 

Doll Face Persian male kitten

Soft - Silky - Luxurious Mink like 

Silver Chinchilla coat !  

This kitten is currently being offered to a past customer with the first right of refusal

One kitten cattery would like to keep,

however, we are offering to a loving home !