In 2016, Bella was a very tiny Persian kitten out of a litter of 4.  Sweet and gentle . . . so much so she would let her siblings push her off her mom and ultimately Bella was introduced to another mom that only had one kitten.  This worked out well as kittens do best with a friend.  The dam Nonee, now retired, immediately accepted Bella as her own.  Nonee's natural kitten was named "Love Song" and now one of our top dams.  With much disappointment Nonee was retired as producing only one kitten is hard on a mom.   Nevertheless, Bella grew up with a sister, instead of 3 brothers !   These girls immediately snuggled and bonded together.   As Bella came close to the 8 week age, Carol called to acquire a Persian kitten.

Carol a past Veterinarian, now experiences new ventures such as; being a travel tour guide for Vets to travel Internationally.  Carol takes groups of Vets to Africa and South America and many other International destinations.   It is Carol love of animals that gives her so much joy !

Carol called for a male kitten and soon chose between 2 boys. A photo of Bella was shown to Carol,

but Carol insisted on purchasing a boy, and commented; " Boys are known to be sweeter, girls are known to be aloof " .  She wanted a boy ! Debbie with TinyPersians happily accommodated Carol by offering boys. The day Carol was to pick up her boy,  Carol remembering a photo she saw of a little girl, asked if she could see Bella.  Debbie replied; "Carol you want a boy".   Carol replied;" Yes, Debbie, but could I just see her? Debbie introduced Bella to Carol and Carol held her close to her chest, examining her, wondering if this would be the kitten for her.   Bella gracefully snuggled and crawled up to her neck and started purring and licking Carol's chin and face.    That was it, Carol fell in love . . . Bella was the kitten for her !

Kittens are chosen before arrival, however, with many phone conversations Debbie felt Carol, being a Vet wanted to examine her kitten herself.  This she did.  Not something Debbie allows.  Due to Carol's knowledge and wanting to choose a kitten based on her Vet experience, Debbie was fine with this .

The day Carol picked up Bella she saw Sharif Amir a Silver Chinchilla male sire in the library french doors off the foyer area .  Carol asked;  "Oh my Goodness!"  Who is that?  Debbie indicated this was a new sire and he would be having kittens soon.  Carol said she wanted a kitten just like him and would be back.   As soon as the new litter came, there was only one kitten and A BOY, that looked like Dad.

In 2017, Carol reserved the snow white Chinchilla male, now she finally has her male Persian kitten she wanted.   This kitten was named Wiley !   Wiley and Bella are now best friends!   

" Wiley "

" Wiley"

The Bella Story

" Bella "

" Bella "