How to Receive Pricing ?

1.  Fill outKitten Inquiry Form

     Answer the questions - this form will help us help you !

     If you are happy . . .   then we know our treasured Persian kittens

     will have a forever home !

2.   TinyPersians will answer your questions and send you additional information

      such as Warrantees, more about TinyPersians and Persian kitten availability !

What is TheInquiry Form ? 

The Kitten FORM is for three (3) purposes :

1.   To Request information about us, about Available Persian kittens or cats

2.   Required to before any pricing and Persian kitten available List is provided

3.   Needed so we can help you

Why is the Pricing not listed ? 

1.  We do not list prices as public listings . . . 

     pricing is provided for serious inquiries 

2.   Kitten pricing may vary from litter to litter

2.   Persian kitten pricing may vary from season to season

3.   Based on availability

4.   Kitten Pricing is determined on an individual basis

5.   Rare Blacks and some whites may be a bit more 

6.   Tiny White Silver Chinchillas are in high demand may be

      priced a bit higher sometimes not

7.   Choosing more than one kitten most often reduced pricing on kitten 2 or 3

8.   Adults and teenagers often reduced

9.   Adults be offered as a retired breeder and discounted

10.  Kitten Pricing may change at any time - however, once a deposit

      is put down your kitten price will not change

11.  We offer very tiny, small and standard size Persian kittens and cats

Note:   You do not have to choose a kitten when you put a deposit down -

      however you can indicate the color, gender, age etc and choose later 

What is the Price of a Persian Kitten ? 

We only give the prices of our kittens after the Kitten INQUIRY FORM is received

Please do not ask pricing or for photos to be sent, until TinyPersians receives

The KITTEN INQUIRY FORM (does not obligate you)

There are too many catteries breeders shopping us !   Thank you for your understanding 

How to contact TinyPersians ?

Best way to contact TinyPersians


2.  Individuals providing phone #'s that block incoming calls - realize we cannot call you back - Call us and provide an alternative phone number

3.  TinyPersians will follow up and return your messages from one of these 2 e-mail addresses:

*   E-mail

*   Phone   214 -  960-0267

 We promptly respond to KITTEN INQUIRIES

 Feel free to call !  We welcome your inquiries

We will immediately contact you once we receive THE KITTEN Inquiry FORM

Occasionally, we are tending to newborns or kittens and moms -

might be tied up for a bit, however, we will get with you asap !  

How to Receive Pricing on a TinyPersian

 " Jenny" 

2020 Available Persian kitten   " Jenny"