TinyPersian  Photo Ima Prince - few weeks old

"Amor's" dam as a teenager


1-12-21     8:40 PM

Hey Debbie
How have you been doing?
Hope you've had a great new year.
Ima Prince is doing great. We renamed him Simba.

He looks and behaves the part.
We love him so much and we've been having a great time with him. 
This has been such a pleasant experience,

we are now considering getting him a brother/sister.
Can you send me your available kittens with DOBs and pricing?
Thanks,  Wissam

TinyPersian  Photo Ima Prince - Baby photos

The Ima Prince Story

Customer Photo 1-14-21 Ima Prince - Simba

1-13-21  11:02 AM
Good morning Wissam,
Sometimes deposits come in and they still need to choose, however, these persons putting a deposit down and not choosing will not interfere with others reserving a kitten they are not committing to.
So if there is one or more you prefer after you review below, please let me know. 

At that time I will contact this deposit that is in and indicate they need to choose or wait. 
Concluding at this time some of these might * not be available.   

I will let you know soon.  Just let me know which one you like and I will see what I can do.
Additionally, there is a deposit down and I need to check with this lady to see which one

she will choose, she may wait.
I have a Shaded Silver that will be 5 weeks old Sat.  Must be at least 8-9 weeks old to depart. 

Very small, lots of silver and black accents with a white under coat.  

Customer Photo 1-14-21 Ima Prince - Simba

"Too Cute!"

 <  Sara and Wissam pick up their 2nd TinyPersian

named "Amor" a buddy for "Simba" (Ima Prince) !

1-13-21   "Sara contacts Debbie with TinyPersians to reserve their #2 TinyPersian for a surprise Birthday gift for her husband Wissam!   It is so nice working with individuals like Sara and Wissam that know what they want, and without any hesitation reserve 2 of the finest Persian kittens bred in 2020 ! 

Sara chooses the lovely Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten named "Amor" sired by the imported sire named *Saafir a snow white Silver Chinchilla perfectly misted in clean Silver accents!

"Amor's" dam is the fabulously gorgeous lady named "Somewhere My Love" a Prince Amar daughter out of the popular and one of a kind Silver Chinchilla named "Love Song" the dam of the past kittens named "Yoshi" and "Versace"

  SeeThe Yoshi Story

See The Versace Story  


"Amor's" dam as a baby


TinyPersians (Debbie) introduces Sara and Wissam

the Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten named "Amor" ! 

Sara and Wissam choose "Amor" for Simba's  (Ima Prince) buddy!


1-13-21  3:06 AM
I think Ginger being with her brother would be heart warming.
However, that is your choice, so please give me an idea what you would like for a buddy.
Attached are a few, however, once I know more what you like that will help.  Debbie  

1-13-21  8:24 PM

Hi Debbie,
How are you?  This is Sara, Wissam's wife

I'm sure Wissam told you how happy we are with Simba!

He is a bundle of joy! 
We're really interested to add Amor to our family

Could you please let us know his availability as we do see an asterisk by his name 
Also, given that we are returning costumers and that we love our Simba and want to add a silver chinchilla companion,

could you please work with us to make this happen?
Thank you!!!    -Sara


 1-13-21  11:02 AM



2020 Silver Chinchilla Persian kitten


1-13-21    10:30 AM

Hey Debbie,
Please find attached a photo of his royal highness, Prince Simba 
of the Disney Palace :-P.
He's such a sweet sweet boy. You nailed your description of him.
He wants to be with us all the time.

Even his naps are taken right next to one of us.
He's still scared of Fluffy our dog.

When he sees her he hisses and arches his back, then curiosity takes the best of him and we find him 5 minutes later sneaking 2 feet from her,

trying to figure out what that giant is.
What are we looking for?
We like to get our pets when they are babies.

Helps us with the imprinting process.
Color wise, I prefer silvers to whites. Goldens/Shaded Goldens are also good. 
Temperament -
Simba is perfect. Playful, affectionate, and really sweet.
looking at the website and what you sent, our shortlist would be
Ginger, Amor, Porsche, Love's Lady, Noland, Meilani
If you could send me DOBs, prices, and temperament estimate,

that will help us narrow it down even further.


Departs 1-16-21


1-13-21  12:32 AM
Hi Wissam, we have several kittens available.
Please tell me more what you prefer. 

Would love to see a photo of Simba (Ima Prince).
His sister Ginger is available.

I wonder if he remembers her?  They were buddies!
Would you like her?
There are other kittens, just give me an idea what you are seeking.   Debbie


Formerly named"Ima Prince"

DOB 10-31-20

2020 Shaded Golden Persian male kitten


12-6-20   5:01 PM

To:  TinyPersians

We are looking for 2 kittens.

kitten 1- for us. My wife and I have 1 kid, girl - 3 yrs old

+ 6 yrs old dog.

kitten 2- for our sister in law: family of 4

(2 kids, boy 8 and girl 6)
Thanks,  Wissam

1-16-21 Sara and Wissam

pick up the TinyPersian "Amor"

. . . and soon depart with a buddy for their beloved "Simba" formerly named "Ima Prince". Two luck Persian kitten boys!

Look at this happy family!  

Thank you Sara and Wissam!  My TinyPersians will have a dream come true forever home!  Debbie


 The Amor Story

2020 Silver Chinchilla Persian male kitten

​DOB 10-15-20

Sara and Wissam CHOOSE 

Persian kitten  "Buddies" !


Ima Prince renamed "Simba"

by TinyPersians customer Sara and Wissam !

"This is one gorgeous Shaded Golden male Persian kitten that was so hard to part with!  Getting to know Wissam and Sara, Debbie felt there could be

no better home than this family!

Thank you both Wissam and Sara for all your kind and considerate messages !  

Thank you for giving our two kittens a fabulous, loving and literally perfect home !  

Two lucky TinyPersian boys!"  Debbie