"Little Jolene  "  

A Silver Chinchilla Persian - new dam for TinyPersians!

Her first litters to be announced end of 2023

 first litters arriving August 2022

"Little Jolene" is sired by "Saafir "

and out of our all time top producing dam - "SomeWhere My Love"!

Dam's nicknamed "Sis"

Jolene (nickname) was named "Little Jolene"

as she is extremely tiny!   

She is considered a treasure and if you are lucky enough to contact us when her first litter comes . . . you will find kittens of Perfection!

"  Pooh Bear "  2018 Silver Chinchilla male Persian kitten

Sired by "Prince Amar " reserved for TinyPersian Cattery for upcoming 2020 litters !

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Reserve one of Pooh Bear's last kittens DOB 2022    

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"  Something About Ted  "  

A Golden Persian - new sire for TinyPersians!

2022 first litters arriving August 2022

Something About Ted" is sired by "Saafir "

and out of our all time top producing dam - "Giovanna"!

Ted (nickname) was named "Something About Ted"

after waiting for a perfect name

First nicknaming him "Ted" and getting to know him

and see him mature . . . there was just something about him!

That was it  . . .  he was named "Something About Ted"

Watch for  her new bobies !

"  Pooh Bear "  has amazing turquoise brilliant eyes !

DOB  May 30th 2018 -  Currently Feb 2019 only 4.5 pounds

 Retired   6-7-21

Sires and Dams

Predicted to produce extraordinary Doll Face very small 3, 4, to 5  pound Persian kittens !

We have reserved one of "pooh Bear's" 2021 male kittens to replace "Pooh Bear"

"  Shana "