Choose Zelle or PayPal Deposit 

Zelle Deposits NO FEE!

PayPal charges $10.45 fee per $350 Deposits

Sending Zelle deposits are fast, easy and no fee!

PayPal may be delayed min 24 hours to several days and have fees . . .

Choose what you prefer 

*Zelle  $350 Deposit  for  1  Persian

Account: 972 800-9831

* ​PayPal  $350  Deposit  for 1 Persian

* PayPal  $700Deposit  for 2 Persians

PayPal $360 Deposit for 1 Exotic Shorthair &  Longhair


PayPal Payment for Shipping

PayPal Payment for USA Airline Shipping 1 Persian

Most locations in the U.S.A will be $675 with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii

$7.50 for food/water dish (required by airline)

Shipping fees are subject to change without notice so please ask if fees have been changed

PayPal Payment for Airline Shipping 2 kittens

Shipping 2 kittens in one carrier ($675) plus an additional fee for kitten #2 if shipped in same carrier - Min $75 to 200

Multiple kittens purchased from 2 or more shipped in separate carriers are quoted for the buyer

and subject to Airline Flight Nanny pricing

(TinyPersians does not add a fee to the airline flight)

Pricing is determined by the Flight Nanny Service
Buyer covers transportation

TinyPersians pays the Vet departure appointment which includes     . . .

Vet Exam, up-to-date vaccinations, worming and testing for FIV, FeLV and Heartworm

which a medical documentation is provided to the buyer

All Airline pricing is subject to change at anytime

so please confirm by providing the airport name,city, state

It is the "Flight Nanny Service" that prices the flight 

International Airline Shipping 

priced individually depending on the number of Persians

Please provide via email, not a text . . .

 what city and country for International flights

Contact Deborah for an International Shipping estimate 


Reserving a Persian or Exotic

How to Reserve -  Deposit Payment options  . . .