* Saafir  


Born July 2017

Saafir daughter

Tequila  Sunrise 

Prince Amar TP

       Meaning . . .

" Immortal Prince pf TinyPersians "

TP meaning . . .

TinyPersians brand - TP 

Want a Persian kitten that looks like Bobbie McGee

Reserve  a  2018  Persian kitten

sired by Bobbie McGee !   

Tequila  Sunrise 

an example of kittens sired by

Prince Amar 

2018 Full siblings arriving to this lovely

Golden Persian kitten

Tequila Sunrise possesses beautiful,

stunning turquoise eyes !

​FOR SALE 2018

Saafir has proven to be an outstanding sire, producing luxurious, free slowing coats with ultra white undercoats expressed in Silver Shaded, and Chinchilla Persian patterns 

His offspring have gorgeous doll faces with expressive large eyes.  

All his babies are highly valued and are considered excellent foundation Persians to cross with our other sires; Sharif Amir and Prince Amar.   Choose from some of the finest CFA Silver doll face Persian kittens available.  In 2016, 2017 and in 2018 Saafir produced Persians weighing 3.5 to 4.5 pounds full grown.   Doesn't get any better then this as TinyPersians is considered a respected, reputable, experience Persian cat breeder cattery   

Highly valued TinyPersian Sire

Sharif Anir   2017 Kitten

Prince Amar 2018 kitten  

Bobbie McGee 

Correct Doll Face  !

Prince Amar TP

Sharif Anir   2016 Kitten


Sharif Anir   2016 Kitten

    Bobbie McGee 

​Sired by Prince Amar

Bobbie McGee 

DOB July 24th, 2017

Sire:  Prince Amar

​Dam:  Sweet Inspiration

Grand Sire:   Saafir

"Bobbie" will be considered as a sire for Tiny Persians

for 2019 Persian kittens !

Watch for some lovely, fluffy, doll face Persian kittens January 2019 !

With many years of breeding, we are proud to announce an amazing Silver Chinchilla boy !  Bobbie McGee is absolutely perfect in every way.

He as a perfect doll face with an excellent round crown and round face.  Large eyes set properly on his face and a cute turned up red brick nose outlined in black.  His gorgeous eyes have a strong black outliner and a stunning turquoise color !  Bobbie McGee's Silky, soft coat is non matting.   We have been truly blessed producing a boy like this !

Breeding a Persian like this is not luck it is carefully evaluating breeding stock and knowing their heritage, what they can produce and setting standards of what your Persians should look like !

We stay true to the CFA Persian cat standards, yet, we breed pleasing Persians that Persian fans want to cherish for years to come !

It is hard to achieve perfection, yet, this is what TinyPersians strive for.  

If you want a beautiful, correct doll face Persian with facial features balanced, well built bodies, and sweet personalities . . . choose a TinyPersian today!  

Carefully bred for a quality Doll Face clean face look !  Doesn't get any better then " Bobbie McGee "  ! 


Saafir daughter

Bobbie McGee's Grand dam

Purrfection !


Prince Amar TP

       Meaning . . .

" Immortal Prince pf TinyPersians "

TP meaning . . .

TinyPersians brand - TP 

First babies 2016 and 2017 

Ask about his 2019 kittens

Perfect Doll Face !


" The most incredible colored eyes !  "

Saafir 2015 kitten sold

Sharif Anir   2016 Kitten

Prince Amar  kittens  . . . 

Sharif Anir   2016 Kitten


an example of kittens sired by

Prince Amar 

2018 Full siblings arriving to this lovely

Silver Chinchilla  Persian kitten

Dawn is pretty sensational with a perfectly balance doll face  !

2017 kitten



Now this is gorgeous !

Sharif Amir babies

Our Dads . . .


  Bobbie McGee's dam 

 "  Moscato "    Lovely Silver Chinchilla Sire​ - imported - complete out cross to TinyPersians lines  Non-Tearing !    DOB July 7th, 2017

" Chanel " 2015 kitten by Saafir

5 pounds 9 ounces !


Saafir  produces Shaded  Silver,  Silver  Chinchilla,  Shaded  Golden and  Black 

Persian  kittens . . . producing  sweet - friendly  kittens

Chinchilla Doll Face Persian 

Nickname:   Max 

Date of Birth - April 2,  2014

at 6 months old (left photo)


​​Saafir TP a doll face Chinchilla Persian male is a "Sire" at TinyPersians.com.  Watch for gorgeous look-a-like kittens and be the first to reserve a kitten!  Together with the extraordinary lineage of Our Boy, and our highly selective female "Moms" you will treasure your new kitten for years to come!   " Saafir TP ". . .  of TinyPersians is truly exceptional, with large, gorgeous turquoise eyes perfectly set on his face and balanced facial features.  Saafir TP has a cobby body, a short tail and extraordinary chinchilla white undercoat and accented with a mist of silver.  His most extraordinary trait is his long, luxurious - silky coat you can only appreciate in person.  Saafir is all personality, intelligent, playful even as an adult / sire.  

He is regal, sweet and an easy keeper !  

Saafir TP's kittens ($350 deposit). 


of TinyPersians


Saafir TP 

Meaning . . .  

"Strong Leader of TinyPersians"

Sharif Amir TP 

Meaning . . .

"​Noble Prince of TinyPersians"

Watch  for  our  gorgeous  male  Persian  breeders  litters   2019 

Our Breeding Males

  • Extraordinary Persian Sire Breeders
  • Carefully chosen & selective Silver Chinchillla breeding
  • all Persian sires are outcrossing
  • Persian Pedigrees - world renown
  • non - caged Cattery 
  • All Dads, sweet and small
  • turquoise, emerald green and blue/green eyed Persians
  • CFA registered Persian sires

Our Breeding Goals 

  • Correct facial features
  • Large expressive eyes
  • Soft, silky free slowing coats
  • Cobby bodies with short legs
  • Fluffy short tails 
  • Large correct paws
  • 98 % Silver Chinchilla Persians
  • Silvers, Silver Shaded, Golden, Shaded Golden, Golden Chinchillas, Black, Black Smoke, sometimes white Persians
  • CFA Registered Persian Kittens
  • PKD Negative Cattery





2017 Copyrighted photos

< 6 pounds

"Saafir" Persian kittens available right now  !

Saafir of TinyPersians is here to produce TINY PERSIANS for you !

Reserve a gorgeous Safir kitten today !  ​​

Custom portraits of our Persians !

TinyPersians.com paying attention to details with highly selective breeding

to achieve doll face Silver and Silver Chinchilla Persians 

TinyPersians.com's custom portraits are actual depictions of our Persians 

These images are true representations of our Persians quality and looks  

  Our carefully chosen Persian breeders are highly sought after in the look, size and pedigrees.

It is our goal to ultimately achieve top, quality, healthy tiny doll face   

Silvers, Silver Shaded and Chinchillas Persians  

Choose your next kitten at TinyPersians.com   

Emerald Green , Blue /Green  and  Turquoise  Eyed  Chinchilla  Persians  

Top bred Persian kittens sired by extraordinary type, and correctness with our highly selective males

Extraordinary Type Persian Sire

 Doll Face Persians 


Saafir (nickname; Max) is an extraordinary Chinchilla Persian Sire

and highly valued at TinyPersians.com.  

Watch for his upcoming litters . . .

reserve your treasured Persian kitten today!

Doll  Face

Teacup  Persians 

Green Eyes

© 2018

Sharif  Amir 


D a d s 

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© 2018

© 2018


Chinchilla Persian Male

Saafir Silver Chinchilla Persian kittens coming Winter 2018

No Exotic Cats in Pedigree ! 

Extraordinary Persians !  Kittens Sweet and Intelligent !

​This Sire has the most gorgeous, luxurious, silky, long, soft coat !

Sharif Amir 

​at Tiny Persians.com

Sharif  Amir  of  TinyPersians 

Retired  - Available to a forever home 

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Chinchilla Doll Face Persian 

Sharif Amir of TinyPersians

Date of Birth  September 2014

at few months old

Sharif Amir TP a gorgeous doll face Silver Chinchilla Persian male is a "Sire" at TinyPersians.com. This boy a top producing sire is available to an approved breeder or as a pet.  Currently we have extraordinary lineage of Our Boy, and our highly selective female "Moms" you will treasure your kitten for years to come ! " Sharif Amir TP " . . .  of TinyPersians is truly exceptional, with gorgeous turquoise eyes perfectly set on his face and balanced facial features and offering a clean face that is balance and absolutely correct. Sharif Amir TP possess a beautiful doll face and a personality to go with is perfect looks.  
Full of life, loves to be active and entertain the family.  We love him dearly!  
Reserve a Persian kitten today.  Very light kittens from this Sire !
Breeder cannot predict size, or any characteristics of any Persian kitten/cat