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It is important for a reputable cattery to inform cat - feline lovers of the commitment involved to acquiring a Persian cat.  Here at TinyPersian Cattery we focus on breeding and producing quality, healthy, well maintained, socialized Persian kittens.   We have provided valuable Persian cat care information, sharing on how to feed, groom, and care for your Persian cat.   A reputable Persian cat breeder will share and inform - educate individuals new to the Cat World.   TinyPersian Cattery is a CFA registered cattery - Negative tested annually with the most reliable PCR DNA Ringworm Test.

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Your kitten's diet should consist of all natural ingredients free of contaminated seafood 

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Avoids health problems - 

know what vaccinations your kitten needs

Keep your kitten's FVRCP vaccinations

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Create a Emergency Kit for your Kitten  

Annual Vet Examines Critical

for your Kitten's Health !

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> Spaying a Cat (Ovariohysterectomy) a surgical removal of the uterus and ovaries from the abdomen of a female animal.

>    Neutering a Cat (Castration) a surgical removal of testicles from the scrotum of a male animal.

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.  Top quality, all natural canned and dry cat food- 

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.  All natural vitamins -  

    Added to daily feeding

.  Organic or natural food treats -   

    Avoid filler / fatty treats.  A treat can be food.  Try a food supplement treat.

.  Automatic Watering System -

    Filter included   

.   Choosing cat litter -   

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.   Choosing a cat litter pan -    

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.   Medical kit -     

    Q tips, All natural-no preservative single dose eye drops, thermometer,

    medical scissors to cut medical tape

.   Grooming kit -    

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      3 clear plastic (ketchup dispensers) -  to dispense cat shampoos

.   Document File -   

      Store your registration, pedigree, and Vet documents

C h o o s i n g   t h e   r i g h t   p r o d u c t s   f o r   y o u r   k i t t e n     

Persian Kitten Care, Grooming, Nutrition, Health 

 h e a l t h  o f   t he  p e r s i a n   c a t  

"Up-to-date vaccinations and worming is critical for the care of your kitten"

T h e   I m p o r t a n c e   o f   n u t r i t i o n 

 A l l   n a t u r a l   d i e t   

"Nutrition starts with choosing the right brand cat food and vitamins"

Grooming  &  Bathing

your  persian  kitten

Guidelines and Helpful Hints offers short cuts and eliminating unnecessary mistakes and mishaps for your new Persian Kitten  

  c a r i n g   F o r   Y o u r   P e r s i a n    k i t t e n 


Persian Kitten Grooming

.  Combing coats - "Your kitten has a luxurious, silky, long coat of fur".

The Persian cat needs a quick daily combing to insure against matts.   Use a metal comb, not a brush as a brush will damage and break the hairs.  Be careful not to injure your cats face or eyes as cats move quickly.  It is quite common for eye injuries due to grooming. Move slowly and watch your cat's movements.  If your kitten becomes restless, take the time to quiet the kitten then continue combing. Grooming actually only takes a few minutes a day, but will avoid hours of trying to detangle matts if left without a daily quick combing.  Do not share any grooming aids that are used on other cats - do not share or lend your grooming tools.

.  Trimming Nails- "Cautiously trim kittens nails every 3 to 4 weeks with a professional feline nail clippers".   

 There are a few nail clippers that are inferior, ask around if you are unsure.  Here's a few hints on making your kittens nail trimming run smoothly without traumatizing or injuring your Persian.  It is best to have another person brace and hold your kitten.  This way when you trim the nails you can cautiously trim each nail without the kitten jerking or moving away.  Lightly pressure each toe as you trim so the nail is extended out so you can visually see the entire length of the nail and while you are firmly holding the paw, you can trim the first nail.  Be careful only trim the white area of the nail.  The darker part of the nail is actually blood and cutting in this area will injure and hurt the kitten.  Doing this . . . it might be real difficult next time trimming the nails, not to mention, now the lack of trust your kitten may have in you.  

.   Bathing  -   "Helpful Guidelines for bathing your Persian".  

Start with your kitten early on so the kitten is used to bathing.  Be sure the temperature is not too hot, they prefer cooler water.  There are several professional shampoos we recommend.  Since your chinchilla or silver persian is mostly white . . . TinyPersians.com's favorite shampoo is "Super White" .   We also use a PH conditioning shampoo that is extremely gentle and after a bath the coat is a luxuriously, shiny, glowing fluff of fur.    Rinse very well and have a table top ready with a clean towel to set your kitten on.  This towel will offer comfort, security, provide a non slip surface and you can use to gently pat once to absorb the extra water.   Now start combing with your professional metal comb, slowly and carefully. 

.  Eyes -  "Persian require clean eyes free of tearing residue".

1.  Eyes are carefully cleaned on a daily basis and before a bath.  Use a sterile make-up cotton pad, cleaning the eyes until all the stain residue is removed.  Use Castle Bath's Cat Eye care products listed under Anna's Cat Products.   

2.  Best to use an all natural eye drop (no preservative brand, single dose) to cleanse eye and to add moisture.  This is an extra step we do, but not necessarily every day for all of our kittens.  Some kittens may need more often, but I have found most tearing is due to humans . . . household products used (bleach the worst), how clean the environment is, laundry detergent you use on cat bedding all affect the eyes.  So if you are an all natural person . . . your job is easier - less to no tearing.  If you are a smoking household . . . count on eye irritation for pets.   There are some Persians that tear more and it is up to a breeder to selectively breed for less tearing. Fortunately with the Doll Face Persians naturally tear less due to the less (show face) smushed face the cat shows encourage.

"The Persian Kitten's Nutrition and Diet are of great importance".

.  Food - "Nutrition starts with the right feline cat food".

Your Persian's diet is extremely important.  It is vital that your kitten is given pure, all natural cat food with the ingredients free of fillers and low in fat.  Check the ingredients carefully.  Our highly recommended brand of cat food is "Abundance".  This all natural cat food is specifically formulated for felines with the highest standards of ingredients.   It is used by top catteries, breeders of show cats.  Read the Ingredients.  Feed your kitten twice a day with canned food mixed with some dry cat food.  Mix throughly and add pinch of water.  If your kitten's more constipated add a little more water and monitor your kitten.  See More

.  Vitamins -  " Vitamins - balances your kittens diet and provides added nutrition".

Vitamins make all the difference in your Persian kitten's health and well being.  With the right balanced diet and a quality all natural vitamin specifically formulated for felines, will enhance your kittens coat to a luxurious thick, shiny coat.   I have seen more than a significant improvement in our Persians and never miss a feeding without our highly recommended vitamins.  See More

.   Supplements  - "Occasionally supplements maybe recommended by a Breeder and / or your Vet".

As your kitten matures it may be time to add supplements to your Persians diet, for example, calcium or joint supplements.  
Your Vet is the best source to monitor your cats development through the years.   See More

.   Treats - "Treats can be nutritious and not full of fillers, fat and chemicals".

Cat Treats - such as Life's Abundance "Cat Treats"  are excellent to encourage your cats best behavior when grooming.  Other times surprise your cat with an occasional treat.  Like children too many treats will interfere with their feedings.  

I use them just before I do a daily combing and eye cleaning and give another treat right after I finish.  Also, when bathing or trimming a Persian's nails leaves a positive experience for your kitten.   

.   Water - "Plenty of water is essential for your Persian - an automatic watering system is recommended".

I personally set out several water dishes, however, I have more than one Persian.  Our persians have water in their recreational room, in their sleeping room and feeding area.  We have automatic watering systems for our Persians to encourage drinking.  Your kitten will be attracted to the water movement and with drinking will help avoid dehydration and/or constipation.  Water is essential for good health.

Persian Kitten Health

.  Exams - "Your kitten will need annual exams once a year old".

Your kitten comes with a Health Certificate with up-to-date vaccinations and worming details.  Your vet will give you a schedule for your kitten to return, as your kitten will need several follow-up vaccinations until older.  It would be best to find a Vet that specializes in felines, however, there are many qualified Vets to help you with your kitten's care.

.  Vaccinations - "Keeping your kitten vaccinations up-to-date is critical". 

Once you receive your kitten and take your kitten in for its first exam and schedule for the next vaccinations and worming. 

Remember, Persians are indoor cats and exposing them to other cats could transmit feline cat diseases.   Taking your 

shoes off when entering your home is important as manypathogens can be transmitted just from shoes, for example ring worm.

.   Worming - "Your kitten should be wormed regularly - every 30 days !"    

Worming your kitten is important for its health, well-being and to keep your kittens silky, full coat luxurious.  Start with your Vet giving the first worming . . .  and your Vet can recommend or provide you with a monthly wormer that you can give, saving you money.  There are brands that with once a mouth tablet your kitten is protected from; heartworm, roundworm, hookworm, ear mites and fleas "all in one wormer".   Approximately $15 a month from your Vet and can be purchased on line with a prescription at a reduced rate.  Keeping your kitten's environment clean on a daily basis by using quick sanitary wipes over surfaces, floors and areas your kitten frequents, along with keeping your litter pan absolutely clean immediately after used will avoid unsanitary conditions.  

.   Sleeping - "  Where and how long your kitten sleeps is of great importance".  

Your kitten needs lots of sleep.  So if you have children have them understand your kitten needs undisturbed naps.  

Your kitten can decide when he or she wants to play . . . give your kitten the opportunity to rest and play comfortably.

Keep your kitten's bedding fresh and clean each day . . . I throw all blankets and items in the wash daily and "all is fresh and clean for your kitten . . . and FOR YOU!  Why would you want it any different?

.   Boarding -  "Carefully and diligently research the best "cat" boarding center - before you need one".

I find the best facility for cat boarding is a ventilated glass enclosure with absolutely no contact to any other animals whatsoever.  However, the best place for your kitten is at home.  So if you have a family member or friend (loves pets) and willing to pet sit, this is the best arrangement if you are away.  Either way, whether boarding outside the home or traffic coming and going in your home - have all vaccinations and worming up-to-date.   Plenty of water available and no feed change.   An emergency contact # for the sitter to contact you if needed with arrangements made for a Vet to be on call.  Some facilities have cameras (and same with homeowners) that you can monitor your kitten any time of the day via internet or cell phone.   

Persian Cat Diseases

.  Purchase from Reputable Breeder  - " Your kitten's health starts with purchasing from a reputable Cattery".  

Start out right!  Find a reputable breeder.  How do you do this?   As you start searching and some sites hit on other breeders - stay away from them . . . they have trouble selling their kittens, so they attack others.  Secondly, what are you seeking?  A show Persian?  A pet Persian?   A Persian that size does not matter?   Facial features?   If you are seeking a healthier Persian, we recommend a Doll Face Persian.  This is a less extreme faced Persian (less smushed face) which are less prone to respirtory problems.   If you are seeking a show Persian, smushed face and want to Show the kitten or just like the look, the Doll Face is not a good choice.   If you decide on a Doll Face Persian, there are reputable breeders that breed for health and the well-being of the Doll Face Persian.  Yes, there are a few breeders with inferior kittens, but, it is pretty obvious when a kitten is of quality and what characteristic they will have.

Viewing photos of both parents will give you an idea of what your kitten will develop into, however, like all offspring are individuals themselves.   Choose the color, sex and work with your choice cattery.  Your experience should be a positive experience, not battling the "Cat" politics.   We welcome your inquiries and reservations of a kittens.   If we do not have a kitten available, you can be on a waiting list (could come up soon), or we will be more than happy to refer you to some fine Doll Face responsible Persian Cat breeders.

.  Exams   -  Regular Cat examines by a Vet is important to maintain your cats health".

Once you have taken your kitten in for its first exam, discuss with your Vet a schedule of up coming vaccinations and worming that is necessary and when.  Monitor your kitten's weight, keep a thermometer on hand, this way you have a base line to provide your Vet.   Do not delay seeing a Vet if your kitten is injured, the sooner you get in the easier it is to cure the problem.

Wait too long and an infection can set in.  If your pet is give antibiotics and it seems to not working - "this could be serious".  Some times antibiotics do not work and have to be changed out.  I have seen dogs have toes amputated due to delays.  Never soak a stitch injury in water . . . it will weaken the tissue, stitches will come out and the area will not heal properly.                                

.  List of Persian Feline Diseases - " How to protect your kitten from contagious feline diseases".

This starts with purchasing kitten from a reputable Cat breeder, preferably a smaller breeder, CFA Registered Cattery and the cattery being documented as a FIV, FeLV, and PKD Negative Cattery which are the most often the cat diseases one is concerned about.   Avoid purchasing your kitten from the newspaper, cat mills, too large of a cat breeder or an unregistered cat breeder. Top feline diseases can be avoided with up-to-date vaccinations, not exposing your kitten to other cats, keeping your cat indoors and its environment clean.  

.   Feline Immunodeficiency Virus  (FiV)   Read More

.   Feline Leukemia Virus  (FeLv) -   Read More

.   Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) Read More

More Cat Diseases - When you purchase a Persian, do not expose your new kitten to the outdoors, or exposed to infected animals or poor environments. Below you will find valuable information on other cat diseases. Many cat illnesses can be prevented by up-to-date vaccinations, preventative wormer (i.e. heart wormer), rabies shots, non exposure to other cats, staying indoors, taking your shoes off when you enter your home are a few guidelines. Your kitten's future health is under your care . . .

.   Feline Panleukopenia   Read More
.   Fighting Respiratory Diseases in Cats   Read More

.    What is Feline FVRCP?    Visit ChatVet.com for answers   
.   Feline Herpes Virus  Read More
.   Heartworm in Cats     
Preventable, simple monthly wormer.   Read More
.   Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
     Understanding FIP       Preventing FIP   Read More 

.   Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)Heart disease diagnosed in cats.

. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Causes vision problems early in life.

.   Rabies in Cats   See Pet MD  *  Facts about Rabies Virus -   Read More  

< Free Rabies Vaccine > * Rabies is a preventable disease, get your cat vaccinated for Rabies!

.   Fleas - Prevented with some brands of Heartwormer.   North America cat flea - Ctenocephalides felis.

.   Ringworm  Is not a worm, it is a fungus and humans can get from cats.  

.   Ask Dr Suzquestions on how to take care of your cat.