How To Choose A Cat Breeder 


    How to Distinguish a Reputable Persian cat breeder from a bad breeder

Before purchasing a Persian kitten, it is highly
recommended that you research to find a reputable breeder 

                 A reputable breeder will offer a Warrantee

           for their Persian cats and kittens

This warrantee includes  testing your kitten a few days before departure for FIV, FeLV and Heartworm

Additionally, testing parents for DNA PKD !

Our goal is to produce outstanding,  healthy, Persian and Exotic cats/kittens staying true to the CFA Registry standards

insuring they well adjusted and socialized,  FIV/FeLV/PKD DNA, heartworm negative. 

Our kittens and cats are considered the top Silver Persians and Exotic Shorthairs Internationally!

Find a reputable breeder carefully !


.   Obtain a Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD and Heartworm and Ringworm free !

.   Notice how some breeders do not cover a Ringworm Warrantee, stay away from them !   

    They either have had Ringworm in their cats, or currently have ringworm

    Breeders that show their cats are exposed to ringworm and other feline health issues, caution with which breeder you choose

.   Sales Agreements offer information on what is covered and not covered with warrantees -

    breeders avoiding sales agreements might not really have Warrantees

.   Sales Agreements are your receipt indicating the kitten is paid in full

Reputable Breeders

.   Breeders that show their cats are considered reputable 

    This is not necessarily true . . . anyone can groom a cat, can take a cat to a cat show and promote their catteries on show wins -  

    that is not to say breeders that show cats are not reputable, however, it is not the way to choose a breeder, caution is recommended

    There are other considerations when choosing a breeder

Caution Cat Exposure

Cat shows are the number one place cats get infected, next to being outdoors and even a Vet Clinic   

So, if a breeder does not show, this does not mean they are not a reputable breeder   

A breeder that shows cats does not mean they are reputable, nor their cats are healthy   

There are several reputable breeders that show and other breeders that do not show cats 

They may or may not be reputable 

You need to evaluate beyond this comparison  - there are other reasons to choose a breeder ! 

Protecting your Persian Cat

.   Keep your cat or kitten indoors at all times !   The life expectancy of an outdoor cat is considerably less

.   Keep your cat or kitten away from other sick pets or outdoor animals

.   Protecting your Persians health is understanding their nutritional needs based on age or individual requirements

.   Often a breeder will say, “ I raise my cats under foot ! ”   

    Saying this, actually not necessarily the best practice 

    We have our cats have access to our home, but not under our feet (shoes that come in from outside)   

    We take extra care and never let our “cats” under our feet per say we change our shoes to indoor slippers or indoor footwear,

    never exposed to the outdoors or any foot wear that has been outdoors, or coming back from a Vet clinic 

    Now putting that all aside, our Persians are free to move and interact with us and other Persians 

    Instead of outdoors - give your Persian interactive toys, movies, window views, cat towers, cat caves and tunnels

    Our Persians have a healthy clean environment with many interactive choices for entertainment;  from perching at a sunny window,

    watching a DVD movie positioned on the wall, a floor 32” TV DVD player playing the top cat video “Cat Dreams”,

    free choice dry, water, snuggle beds, cat beds

Breeding Pet or Show Cats

.    Some breeders say they breed for “Pets”    This does not mean they do not breed for “Show” Persians

     This most often means they onlysell “Pets”, not breeders or Show cats as they are often wanted for breeding, so all are label "Pets" 

.    Reputable "Pet" breeders with exceptional bloodlines – pedigrees will have “Show”, “Breeder” and “Pet” Persians produced,

     even if they only sell "Pets" -   Yes, they too have goals of improving the breed . . . 

     often more so then a breeder just breeding for the “Show” win ribbons, cash awards and trophies

     As it is this small "Pet" breeder insuring their kittens receive forever homes, so it is paramount their cats are appealing, yet follows CFA guidelines 

.    Being a Breeder that shows cats alone, does not make them a reputable breeder

.    Often a non show breeder is listening to the cat enthusiast on what they would like, excluding backyard breeders

     It is a challenge to breed cats and stay within the breed standard, yet offer what cat lovers love best

     But, most often feline enthusiast want sweet, healthy, well socialized cats that come with some type of warrantee 

     This TinyPersians can provide along with working hard with breeding the Silver Persians meeting CFA Persian cat standards 

.    A reputable breeder screens the shopper in order to insure a forever home for the Persian kittens or cats - do not be offended 

A quick check list for choosing a breeder

Small breeders with limited number of litters annually

CFA Registered Cattery

Breeder's Warrantee for buyers with min Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD and ringworm

Breeders that do not allow their kittens to depart before 8 week old

Breeders that have DNA PKD tested negative breeders, therefore, offspring - kittens sold are PKD negative as it is a feline genetic kidney disorder

Breeders that listen to you to insure the fit for you and the kitten are right

Breeders that will assist you on shipping the kitten if needed by making the arrangements for you

Breeders that provide medical records of your Persian kitten or cat

Breeders that give all up-to-date vaccinations and worming before departure 

Breeders that provide caring information; feeding, litter recommendations, grooming suggestions, offering information on your kittens personality

Breeders responding your questions -  after you have purchased your kitten - Breeder is helpful with your kitten's transition

Breeders providing written Testimonial Reviews backed up with photos of past customers, not just words 

Breeders customers return and purchase more kittens

Breeder's quality of cats, how well do they care for them, do photos show cats are groomed and healthy looking?

What food / supplements fed to kitten; first days, weeks, months of a kitten's life is of great importance on how they are fed, nurtured and cared for

Avoid breeders that have buildings of breeders 

Avoid backyard breeders, they often have their cats outdoors, do not take them to the Vet, sell them very inexpensively, may feed poor quality foods

What you can expect from TinyPersians Breeder

Warrantee for FIV, FeLV, PKD and Ringworm

.  We are a CFA Registered Cattery under TinyPersians

.  Persian kittens bred are not inbred - we do not do inbreeding !

.  Persian cats - kittens receive up-to-date vaccinations, worming, bath, groomed

.  We provide medical record history and departure exam, and medical lab result documents of FIV and FeLV negative testing

Assist you in shipping a Persian worldwide by making airline reservations, providing flight information; departure / arrival

.  Persian cat or kitten will be bathed, groomed, nails clipped, clean ears, socialized, litter trained and well fed!

.  We care about our shoppers and customers - we want them happy and have a good experience purchasing a Persian -

   if you are happy, we feel our Persian kittens will be happy !

Pricing based on the individual not necessarily by color or size, male or female, yet most are within a price range   

   So our Persians are typically the same pricing with the exception of a Persian 10 months or older or a retired breeder 

   Since we breed responsibly, meticulously and nurturing each new addition and breeder, with monitoring, top food and

   supplements and Vet care with Federal License Vets, the cost to achieve exceptional Persian cats determines our pricing  

Persian Cat Pricing

Obtaining a lower price kitten that is from a show breeder often is just left over, unwanted, non show cats they have not chosen for the next ribbon -

they are labeled "Pets" yet bred for extreme flat faces to appeal to the show ring, you may receive a nice kitten, however, choose a healthy bred kitten if it is from a show breeder fine, if it is from a small CFA Registered breeder you just might find your next "Dream Persian" ! 

Choose a breeder that stays true to the CFA breed standards and listens to the feline enthusiast of what captures their heart –

healthy, sweet Persian kittens with Warrantees and if they are labeled "Pet" Persians, that most likely is because the breeder does not sell breeders and show cats, even if they are produced, they sell all their cats as "Pets" - This means you can obtain a very nice "Pet" kitten or adult Persian !

So you could be offered top Persian cats and kittens labeled "Pets", however, they may be breeder quality or show quality

TinyPersians chooses to sell "Pet" Persians, non breeding rights and often they are extraordinary lovely "Show Persians

We do not post pricing for many reasons -  if you are seeking one of our Persian kittens or cats, please fill out the Kitten Inquiry Form

which is basically our  KITTEN APPLICATION and we will be more then happy to promptly provide additional information

Kitten Departures - Shipping or Picking up


A reputable breeder will assist you in shipping your "Persian cat or kitten" via airlines

The breeder will make all airline reservations, provide the shipping quote prior, state what is included and the buyer most often pays for shipping

Currently shipping a Persian cat is done as a carry on

If you are shipping a Persian kitten Internationally the kitten must be at least 4 months old, receive the necessary International document requirements and possibly quarantine for certain countries


There is controversy about how a kitten is released to the buyer
For example are you allowed to pick up a kitten at the breeders home or do you need to meet them elsewhere ?
If a breeder does not want you to meet at their home, they may have had a bad experience from a stranger,

prefer family privacy, protecting their cats from outside exposure or all of these reasons, just because of todays

environment they feel uncomfortable having that much traffic in their home - understandable
Does that make the breeder unworthy, and unprofessional ? 

Here at TinyPersians, we currently still offer the opportunity to pick up your Persian cat or kitten from our home,

however, due to the increase of society issues with strangers entering homes . . .

we may soon elect not to have so many individuals in our home

Our Vet recommended a breeder not to have outside traffic in their home, as there are many pet owners and things can come in on their shoes

So when it comes a time we offer a pick up at a different location . . . please understand we have protected "your kitten" and you !