So Cute !

It has been customary for us to name The stories after a pet that has been purchased from TinyPersians, however, Chris and Trish have purchased 5 lovely Persian from us and that would be one long title !

August 8th, 2018 

Hi Debbie, 
This is Trish (of Trish and Chris),  

I have set out to write this note numerous times

and just can’t seem to make the words meaningful enough
You will just never understand how thankful we both are for the two little blessings you made possible for Chris and I to have in our lives. ( DustBall and ButchieBall )  
These kittens have made us so happy and filled such a void in our lives

that we didn’t even realize we had! 

You have done such a remarkable job with your breeding program

and have assisted in the creation of the most breathtaking Teacup Persians

that have ever been produced  

Your total attention to every detail in your breeding process is more than obvious 
These are absolutely the healthiest and most beautiful kittens I have ever seen, and it’s definitely because of you and Steve and your strict guidelines and tireless care 
There just aren’t words to thank you enough for giving us the opportunity to witness and enjoy God’s perfection in these Tiny Persian kittens
Your baby kittens are second to none 

Absolute perfection in every way 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

 You and Steve will never, ever be forgotten
Much love, Trish


Noah's new name -"Romeo"

Very Sweet ! 

Hi Debbie,
Thanks a million  ! ! !   He is doing GREAT !
We just LOVE him (Tiger) !

You really have NO idea how much joy and happiness your two kittens have brought to this house –

we cannot thank you and Steve enough !
He is eating good and drinking plenty of water   Thank You,  Chris


" Pip "

Chris and Trish's first kitten " Tiger "

" Noah  "

3 new Chinchilla Persians depart

" Pip "

" Noah, Pip and Chad  "

Chris and Trish's first kitten " Tiger " was absolutely adorable

Had the cutest face, very tiny and loved to play with his siblings . . .

today he is known to be the "welcoming Committee" 

for any new Persian that arrives to Trish and Chris's home

Tiger was renamed " Butchball " nicknamed; " Butchie " by their grandchildren

June 2nd, 2018 

Debbie, Dustball, Cowboy, and Tiger (he’s a toughie)

are all pal-ing around and playing together 

Tiger will chase both of them – it’s hilarious because he is sooooooooooooo tiny !  

They just play along and allow him to be Mr. Big Stuff 

When those two aren’t around he will bat around the balls and springs for hours

and then just poop out and lay down wherever he ends up 

He sleeps all night in our bedroom in a basket that we made for him

and he will stay there until we get out of bed in the morning 

He’s just so adorable !  Thank you Chris 

 " Funny Face "   buddies with the family's RagDoll Cat 

Chris and Trish's second TinyPersian kitten

 " Butchball " Formerly "Tiger

" Chad "

 " Funny Face " a second Persian kitten now named   " Dustball "

The Chris - Trish Story

More Tiny Persians arrive !

Early September 2018 Chris and Trish took home 3 more tiny Persian kittens,

one named Noah, two others, Pip and Chad . . . here is their story !

" Tiger " gets new name - " Butchball "

 " Dustball "

 " Tiger "

Chris meeting his 3 new Persian kittens !   

June 1st, 2018 

When " Dustball " formerly named Funny Face" arrived to his new home and  the family's  very large, older RagDoll cat named "Cowboy" was a concern

Would this very young and tiny Persian do well

with a big, big Ragdoll Cat ?

​Immediately, " Cowboy " the RagDoll protected him,

picked him up by the back of his neck and carried him around the house

This was his baby now and he would carry him over to be with him

You would find them situated on the cat tower

or the window sill to look out at the world !   

Wherever, Cowboy was there was was" Dustball " ! 

Both soon were inseparable !

Chad's new name -"Rocco"

September 1st, 2018 

Debbie,  Thank you for the pictures – as usual, they’re adorable!  – he is a TOOOOOT! 

The most adorable and loveable pet that I have ever had ! 

He is ALWAYS at my side and wants me to hold him or play with him ALLLLL the time – at this very moment, he is sitting with me on my chest, purring sooo loudly, and rubbing up against my cheeks 

When I weighed him last week he was 3 lbs 4oz (Dustball is 3 lbs 6oz)
I am in TOTAL shock that Trish wants all three boys you showed us 

I think she would have 15 if she could,  ANNNNND one of your Arabians !  
THANKS AGAIN ! ! !  I truly hope you know how much this means to us !

Pip's new name -"Rico"

" Noah  "

Hello Debbie,
  We just got home from taking the new babies to the Vet  – Everything was A-OK as expected  
Butchie and DustBall have not yet even seen them but they sit outside the door and

wimper hoping to get in to meet their new housemates

  We think that Butchie is going to be the “welcoming committee chairman” –

I’m anxious to see but am being patient to allow the three boys to get settled and more accustomed for the next 6 or so days 
 We are SOOOOOOOOOOO grateful to be so blessed to be able to have them –

they, ALL of them, truly make our days, every day, so much better and brighter
Thank You,    Chris

Hi Debbie (TinyPersians)

WOW!  I cannot believe it has only been about 40 days

since bringing all of this new life (3 TinyPersian kittens) into our home 

After about 6 days the plan was to SLOWLY integrate them in with the rest of the family

(2 other TinyPersians and our 2 Ragdolls)

Well for Romeo (Noah) and Rico (Pip) that simply was just a HUGE

“HELLO . . .  look who lives here with you now”

and quickly adapting to the others and claiming their place

Romeo (Noah) was the most affectionate from the very start and

still is the most darling little love bug – Trish thinks he hung the moon

Rico (Pip) is SOMETHING ELSE ! ! ! !   He is generally in attack mode (playfully)

and generally on top of one of the other cats rolling around

but the others love it and fight back just like brothers love to do . . .

Rico is 99.9% of the time the instigator 

Another little darling habit - he just LOVES to find a reachable box of tissues

and run around the house with the tissues tearing them up all over the place –

it is just SOOOOO DARLING   😊 . . .

Rocco (Chad) has now pretty much claimed ownership of the top of one of the cat trees

(depending on the time of day) the back of Trish’s overstuffed chair (formerly DustBall’s perch)

and one half of the Dining Room table 

He and ButchieBall are best buddies and play quite a bit . . . 

which is cute, because they are the two flat faced cuties and really do look so much alike 

Plus, Rocco'slittle purr-box is non-stop and he LOVES being petted

- he won’t let you put him down once you start – although he does play hard
So here’s where we are now? 
We have gone from   “oh my. . . what have we done???? ”

to  “they are the most precious of all gifts! ! ! ! ” 

Our house is now ALIVE ! 

There is always something going on in the foreground or background while

we sit, talk, read, eat, exercise, and even try to sleep

 Whether it’s those little feet chasing each other across the wood or tile floor

 or just a single one of them batting around one of their toys

or the pull string from one of the shades

(something that our little Precious Rico got into that we somehow missed

and forgot to put out of his reach (what a toot ! )

YESSSS!  They ARE very time consuming (7 cats) but worth every second of it !

  You have, once again, given us so much joy and happiness

  First it was our precious little DustBall

  Then my best of all little friend in the whole world, little ButchieBall

  Now we have all 5 (TinyPersians) of them, along with our original two Ragdolls

and cannot even begin to explain what this gives to us each and every day 

I was telling Trish the other day that several years ago if someone said to me that someday

I would own a cat (one of them), I would look them in the eye and tell them they were CRAZY

Well . . .  I guess God had different plans for me –

now I own 7 cats, 5 of which are from you - TinyPersians  !

I told you in the beginning
" What a blessing our very first Tiny Persian Dustball was to us ! " ,  

it just got better with ButchieBall 

Well, now adding Romeo, Rico, & Rocco and our happiness and joyfulness is unimaginable 

I’m certain that you and Steve “GET IT” – you are around this all of the time 

I am not sure that I can explain it so that anyone else would understand 

I have to wake up 30 or more minutes early when I have to leave the house just to have enough time to get through the line that forms the second I get out of bed

" the hold me and love me” line ! 

Or when I’m in my office and there’s 3 or 4 little bitty heads peaking over the top of my laptop

while one is in my lap and another is sleeping under the desk 

When I am soooooooo angry at something (probably something ridiculous knowing me)

and ButchieBall or DustBall pops up into my chair . . .  It just brings a smile to my face

 I can go on, and on, and on  . . . but like I said   . . .

you already know and have experienced this for a very long time ! 

Once again, THANK YOU for making all of this possible for us –

so much joy and happiness ! 

We cannot even begin to imagine what life would be like without our Persians 

Words alone cannot express our appreciation 

You and Steve truly are special people and deserve so much ! 

You and Steve are unforgettable !

Thank You!    Chris & Trish

P.S.  We hope that the two of you enjoy the pictures.  Sorry for so many but it’s been so long and we are trying to catch up.  Some of them were in the MotorHome – they loved it!