TinyPersian Diva Luv is 1 pound 12 ounces !
Boone a BullMastiff is 125 pounds ! 

The Diva Luv Story

 . . .  and The Dude Boo Bear 

" They are loved beyond measure 
and have the best personalities ! "

Jill and her family choose 2 very tiny Persian kittens and have amazing stories to tell !


Hi Debbie, Diva had her shots last week and the vet was shocked at how petite Diva is compared to Dude  

She weighed 1 lb 12 oz 

Dude is still so small, but looks like a boy 

They all go nuts when I bring them in the office ! 
They absolutely love each other and always keep us laughing 

Diva follows me around the house &

Dude loves when I sweep or mop

He just chases the broom/mop !

They even like watching the dishwasher get unloaded 

Dude and Diva are loved beyond measure

and have the best personalities ! 
Hope you & Steve are good !

Thanks for checking in on Dude & Diva