If your pet gets into a toxic substance and is poisoned,

it is critical for you to act fast !

Better yet educate yourself on what to do in advance !

Pets poisoned HOT LINE

Animal Poison Control Phone Number:
(888) 426-4435


If you believe your pet has been exposed, eaten a poison or toxic substance,

the following list may help save your Persian cats life!

Act quickly !  

Always be familiar with how to prevent and what to do . . . 

Quickly remove your pet from the exposed area.

Very important to identify(to provide to ER/Vet) the poison

A quick cell phone photo, packaging ingredient labels, maybe even throw in a bag and take with you


Call a reputable veterinarian or the Animal Poison Control Center

Very important even if your pet is not showing symptoms

Act fast!

ER or Vet will ask:

Pet name, breed, DOB/age, female/male, past medical history, your Vet contact

Remember . . .

1.  Prevention - cats get into drawers and cabinets - put these items in the garage or top cabinets or do not have at all !

2.  Educate yourself in advance what to do if this happens

3.  Have a Feline Emergency Center you know in advance the location, hours and if they can handle pets that are poisoned

4.  Know where your pets are at all times !

5.  Decided to have a baby sitter?   Oh my!  

    You need to know that this person/persons will not know how to act quickly enough, nor to watch them as carefully as you are hoping

Another danger are swimming pools for Pets . . .

please prevent a Persian cat from falling into a swimming pool or bath tub!

You are their protector . . . don't disappoint the one that loves you !  

They do too!  


Your beloved Persian is poisoned !

What to do!