Plastic Bottle

Dilute your shampoo

Just add water to your shampoo.  Pets do not need all that shampoo residue !    Rinse and rinse.  

Start bathing young. 

Found Animals

·        PH Face Wash - Eye Stain Remover
​·       Cat Face Powder - Protects from Stains
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What is a microchip and how does it work ? A microchip is a small device about the size of a grain of rice that is implanted beneath your pet's skin. It contains a unique number used to identify the animal. This number links to your contact information in an online Registry that allows shelters, clinics, veterinarians, and humane organizations to contact you if your lost pet is found. 

Microchip your Persian cat / kitten today !

Internationally Recognized 

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Cat Conditioning 

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 Mat Release Formula

Ear Cleaner

We highly recommend TinyPersian buyers use these 2 products.

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TinyPersians recommended Persian cat - kitten toys

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Cat Stain 

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Cat Grooming Products specifically tailored for Persians!

Face Wash

 ·        Cat Conditioning Shampoo
​ ·        Cat Stain Remover
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Plastic Bottle

for Shampoo

A must for your grooming supplies.

This plastic container is used to dilute your shampoo for your pet, as most often TOO much shampoo is used.  Dilute it and add lots of water.   Add 1/2" of shampoo the rest water.

Breeze Cat Litter System recommends  

Purchase at PetsMart and other retailers

Breeze Cat Litter System recommends  

this Cat Litter system as it is easy to clean and has a low cost index for care for your Persian.

It comes with a litter scoop, cat litter, cat litter pads and the litter pan that is durable. 

Caring for a Persian is just as important as choosing the right kitten. breeds gorgeous, expressive Persian faces with luxurious coats!   Choose your tiny Persian kitten today !

Referral vs. Recommendation

Found Animals Registry is a referral by TinyPersians, vs. a recommendation.   If you are seeking your Persian to be recognized Internationally, research all options.

Not all Vet Micro Chip scanners are capable of scanning International Micro Chips. 

Research your best options to fit your expectations and needs.    

 ·        Free Microchip Registry for Pets
​ ·        Find a lost or stolen cat / kitten / dog
​ ·        Why
Found Registry ?

Cat Skin/Coat


 Cat Supplies

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